How to Ride A Motorcycle – Tips For Beginners

How to ride motor bike

As they say, that practice makes the man perfect; following this rule, you need to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Since the idea of riding a motorcycle is quite intimidating for quite a lot of people, but practice can make it easy and smooth for them.

There are specific tips and guidelines that you need to follow if you are a beginner, even in washing your bike quickly.


Safety precautions

The first that you need to do is get the right gear. You need a helmet, boots, glasses, and a jacket to keep yourself safe at all times.

Never get on your bike without a helmet because it can be hazardous. Fatal head injuries can be caused in case of an accident without a helmet.

A helmet has the ability to protect you from significant head injuries. Ensure that your helmet is the right size for you because helmets that aren’t the right size are useless.

Helmets provide you safety and comfort while you are on a beautiful journey on a motorcycle. Gloves are also a necessary part of the safety gear.

The gloves protect your hands from extreme cold, dust particles, harmful sun rays, and insects. Gloves provide maximum protection to your hands while ensuring comfort and warmth. You also need to make sure that you have your license and your insurance.

bike helmet

The most important thing is that you need to practice in an open space before actually getting on the road. Make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition, get a thorough inspection to prevent accidents.

Learning the controls

After inspecting your motorcycle, you need to get familiar with its controls. You need to know the functioning of the different controls.

The mirrors tell you what is behind you so you can position the motorcycle accordingly. The speedometer keeps you informed regarding the current speed of the motorcycle.

You can keep track of the speed and the speed limit with the help of the speedometer. You also need to know about the turn signals or the indicators; they inform the other people on the road when you are about to take turns.

Understanding the brakes

The second thing that will help you a lot in riding a motorcycle smoothly is to understand the functioning of the brakes.

You will feel confident, and you will face no trouble in stopping the bike anywhere you want. The acceleration and the brake will be in your control with your right hand.

On the other hand, you can control the rear brakes with the help of your right foot. Learn to apply the rear brake first and then the front brake.

Gear shifting

After understanding the brakes, you need to understand the shifting of the gear. Most motorcycles have up to 5 gears.

However, some of them can have up to 6 gears. Once you have practiced the gear shifting, you will be able to control the speed as well.

Steering the motorcycle

Get on the motorcycle, and have a good look at all the parts. Try the on and off switch, get a feel of the clutch and other parts that want to get used to.

Once you have gone through the brakes, gear shifting, then you are ready to ride the motorcycle.

The steering and riding the motorcycle is quite tricky. You need to create the perfect balance to have a smooth ride, but while turning, you will need to lean in a particular direction.

When you release the clutch, you are ready to ride the motorcycle.

motor bike ride tips

You will observe that it moves in the forward direction as you release the clutch. If you want to turn towards the right, then you need to lean your body slightly towards the right, and similarly, for the left turn, you will bend your body slightly towards the left.

Time and practice

Learning to ride the motorcycle smoothly requires time and practice. You need to find an open space where you can practice riding the motorcycle.

Some people are quick learners, and they learn how to ride a motorcycle very comfortably in a short period of time.

However, some people may need more time and practice. All you need to do is to be patient.

You can practice in the open space while taking your time, and eventually, you will be able to ride the motorcycle smoothly.

Be aware

While you are riding the motorcycle, you need to be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Make sure that you keep looking at the mirrors while riding the motorcycle.

Keep your indicator on while taking turns or while overtaking. It is imperative to be mentally present at all times while riding a motorcycle.

Riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous as well, no matter how much fun it seems.

Make sure that you know the proper functioning of the controls, and you must be aware of the surroundings at every moment while you are on the motorcycle.

riding bike

Don’t Overspeed

Sometimes, different roads have sharp turns, or sometimes the traffic is heavy, make sure that you maintain the speed limit so that you are safe at all times.

Most of the accidents are caused by over speeding, and sometimes, the rider may lose control over the motorcycle while resulting in a crash.

Keep check of the fuel

An essential thing that people forget about is the fuel. Make sure that you have enough fuel when you are willing to ride the motorcycle.

The empty fuel tank can be a massive hassle in the middle of the road. Keep a check on the fuel level and refill it whenever needed. Some motorcycles have more exceptional mileage while others don’t.

So, keeping a check on the fuel is very necessary in order to prevent any unwanted situations.

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Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your kickstand is not out while you are going to ride the motorcycle. But when you are ready to park the motorcycle, you can easily pull it out.

So, all you need to do is take your time and practice to get used to riding the motorcycle. It might take you a while to actually know the proper functioning of each part, but you will learn eventually.

Start with the safety gear, then get familiar with the different components of the motorcycle.

Make yourself comfortable while sitting on the motorcycle. Then move on to the clutch and the brakes, at this point where you know what goes where and what does what, you will be able to start the engine.

Once you release the clutch, the motorcycle will move in the forward direction, and then when you have gained a nice and smooth speed, you can put your feet up.

Then comes the critical part; you need to be able to turn the motorcycle smoothly.

For turning right, you will learn right, and for turning left, you will lean towards left.

At this point, you know how to ride a motorcycle, but you need to keep practicing until you are fully satisfied and confident about riding a motorcycle.

Keep practicing in an open space before you are ready to ride on an actual road. We are sure that you will love your motorcycle rides.

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