Joint Stereo Vs Stereo: What Is The Difference Between Joint Stereo and Stereo?

stereo vs joint stereo

In this article, we will discuss a joint stereo vs stereo. The purpose of this discussion is to guide you through your quest of making use of audio just like you have always wanted it.

To make use of audio in any way, it is expected that you have an idea of how audio is encrypted for digital formats. Not only that, you will as well know what it takes to enhance the quality of sound.

Now that audio has been digitalized into mp3 collections, it is important to understand how this process works.

Individuals must know about the encryption of audio data, knowing fully well that how audio data is encrypted affects the data requirement for audio files.

To make it very simple, let’s discuss the encryption of audio data. “Bitrate” as it is popularly called, is known as the amount of encrypted audio data.

Once you have a clear understanding of how you want the encryption of the files to be done by your Digital Audio Workstation, it becomes very easy to manage the amount of encrypted audio data.

Joint Stereo Vs Stereo


What does the stereo sound system mean?

Let’s try to make this as simple as possible. When sound is created from dual audio channels, such sound is considered as stereo. The channels involved are termed “left channel and right channel”.

Although these two channels are known to produce a similar sound, their encryption is done into an audio file independently. This process of separate encryption brings about an increase in the bitrate.

Just as we have defined bitrate earlier, it is considered as the amount of encrypted audio data. This means when the encryption of these two channels is done independently into an audio file, the amount of encrypted audio data increases.

So, if you are an individual who wishes to encrypt their audio within the bitrate of about 256kbps or more, stereo is generally known as the perfect choice or option to go for.

Components of stereo sound system

Over the years, there has been an impressive development in this area. Before now, sound systems in cars are known to be basic. These are the radio (both FM and AM) and sometimes a CD player.

Today, the story is entirely different. Cars now come with impressive audio systems that allow users to do many amazing things with music and videos. Now, it is possible to play music online, and as well watch videos on the screens that come with your car.

Although the way audio and media are being played in a car has improved, this process doesn’t affect the components of the stereo system in cars. For any car stereo to be considered adequate, such a car must have the following components installed and intact.

  • The head Unit. The head unit is also known as the brainpower of every car’s audio system.
  • The amplifiers
  • The speakers

All these identified components have roles that they play when it comes to the sound your car’s sound system produces.

What is a joint stereo?

Joint stereo can be simply considered as a means adopted to minimize the space occupied by an audio file without interrupting the stereo signal.

Usually, at a lesser MP3 bitrate, making use of joint stereo is considered as more valuable and beneficial. This is valid because the total data that will be averaged is already considered to be lesser.

What Is The Difference Between Joint Stereo and Stereo?

Stereo files are known to be large without cause. This happens a lot in cases when the audio input that finds its way into the two channels (left and right) is on the same level.

Whenever this happens, the job of a joint stereo is to lighten this issue by bringing together these two channels and turning them into a “Mid channel”.

As discussed earlier, the sound produced by the left and right channels is somehow related or similar.

Once your audio is exported as a joint stereo file, during the process of media encryption, it becomes easy to know the average of the data released or produced by the two channels (left and right).

Once the average data is known, it is merged into a file that is smaller than the original file thereby saving file space.

Which sound quality is good, stereo or joint stereo?

Well, this depends. There have been instances where the compression engines that come with audio encrypting software influence the quality of sound in your audio files.

Moving further, the process, quality, and outcome of encrypted audio in joint stereo is majorly dependent on the compression engines.

Some compression engines are known for producing an amazing results, and some deliver below standards.

When your media is rightly encrypted, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between these two media files (Joint stereo and stereo).

Best stereo for car sound system

The following car stereos were thoroughly researched. These are top stereos you can go for if you want value for your money. They are tested and trusted brands.

In this segment, we will briefly identify the pros and cons. We believe this will guide you while making your purchase.

01. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX

This car stereo is known for its ability to play all forms of audio files and video files. Also, it is compatible with all forms of music files. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX can as well be connected to your smartphones without any challenges or difficulties.

With the aid of the Bluetooth feature, you can easily connect your mobile devices for music and calls. When compared to the radio that comes with your car, the speaker system is considered superior in terms of sound quality.


  • Pioneer AVH-4200NEX is very easy to operate
  • The sound quality is impressive
  • You can easily customize the features to your taste and needs


  • The apps that come with it are great, but they can be improved upon
  • This stereo crashes sometimes

02. Pioneer DEH-X6900BT

If you are a car owner who seeks quality but can’t afford to invest heavily in Stereo, this is a perfect fit for you.

With its Bluetooth feature, it becomes very easy and more efficient to connect your phone to the stereo to access your media files. You can as well answer your calls with the aid of the car’s speaker.


  • The Bluetooth feature is really impressive
  • The quality of the sound is great
  • Comes with amazing features


  • The brightness is a major concern. The LED screen display is not bright enough.

03. JVC 6.8

This stereo from JVC improves the sound quality of your speaker. It can easily be connected you your smartphones. The design is impressive and smart, and the interface is a beauty to behold.

To promote seamless access to your music files, JVC 6.8 stereo comes with two USB ports, it is Bluetooth enabled, and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android.


  • The sound quality is amazing
  • The installation process is not difficult
  • The screen responds faster


  • The compatibility of this product with Android devices is not impressive.

04. Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

This stereo can be easily connected with your smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone and can be connected to any of these devices using the USB ports.

Alternatively, for users of Android devices, there is an option that allows you to connect your smartphone with this brand of stereo via its wireless feature.

Well, the wireless option is selective as it works with only a few phones. Before you make a purchase, it is advised you to check if your phone is compatible with the wireless connection feature.


  • The sound quality is great
  • Comes with several amazing features


  • The software can get better

05. Pioneer AVH4200NEX

If you want a unique and exceptional display experience, this is a stereo that is specifically designed for you. Pioneer AVH4200NEX comes with a DVD feature, and it is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

For any mobile device you choose to connect to this stereo, it is designed to support it. The Bluetooth feature can connect with two devices at a go. There is no limitation to what can be achieved with this brand.

When you connect your mobile devices to Pioneer AVH4200NEX, you can easily have access to music, contacts, maps, calendar, and weather while they are displayed on the stereo’s screen.


  • The sound it produces is top-class
  • Connects impressively with Android devices
  • Comes with several amazing features


  • To access certain features or connect with certain phones, you may need to invest in additional cables.

Best speaker brand on the market

A speaker is considered a key component in any stereo. In case you are looking at changing the speakers of your car’s stereo anytime soon, we have been able to research and carefully select some of the best speakers you can go for on the market.

01. JBL GTO609C

Considered as one of the top choices on the market. This brand is designed to produce a top-class sound whenever it’s in use.

This brand of speaker is known for its top-quality in terms of sound and bass produced, and it can be gotten at a pocket-friendly price.


  • The sound produced is of great quality
  • The bass is superior
  • The design is amazing


  • Mounting the speaker grilles is difficult

02. Pioneer TS6900PRO

This type of speaker is known for its heavyweight. The sound it produces is very loud. Also, the bass is very impressive, and the various components that make up this speaker are made from high-quality material.

Pioneer TS6900PRO is known for many amazing features, and one of the key features that are worthy of mention is the power rating.

If you are an individual who wants a speaker with an incredible and consistent bass no matter how high or low the volume is, this is the right pick for you.


  • The power rating is awesome
  • The bass produced is incredible
  • The various components of this design are of top quality


  • Known for its heavyweight
  • Almost impossible to install on the doors of your car

03. Rockford Fosgate R165X3

If you are looking for a speaker that offers great sound with impressive bass at an affordable price, this is a great choice for you. This brand offers users an amazing overall performance in terms of sound quality and volume.

The various components that come with this speaker are made from top-quality material. When compared with a lot of available speakers on the market, it is considered a major upgrade.


  • The price is pocket-friendly
  • The sound produced is of top-quality


  • The bass quality is not impressive
  • The installation process is not smooth.

What is the difference between mono and stereo?

When it comes to the differences between mono and stereo, what is being discussed is the number of audio channels used by both sounds.


When it comes to stereo, audio signals are transported to a speaker using more than one channel.

Normally, stereo makes use of dual channels (the left and the right channel). In some cases, the channels can be more than two.

Now, let’s focus on the use of two channels. When you make use of two channels, the first channel is linked to a speaker and the second channel is also connected to another speaker.


When it comes to Mono, audio signals are transported to several speakers (2 speakers) using one channel. When you transport mono sounds to several speakers (2 speakers), it doesn’t affect or change the signal that is being transmitted.

Mono Bluetooth or Stereo Bluetooth

Both mono and stereo Bluetooth options are designed to enhance users’ satisfaction. The choice of a user depends on their needs and the number of devices they wish to connect at a go.

Why does mono Bluetooth connect to a single device, stereo Bluetooth connects up to 2 devices at once.

While stereo Bluetooth allows you to connect your phone and media player at the same time, mono Bluetooth can only accommodate either of the two devices at the same time.

Stereo Headphones or Mono Headphones

To choose between these two headphones, you have to consider what you intend to use the headphones for. If you intend to use your headphones for videos and music, you are assured of getting better sound quality with stereo headphones.

At all times, ensure you make use of it the right way. In terms of price, stereo headphones are a costlier option than mono headphones.

If you intend to use your headphones for video or audio calls, podcasts, and voice notes, then mono headphones can be considered. Mono headphones are suitable for stable sounds.

Why should a stereo replacement be considered?

If the quality of sound and bass produced by your stereo is basic and unimpressive, you may consider a replacement.

Also, if your stereo can’t access some of the modern stereo features such as being able to connect with your phone, an upgrade or replacement may be considered.

How easy is it to install a car stereo?

Installing a new stereo should never be difficult. To install a car stereo yourself, make sure you go through the manual that comes with the product for guide and direction as regards the installation.

If it appears difficult or too big to do on your own, you can engage a professional to handle the installation process.


For the best result in terms of sound quality, it is important to have a clear understanding of the bitrate size you are aiming at.

Once the bitrate size is more than 256kbps, it is advised you go with stereo. Before you choose which one to go for when it comes to Joint stereo vs. Stereo, you can as well try out the two options to choose the one that fits your needs.

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