Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster: Difference Between Magnaflow & Flowmaster Exhaust System

Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster Review

Let’s have a look at one of the highly anticipated comparisons of MagnaFlow vs. Flowmaster reviews.

These two top-class manufacturers are the dominant companies in the exhaust system business. The quality of the product is fantastic.

The most important aspects of these products are these companies maintain the highest quality since its inception.



Magnaflow Vs Flowmaster

They are a very customizable and committed brand, and they provide super quality performance in after-sales service by promoting product lifetime warranty.

This is one of the vital offer and their ability to execute this offer make them stand out against others to a great extent.

MagnaFlow Exhaust System Overview

MagnaFlow Exhaust products originate from Car sound Exhaust Systems Inc. It is an entirely natural extension of Car sound.

The car sound is famous for its superior catalytic converter technology. The parent company has worked in the industry for almost thirty years.

Top 13 MagnaFlow Exhaust System

PreviewModelView Details
MagnaFlow 15160
MagnaFlow 11236
MagnaFlow 11225
MagnaFlow 12158
MagnaFlow 14832
MagnaFlow 14815
MagnaFlow 11216
Magnaflow 15781
Magnaflow 16518
Magnaflow 15684
MagnaFlow 10416
MagnaFlow 12909
MagnaFlow 18135

The long-sustained reputation is the key feature for the product development/ Long term product development, engineered to last has made them a superior candidate in the auto industry.

The company is fantastic with the efforts of designers and engineers to produce extraordinary quality for its customers. Each of the products goes through thorough testing and evaluation to have optimum performance.

The company is committed to providing different kinds of exhaust solutions for customized products for various manufacturers.

Maintaining extreme quality and performance standards are the key aspects of the company.

MagnaFlow is operated from the headquarters, which consists of 50000 square foot offices.

The company headquarters has all the facilities and also has individual project management facilities.

Home to management, sales and marketing, and state of the art computer technologies are all interlinked with the headquarter to have a smooth operation.

For the success of big companies, Research and development have a crucial role to play. The R&D size of the company is a massive 30000 square foot.

This is the heart of the CAD department of engineering. The R&D section has facilities to develop prototypes & fixing department.

Then there are a plethora of testing services. All kinds of testing facilities primarily flow bench testing, and sound testing is also allocated here.

The company has excellent manufacturing and distribution facilities.

This excellent facility is robot-driven with automated technology. The quality of the product has improved to unparallel heights.

They also maintain a sophisticated inventory and quality distribution system for timely delivery facilities.

The company also has a secondary manufacturing center. This secondary manufacturing provides high-quality mufflers, systems, converters, and tips.

In exhaust system products, the company has gained a lot of reputations. The quality of the product is visible compared to other systems.

To have the highest quality, we can trust this brand in closed eyes.

This excellent quality product is the result of attractive CAD designs, stainless steel construction, and straight-through plans.

That is why the company is confident in providing a lifetime warranty and also provide excellent quality service, power, and sound.

Common Advantages of MagnaFlow Products

  • Superb Lifetime Warranty
  • Excellent Stainless-Steel Construction
  • High-quality Hassle-Free installation
  • Superb high flow-through design
  • Bolt free installation

Disadvantages of MagnaFlow Products

  • It takes a long time to settle the sound up to 400 miles
  • The product needs more power

Flowmaster Exhaust System Overview

For 35 years, Flowmaster has been the leading brand is super quality exhaust technology through comprehensive collaboration and commitment for research and development.

Top 13 Flowmaster Exhaust System

PreviewModelView Details
Flowmaster 817633
Flowmaster 953047
Flowmaster 8430152
Flowmaster 817674
Flowmaster 17395
Flowmaster 817707
Flowmaster 817568
Flowmaster 817508
Flowmaster 817692
Flowmaster 9430452
Flowmaster 8425154
Flowmaster 817752
Flowmaster 843015

Previously they get to learn the proper understanding of complete engine operation.

They produce not only terrific sound but also provide super quality excellent combustion efficiency to provide excellent fuel mileage as well as improved performance.

These elements are the key reasons behind the success of the brand and, most importantly, the innovation in muffler and exhaust system designs.

Flowmaster respects the past, but they can also respond to the highest quality performance in the upcoming products with diverse innovation and performance quality.

The most crucial aspect for the products is innovation and performance stability as well as long life.

The research and development facilities and, most importantly, testing facilities are beyond imagination.

The latest tools and testing facilities are assembled to have optimal performance. The quality of the products will enhance the quality of the service to a great extent.

The quality of the products is essential for long-lasting years. Brand commitment and excellent quality innovations made them one of the leading brands in different products.

The Flowmaster uses two unique technology to produce mufflers and exhaust systems.

The technologies are chambered technology and Laminar flow technology.

Here Some of The Features of Chambered Technology

  • Resonant technology chamber is used to reduce specific chamber inside in the vehicle
  • Power chamber improves the scavenging of the exhaust system
  • Delta flow technologies which cancel out a sound signal
  • The low-pressure chamber provides protection against atmospheric pressure

Common Advantages of Flowmaster

  • Wide ranges of product
  • Excellent scavenging
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth sound at very early
  • Slight speed advantage


  • The product is made of aluminum. Not very strong against corrosion
  • Produces less power

Some of The Prominent Products of MagnaFlow are as Follows

01. MagnaFlow Stainless Steel 15160 Performance Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • 3 Inch-width exhaust clamp
  • Excellent bolt-on installations
  • Provides smooth tone
  • Perforated straight core
  • The black coating provided protection

Excellent addition to the Jeep Wrangler Exhaust. Also made in the USA.

The product has excellent engineering, which will last for a more extended period. The quality of the product is quite high. The flow design of the product is quite extraordinary straight flow.

The quality of the product ensures high performance and power without compromising efficiency.

The product has maintained a quality experience to have smooth exhaust both in power and sound. This product is ideally suited for a high-quality racing environment.

02. 10416 MagnaFlow Exhaust Muffler


Highlighted Features

  • Construction material is stainless steel
  • All the mufflers are engineered with open standard
  • The product has deep tone sound
  • Manufactured in the USA

MagnaFlow mufflers are great exhaust mufflers to produce excellent quality exhaust systems. The material used for MagnaFlow mufflers is stainless steel.

Stainless steel can provide superior against any corrosion. The quality of the mufflers is very straight through.

The core size for the muffler is 2.5 inches. Most importantly, made in the USA brand has engineered to provide smooth sound last. The quality of the product is fantastic.

Most importantly, the MagnaFlow mufflers are excellent quality products for smooth engine operation.

The products are designed with the open standard so that they can be connected to wide range of vehicles.

03. Magnaflow Dual Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Excellent scavenging support
  • Reduces engine heat
  • Eliminates back pressure
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • It has CARB certifications and is legal in most the states

This product is an excellent exhaust system for the requirements where you need more scavenging.

One of the critical aspects of this exhaust system is that the product reduces engine heat to a great extent.

Most importantly, the quality of the product is ensured to have superior performance in reducing backpressure.

These two aspects are very prominent remedies for these proven problems.

Engine heat is significant. Excessive heating is a danger for vehicle health. Most importantly, extreme engine heat reduces the performance of other components to a great extent.

Moreover, it produces fire. That is why this product is an excellent relief for different engines and exhaust systems.

The product is manufactured with high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel. Stainless steel is crucial for protection against corrosion.

Most importantly, other materials do not have the same quality output to produce protection like stainless steel.

The key benefit of the cutback exhaust is that it improves scavenging in more powerful conditions.

Most importantly, this power can produce high-quality output and strength to provide excellent performance.

Some of The Flowmaster Products are as Follows

01. 817633 Flowmaster Outlaw Muffler


Highlighted Features

  • The stainless steel is used as a material
  • The shape is oval
  • Produce excellent energy and aggressive sound
  • No Heatshield is required
  • Made in the USA

Outlaw mufflers are designed with aggressive sound performance. Most importantly, the product is designed with the utmost importance to have quality output and necessary performance in high-energy settings.

The quality product with the necessary outcome is producing extraordinary sound. Those who want quality music from the vehicles can use this muffler.

The product is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is necessary to produce high-quality output with quality performance.

To have optimal strength and performance, you need to have superior quality output. It is essential to have the right sizing diameter with an appropriate tubing diameter.

The product is also designed is an oval shape. This appropriate design enhances performance and producing aggressive sound technology.

The outlaw products are designed for the aggressive driving experience. The quality is ensured at the highest peak manufactured in the USA.

The quality of the product is very important to produce excellent results and outcomes.

02. Flowmaster American Thunder 817674 Exit Cat-Back System


Highlighted Features

  • Both stainless steel and aluminum are used.
  • The product produces excellent sound
  • Products are made in the USA
  • The technology is laminar flow technology

American thunder is an original sound produced by Flowmaster technology.

The product is designed with such care and elegance that if you want to be heard, then this is the right product with the right attitude.

Most importantly, the sound is produced with the use of chambered muffler technology.

Chambered muffler technology produces high-quality sound with optimum, pressure, and quality output.

Most importantly, the production of the sound is entirely satisfactory and, most importantly, used with great care.

Most importantly, the product and designs are designed with optimal care.

The product is available both in stainless steel and aluminum. Stainless steel is used for high-quality output and performance against corrosion.

But if you want a lightweight solution with some speed advantage, then you can trust aluminum. The manufacturer keeps minds for all kinds of behavior.

If you are driving and want your presence to be heard that this is the solution you require. For super cool sound and optimum performance, you can trust on this exhaust system.

03. Flowmaster 817568 Direct-Fit Exhaust System


Highlighted Features

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Moderate sound tone
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to install

If you want a product that has the right balance between performance and cost, then this is the product you should desire.

This technology enhances performance and, most importantly, the sound quality.

The technology is a bit different for this Flowmaster.

This unique technology uses piping to a significant effect — the product i9s ideal for Dodge Ram 1500 V8 engines.

The quality of the product is greatly improved by the smart usage of piping of the key advantage for the exhaust is easy to install.

Most importantly, you can easily connect with the system to have excellent quality products with designated performance.

This is very important to produce high-quality outputs and sound as per cost.

That is why it is most essential to providing quality sound with aggressive performance.

This is an interestingly exceptional comparison with adequate information prepared just for you!

Before moving forward, what are some of your perceptions concerning the difference between Magnaflow and Flowmaster? Why would you choose one over the other?

If you are looking for the best exhaust systems dealers, then you should confine your search to these two companies. This is because they are a force to be reckoned with in the business of exhaust systems.

Most importantly, they produce top-notch and high-quality products that you will fall in love with instantly. Since their establishment, they have continued to flood the market with exhaust systems without compromising on quality.

Moreover, as their customer, they have your interest at heart. Their exhaust systems are customizable and have a record of high performance. Furthermore, they will offer you a warranty period for the products that you purchase.

In this article, you shall discover the uncovered difference between these two companies. Besides, you will learn how each of the companies operates as they deliver exceptional services and products.

So, here we go!

Types of Exhaust Systems

When your car burns fuel, it produces fumes through a combustion process. It is, therefore, the work of an exhaust system to remove the gases produced in the engine into the external environment.

If you keenly observe the back of your vehicle, you’ll see a lengthy rounded tube. This is what an exhaust system is and it has many parts.

However, its major component is a catalytic converter whose main function is to clean the gases.

Furthermore, exhaust systems come in different types. Also, this is dependent on the type of vehicle. This implies that normal vehicles need a different exhaust system compared to vehicles with super-powerful engines.

Below, we have compiled a list of the types of exhaust systems for your consideration.

1. High Performance

High-performance exhaust systems are fairly costly. However, they are the best in the market. Therefore, if you’re not on a budget, you can consider getting this aftermarket exhaust system for your vehicle.

So, what makes them an excellent choice? For one, they filter out the gases effectively. And for two, they can increase the efficiency of your vehicle due to an increased performance rate.

2. Single Exit Pipe

If you look around, you’ll see that almost all vehicles have a single exit pipe exhaust system. The reason is simple– they are the cheapest to make and install. As a result, you’ll find a single exit pipe exhaust system when you buy your first vehicle.

In this model, there is only one exhaust pipe that is always installed on the passengers’ side of the vehicle. Besides, they are not the most effective in cleaning exhaust fumes and do not guarantee high engine performance.

3. Opposite Dual Side Exhaust

This model is quite efficient as it filters more exhaust gases, thereby increasing vehicle performance. Moreover, it does this by going around the wheels of your vehicle with the aid of a bend.

Due to their efficiency in operation, they are more suitable for vehicles that handle heavy weights. A perfect case in point would be the vehicles designed for towing purposes e.g. a hauling trailer.

4. Dual Rear Exit

Dual rear exit exhaust systems are primarily made for the sporting industry. Moreover, they are top-performance and produce a sharp pitch sound when the engine is on.

As the name implies, there are two exhaust pipes on the back of the vehicle.

In comparison with the single performance exhaust tubes, they are found to be more efficient and reliable than the single exhaust fume pipes.

5. Dual Side Exhaust

If you want high performance and increased efficiency, then, dual side exhaust is what you should go for. The model comprises two exhaust pipes that are installed–closely together– on one side of the automobile.

Due to this, their performance on exhaust gas filtration and emission is highly efficient. So, you already know the types of exhaust systems based on their performance. Now it’s time to learn how to do the installation on your own.

How to Install Exhaust Systems

Installing exhaust systems is an easy operation. Regardless of your vehicle model or exhaust type, the installation process is pretty much the same. Therefore, you will not need to crack your head a lot.

Below is the step-by-step installation guide for you.

Step 1: Acquaint yourself with the components of the exhaust system.

All exhaust systems have similar components such as;

  • Catalytic converter: This is the metallic box that cleanses the fumes before being released into the environment.
  • Oxygen sensors: These are electronic ports– before and after the converter– that monitor how the engine is combusting oxygen.
  • Resonators: This part is not common with all exhaust systems. However, it is the moderately long section of the system that reduces the amount of noise released as you drive.
  • Muffler: This is a box found on the rear of your exhaust system and plays the role of reducing high noise levels.
  • Tailpipe: This is a small rounded tube section that connects to the rear end of the muffler and is the channel for releasing exhaust fumes into the environment.

Step 2: Allow the vehicle to cool down.

This step is critical if you have been driving the vehicle for a while. Allowing the cooling to take place is essential as it helps to prevent burn injuries.

Let me explain. As you drive, the exhaust system heats up, and trying to work on it while still hot is not a good idea.

Step 3: Lift the vehicle high.

Upon allowing the exhaust system to cool for about an hour, move the vehicle to a relatively flat surface. Using a jack, gently lift the vehicle to create ample space underneath.

Step 4: Use triple pod jack stands to enhance stability.

Using a jack on its own is not sufficient as the vehicle is likely to move around. However, using a jack stand enhances stability as it has a very firm base. For this reason, you should place a triple pod jack stand near each tire.

Step 5: Using a wrench carefully detach the oxygen sensors.

Loosen the bolts attaching the sensors to the exhaust by rotating them anti-clockwise until they loosen up. Before plugging the sensors of the cables that connect it to your vehicle, gently pull it from the exhaust tube.

Step 6: Lubricate the nuts on the exhaust tube.

Using a penetrating fluid, spray the area around these nuts to make them easy to loosen up. Moreover, even spraying of the lubricator will make the unscrewing a lot more easily.

Step 7: Use a ratchet to unscrew the nuts attaching to the old exhaust pipe.

When the nuts are properly lubricated and smooth enough, use a ratchet of an appropriate size to loosen the nuts further.

Starting from the nuts near the engine section, spin them in an anti-clockwise direction until they’re finally loosened up.

Step 8: Detach the exhaust system from the vehicle.

Carefully pull the exhaust system off the vehicle and bring it to the ground. Next, you want to place it a little bit away from your work area. Also, you can dispose of the old exhaust system by selling its parts or getting rid of it.

Step 9: Installing a new exhaust system.

Depending on your preference, you can either get any of the types of exhaust systems mentioned earlier.

Step 10: Get the exhaust system ready for installation.

Start by cleaning the bolts with a wire brush. This is important as it helps to remove any rust coating on the bolts. Smear around the bolts with an anti-seize fluid to enable easy removal in the future.

Step 11: Rightly orient the new exhaust system underneath the vehicle.

To prevent the exhaust pipe from falling, you should lift it using a jack. Also, ensure both ends of the exhaust pipe evenly align with each other as you lift using the jack.

Next, you should connect the tube to the port that is found on the vehicle’s engine.

P.S. Remember that the exhaust system has several parts. You should start fixing the part that is near to the downpipe and progress toward the rear end of the automobile.

Step 12: Connecting to the downpipe.

First, fix a gasket to the downpipe and attach it to the exhaust pipe. Use the bolts that you have prepared to fix the downpipe to the exhaust pipe. Make sure the connection is tight enough.

Step 13: Plug back oxygen sensors to the exhaust pipe.

Upon locating the sensor holes on the exhaust pipe, connect the sensor wires to them and tighten strongly.

Do the turning by your hands as you rotate the bolts in a clockwise direction. Lastly, use a ratchet to completely tighten the bolts.

Step 14: Check that all bolts are tightly attached to the nuts.

Check around to confirm that all the bolts are tight enough. Moreover, you can use the ratchet to tighten those that are still loose.

Step 15: Check for any leaks.

Spray a solution of soapy water near the joints to check for any leaks. The presence of bubbles should tell you that more tightening is needed.

Step 16: Testing the exhaust system.

Start your vehicle and drive it for some distance. You may consider going for road text and later check the exhaust system.

If there is any section that needs special attention or further tightening, use your tools like the ratchet to fix it further.

Nevertheless, if the issue is beyond you, then you should seek the services of a professional mechanic.

Magnaflow and Flowmaster remain the excellent dealers of exhaust systems. Moreover, you need to make an informed decision based on some knowledge. For this reason, you will find this review of exhaust systems highly helpful.

Furthermore, when you get products from either company, you have a guarantee of a warranty. This means you can take the product back in case there is a problem with it.

For durability and sustainability purposes, the exhaust systems are made of stainless steel which is robust and rust-resistant. On the contrary, Magnaflow uses aluminum which makes its products not as strong as Flowmaster’s.

Based on the material of manufacture, Flowmaster beats Magnaflow pants down. Therefore, we give exhaust systems from Flowmaster our highest recommendation.

Because you need a robust and durable exhaust system for your vehicle, you can purchase any of Flowmaster’s products today, and enjoy an outstanding experience.

Verdict Line

This is very important to find the best exhaust system for your car. Most importantly, two of the most widely used exhaust system manufacturers are MagnaFlow and Flowmaster.

The quality of the product is much improved since its inception.

These two brands are producing high-quality products. Magnaflow products have a product lifetime warranty. Flowmaster uses different technology.

Their use of aluminum is a question of sustainability. Most importantly, the products are designed with great care and engineering.

Aluminum is less sustainable compared to stainless steel. Most importantly, stainless steel is producing more protection against corrosion.

That is why Magnaflow has an essential advantage. That is why they provide such an incredible lifetime warranty.

But in comparison. Flowmaster uses both materials. Their stainless steel product has a product lifetime warranty. But other products do not have the same warranty.

There are a lot of technologies used by companies to provide competitive products to have an excellent outcome.

In our view, MagnaFlow has some upper hand compare to Flowmaster.

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