Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System: Details of Equipment Settings & Cost

Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System how

Would you like to know how installing aftermarket stereo with Bose system sounds like? Then stay with me!

Let’s admit it: quality stereo sound is every car owner’s desire. It can be an annoying experience when your car stereo doesn’t give you the quality sound experience when driving after a long day of tedious work.

There is no guarantee that your car stereo will give quality sound. However, you can avoid this annoying experience by getting yourself the best stereo system in the market, properly installing the system, and frequently checking if everything is okay.

Three main problems are associated with poor car audio system. These include; old age, incompatible audio components, and lastly, poor installation. The good news: there is a solution to all these.

Car StereoDetails
JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component
BOSS Audio Systems NX654 Car Speakers
Kenwood KFC-1665S + KFC-6965S 6.5" 300W 2-Way Plus
Pioneer TS-165P + TS-695P Two Pairs 200W 6.5" + 230W 6x9 Car Audio
BOSS Audio Systems CH6940 Car Speakers

Table of Bose Stereo System

Common Bose Sound SystemDetails
Bose SoundLink Micro
Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II
Bose 742897-0200 Virtually Invisible
Bose 161 Speaker System
Bose SoundLink Mini II
Bose SoundTouch SA-5 Amplifier

In this article, you shall discover the best aftermarket stereo and how to install one with the Bose system for ultimate quality car audio satisfaction. So, let’s get started!


Guide of Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

Bose Sound System

There are a ton of aftermarket stereo that you can choose from. It’s also true that each model promises to deliver an outstanding car audio experience. However, you can almost agree with me that sometimes its a marketing PR.

To avoid these kinds of disappointments, you need to be wary of where you buy aftermarket stereo from and who does the installation for you. Nevertheless, you need not worry for I have your back. This is how I intend to do it. Keep reading to find out!

Bose sound system is a product of Bose corporation– a company whose headquarters is in the United States of America. The company was founded in 1964 by Amor Bose, and it has been operating ever since.

Therefore, you can rest assured that they are an expert in audio systems. Moreover, Bose is an authority in manufacturing audio systems meant for homes, headphones, audio products, and automotive.

Features Of Bose Sound System

Bose sound system manufacturers audio equipment with the end-user in mind. Moreover, the sound system comprises of power amplifiers, ohm speakers– both woofers and tweeters– and a head unit.

To offer you the best sound experience, Bose audio equipment has the following amazing features.

Friendly User Interface

All Bose Sound Systems are simple to install. Moreover, every user that has bought a Bose sound system testifies that it’s super easy to use. As a new user, you can set it up effortlessly in a short period.

Additionally, the important buttons for operations are marked and easily accessible. You can, therefore, access your Fm and Am favorite channels without a struggle. Furthermore, you can easily access audio from a CD, DVD, or MP3 Cds.

Without forgetting, the company provides apps that offer step by step guidance on how to use, install, and to replace audio systems.

A friendly user interface and these other amazing features are meant to enhance usability and give you a memorable experience.

High-Performance Rate

Bose sound system is built on a technology that is versatile and readily adapts to the current situation. What this means: if the system recognizes a hitch, it will automatically adjust, thereby correcting the issue.

Moreover, their technology enables the system to use a speaker technology that is guided by the waves. In turn, you can enjoy the quality sound, especially when using high-quality stereos.

The technology offers an exemplary audio experience when listening from iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, iheart, Tune in and Sirius FM. Therefore, you can never be disappointed by the Bose sound system.

Classification Of Bose Sound System

Bose sound system is mainly made to suit needs for the following;

  • Automotive stereo systems,
  • Home video and audio systems,
  • Specialized headphones,
  • Commercial public address systems.

1. Automotive Stereo Systems

Bose Corporation started the installation of audio systems for auto motives back in 1983. Their first customer was Cadillac Seville, an automotive company that deals in manufacturing luxury cars.

Since then, the company has been in the business of supplying audio systems to car manufacturers across the globe. Chevrolet, Audi, Hyundai, Mazda, and Nissan are a few of the automobile models that rely on the Bose sound system.

2. Home Video and Audio Systems

For home appliances, Bose offers a variety of products such as; televisions, computer speakers, home theatre systems, portable audio systems, and shelf stereos. Moreover, the company has been top-rated as the highest seller of home theatre systems for the retail market.

3. Specialized Headphones

There is nothing as awesome as having headphones that can filter out noise, leaving you with the best you can ever ask for. This is one of the exemplary features of Bose headphones.

Moreover, the company specializes in making headsets for aircraft, and military operations. Since 1989, the company has been making and supplying specialized headphones for the aviation industry and domestic purposes.

Depending on what you need, you can choose from in-ear or over the ear headphones and headsets. Furthermore, if you are in the aviation or military fields, there is a model specifically designed for you.

4. Commercial Public Address Systems

In 1972, Bose established its agency that deals with the production and installation of a public address system.

Following a couple of years of outstanding record in this avenue, they got a contract to provide a public address system for the 1988 and 1992 Olympics.

Specifically, the company produces loudspeakers– line array, which serves musicians effectively. Moreover, the model keeps changing year upon year based on the specific needs in the marketplace.

How To Install Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System

From the record, it’s evident that Bose is an authority in this field of audio equipment.  In this guide, we’ll focus on automotive stereo systems. You already know that Bose systems are the best audio systems. Right!

Moreover, you have decided that you are buying an aftermarket stereo audio system for your car.

However, for optimum enjoyment of this awesome experience, you need to have the aftermarket stereo properly installed.

You have two options, i.e., you can hire somebody to do it for you or consider doing it yourself.

If you’re going for the latter option, then you’re in the right place for I am about to show you a step by step easy guide to installing aftermarket stereo with Bose system.

Want to know if your car speakers are about to blown out read here.

Must-Have Equipment– Tools

The installation process does not happen out of thin air. This means you must avail of the necessary equipment to achieve your end goal. Therefore, the following equipment is a must-have before starting the installation process.

  • Stereo system,
  • Screw pack,
  • An output converter,
  • A Dash kit,
  • Receiver wiring, and
  • Factory radio removal tools

Cost of Equipment

The cost of a complete kit varies depending on different factors. One key factor is the size of the head unit.

Generally, double DIN is more costly than a single DIN. On top of this cost, is the cost for other accessories that will aid you in the installation of the aftermarket stereo.

Below is the approximate cost for complete equipment.

  • Stereo system: The average price of a good car stereo is $ 50. However, the cost is dependent on other factors such as model, manufacturing material, type of head unit, etc.
  • Screw pack: You can get a specific screw pack like Metra ISOPK starting at $ 5. Sometimes, when you buy all the accessories from one dealer, you are likely to get this free of charge as a bonus.
  • An output converter: Bose systems works with a variety of converters. However, you need to consider Scosche SLC4. This is a specialized line output that when installed, increases the efficiency of the stereo. This will cost you approximately $ 10
  • A Dash Kit: You need a more specific dash kit like Metra 99- 7505. This is because the Bose system works best with this model. The price for this accessory starts at $ 5.
  • Receiver wiring: For this installation, you need a Metra 70- 7903. This wiring harness will cost approximately $ 5. Also, note that this is the average starting price. Therefore, there are more expensive models than this one.
  • Factory radio removal tools: You need this tool to aid with removing the factory unit. A Metra 86-5618 removal tool will cost you approximately $ 7.

Total Cost

When all these are summed up, you will need to have approximately $ 82. If you have a budget of $ 100, you can get a good aftermarket stereo for a start. Later on, you can shop for a more expensive aftermarket stereo.

Now you have all the necessary tools. It’s time to cut the chase and install the aftermarket stereo. Here we go!

Easy Steps To Installing Aftermarket  Stereo With Bose System

Step 1: Remove The Old Factory stereo

For this task, you need factory radio removal tools. At the bottom of the unit, find slots where you input the removal tool. When the key like tool is properly inside the slots, gently pull the unit until it comes out.

Step 2: Clear The Port

This is super simple. Once you have removed the factory radio, you need to unplug it from the wiring connections found on its back.

Specifically, these are the various connectors that you’d find at the back of the unit; radio satellite, cassette deck, Antenna, and the stereo connector.

Step 3: Plug the Connectors to the Line Output Converter

Connect the stereo harness to the converter on its input side. Next, you need to connect the Metra wiring harness on its output end.

Also, you should connect the four stereo signals onto the four ports found on the converter. Carefully note the labeling to prevent a wrong connection.

Lastly, on the dash, there is another connector. You should connect this to the adaptor on the Metra receiver wiring harness.

Step 4: Connect To The New Aftermarket Stereo Unit

At the back of your head unit, connect the remaining end of your wiring harness. Be careful to note where the antenna port and the cable port. This will help you avoid the wrong connection.

Using a screwdriver, firmly ensure the cables on the output side of the converter are firmly fixed inside their respective ports. Gently insert the screwdriver inside these ports– factory Amp gain adjustments– and rotate clockwise.

Step 5: Test the Installation

Start the car and ensure it’s in accessory mode. Next, switch on the stereo and test the various functions such as FM/AM player, CD/DVD players, Bluetooth, etc. You can also turn up the volume to see if it’s like you want it to be.

Check for any inconsistencies and note where you need to make adjustments. If you’re satisfied, you can switch off the stereo, turn the car off and prepare for the next step.

Step 6: Fix The Head Unit

You are almost done with the installation. At this stage, you should slide it back into the dash.

Push it gently into the dash opening until you hear a sound signaling you that it’s properly fixed.

Voila! You have finally managed to install your aftermarket stereo with Bose system. You should pat yourself on the back. It’s time to switch the stereo on and enjoy your music.


  • Before purchasing an aftermarket stereo, you need to be aware of what type of head unit your car supports. This is either a single DIN or a Double DIN.
  • Unplug your car batteries when installing the stereo system.
  • Make sure you strongly connect all the harnesses correctly into their specific ports to prevent them from easily coming out.
  • Remember to put the switch on your converter on Factory Amp.


  • Don’t try to install the stereo when the car ignition is on.

Common Problem with Bose System

Here are some problems associated with the Bose system and the possible solutions.

1. Speakers not working

  • Check to see that the speakers are properly set and the cables properly connected to the amp and the head unit. Also, check to see if the volume button is optimally turned.

2. The system not Responding to Connected Sources Like Flash Disk

  • Check to see that the external source is properly connected.

3. The system not Playing Audio Sound

  • Check the connection on the output and input cables.
  • Check your line output converter box.

Advantages of Using Bose System

  • Acquiring a Bose system guarantees you top-notch and high-quality sound system equipment for your auto motives, headphones, public address systems, and home theater systems.

Disadvantages of Installing a Bose System

  • Acquiring a complete stereo with the necessary equipment for installation is relatively expensive. Therefore, it might not work well for you if you’re on a budget.
  • Also, the installation is tedious and time-consuming. You need to have adequate knowledge and time before attempting this.

Will Replacing Factory Speakers Make a Difference?

It will surely make a huge difference. In many instances, aftermarket speakers are better than factory speakers.

Moreover, aftermarket speakers are high quality and can produce high-quality sound especially when matched with high-quality aftermarket stereo with a Bose system.

Final Thoughts

Installing Aftermarket Stereo With Bose System, It’s an annoying experience to be in a car whose audio system is not satisfactory. However, you need not worry much because there is a solution to all these. Bose system has your back.

For one, you’re guaranteed quality aftermarket stereo, and for two, the speakers and amplifiers are just superb. The kind of satisfaction you get while in your car is incomparable.

Moreover, there is an easy step-by-step guide on how to install the aftermarket stereo. How amazing is that?

The only thing you need to do is to follow the instructions detailed in this article and voila, you’ll have your new aftermarket stereo installed.

It’s as easy as ABC, wait no more, it’s time to take action and install your car stereo today!


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