How to Program Jeep Garage Door Opener

how to program jeep garage door opener without remote

Imagine being able to open the garage door from your jeep, with just a push of a button. Sounds very convenient right? Our extensive guide on “How to Program Jeep Garage Door Opener” will tell you how you can conveniently use the garage door opener!

The newer jeeps come with a HomeLink system or a garage door opener. This efficient system enables users to program their garage door opener to their jeep.

This way, they will never lose their garage door opener. This feature becomes suitability, only when it is programmed or set up.


What is Jeep Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is an electronic device that is motorized. It is controlled through various switches and is responsible for opening the garage door. It comes with remote control as well.

A Jeep consists of a resourceful built-in garage door opener. It is known as HomeLink.

This system consists of a transceiver that is programmed to activate various electronic devices. The devices must have radio-frequencies.

So, in short, the Jeep garage door opener links your vehicle to the garage door or other features at home. Hence, you can open it conveniently.

Step By Step Process of How To Program Jeep Garage Door Opener

The following steps will tell you how you can program the jeep garage door opener at home and without any professional help.

Step 1: Ensure that the engine of your jeep is off

This is a simple step but is very important. Get in the jeep and make sure that the engine is off.

Step 2: Achieving the display of “Cleared Channels” on EVIC

In the second step, you need to press and hold the first button and the third button of the HomeLink at the same time.

Hold the buttons for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, the Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) will show the message of clearing channels.

When you “cleared channels” displayed on the EVIC, you can go ahead and let go of the buttons.

Step 3: Training the buttons of the HomeLink

The HomeLink consists of three buttons. This is because it is capable of holding door codes of three garage doors.

So, pick out one button from the three to train. Grab the garage door remote and make sure that you hold it three inches far from the EVIC.

Then, press the button that you selected on the HomeLink along with the door remote button at the same time.

Once you do that, you will see the message “Training” on the EVIC.

A few moments later, you will see the message training converted to “Trained”.

This will mean that the training of the button has been completed successfully. Also, a beep will be heard as an indication of the trained button.

Step 4: Training additional HomeLink Buttons

You may want to train other buttons if you intend to open other garage doors too. For this, all you need to do is follow the same steps that you followed in Step 3.

What to do in case of unsuccessful training of the buttons?

Unsuccessful training of buttons is a common problem that people may face during the training of the buttons.

But there is nothing to worry about. Unsuccessful training means that the garage door opener has greater security and needs more training steps.

Step 5: Additional Training Steps

The garage door motor consists of a button that may say “smart” or “learn”. One of these buttons is mostly located somewhere around the antenna. So, you need to find this button.

You need to press the smart or learn button and then go back to the jeep immediately to press the HomeLink button. Press the HomeLink button and hold only for a couple of seconds and then let go.

Then again, you need to press it for two seconds and then release it. By now, the Jeep garage door opener should be programmed.

However, there are some models of the Jeep that need a third round of pressing and letting go of the smart and learn button. So, press it again for two seconds and then release it.

Now you have successfully programmed the Jeep garage door opener!

How much time does the programming process take?

The programming process is pretty simple. It should not take more than 5 minutes.

If additional training steps are required, 5-7 minutes are enough for programming. You only need to press buttons to get the job done.

What is the cost of programming jeep garage door opener?

Here is your good news! There is no cost of programming the jeep garage door opener because you can do it all by yourself.

It will take a few minutes and you need to press only a few buttons and it will be done!

What are the tools needed?

Tools are not needed for programming. You only need a Jeep with a HomeLink, a garage that has an automatic door opener, and lastly, garage door opener remote.

Some Common Problems of Jeep Garage Door Opener

The battery of the garage door opener remote may be expired

At times, you may not be able to successfully program the jeep garage door opener because of the expired battery of the remote.

So, it is recommended that you replace the battery before your program. This way, you can avoid any inconvenience.

Additional training steps

At times, you may not have a successfully programmed jeep garage door opener because of the rolling code of security.

In this situation, you will have to press the “smart” button on the garage door motor and HomeLink button.

By pressing the HomeLink button for two seconds and then releasing it (make sure to do it thrice), you will have a programmed jeep garage door opener.

The message of “trained” may not show

While training the buttons, if the message “trained” does now show, then you should try pressing the button for a little longer until you hear the beep.

Tips for Successful Programming

Adjust the frequency of the garage door opener

It is possible for you to have issues programming the garage door opener. So, in order to successfully do it, make sure to adjust the frequency of the garage door opener.

The devices that have frequencies between the range of 288 and 399-Megahertz work with HomeLink.

Reprogramming all HomeLink buttons

In order to successfully program one new code to the HomeLink, all the buttons in the HomeLink need to be reprogrammed.

So, that is why the first step is “clearing channels”.

Delete the previous garage codes

The deletion of the previous garage codes can be done very easily. All you need to do is to press the first and the third button of the HomeLink for 20 seconds simultaneously. The codes will then be deleted.

How to program Jeep garage door opener without a remote?

If you don’t have a remote, even then you can program the jeep garage door opener. The learn or smart button has to be pressed in the garage door motor or control box.

Then press the button of the HomeLink in the vehicle. Within 30 seconds, you have to press both the buttons otherwise, you will have to start all over again. Press for two seconds and release, follow this thrice and it will be done.

Why does the garage door opener beeps?

The garage door opener beeps when its battery is low or needs replacement. The beeping is basically an indication for you so that you can replace the battery.

It beeps only when the door is opening or closing. After replacing the battery, the beeping of the garage door opener will stop.

Where should I park my vehicle while programming?

The vehicle should be parked outside the garage so that the frequencies of the electronic devices match.

Don’t park too far away otherwise, it will be hard to program the garage door opener. Make sure to turn the engine off but the ignition should be on.

Is the “learn” button same as the on button, on the garage door opener?

No, the learn button is not the same as the on button on the garage door opener. It usually found around the antenna of the garage door opener motor.

In some different models of the garage door opener, it may have a different name and may even have a different color. It is also sometimes found as the “smart” button. The older models may not have this door opener.


Programming a jeep garage door opener is a simple process that can be easily followed with professional help.

It is convenient and makes your life easy! The only crucial step in the programming is the timing.

It is essential to hold or release the buttons for a specific time. If the timing is not followed then you will have to start from scratch.

No tools are required. No long hours are needed and there is no cost as well. All you need to do is press some buttons and wait for the EVIC to show you the messages.


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