How To Play Music From Phone To Car Bluetooth Instantly

Play Music From Phone To Car Bluetooth

All of us want to have excellent songs on which we love, while we are riding our vehicle. The question is how to play music from phone to car Bluetooth?

There are many ways of connecting the songs on our phone to the car’s sound system, but the easiest and the most convenient one is through Bluetooth.

The newer models of cars have advanced sound systems, and these sound systems have built-in Bluetooth, which is very helpful in getting the music they started.

All you need to do is to turn on the Bluetooth on your phone and the Bluetooth that is built-in your car, connect them, and you will be able to play the desired music.

Play Music From Phone To Car via Bluetooth

Now you don’t need an auxiliary cable; you can connect the Bluetooth to get access to the media apps on your phone.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth

  • You will be able to control the media apps
  • You will be able to see the desired song information
  • It is the most convenient way because once it is paired, you will be able to stream all the apps automatically
  • It also has the advantage of allowing hands-free calling; now you can attend calls without actually looking at your phone

Bluetooth on The Vehicle

The method of actually connecting the Bluetooth of various vehicles depends on the car to car.

Every car might have a different way of turning the Bluetooth on. Make sure to check your vehicle’s instructions or handbook to figure out how its Bluetooth works.

If you have a touchscreen LCD, then in most cases, the option for Bluetooth is available along with the rest of the settings. You can touch it to turn it on.

How To Play Music From Your Phone To Your Car

01. Bluetooth on Android Phones

For an Android phone, you need to go to the settings, and from there, you can move on to the device connection, and you can turn on the Bluetooth.

***Settings>Device Connection>Bluetooth>On>Car Kit

Once the Bluetooth is on, you can look for the different devices that are available for connection, and then you can look for your car’s Bluetooth.

After connecting them, you can get access to your desired media apps, and you will be all prepared to listen to your favorite music.

02. Bluetooth on iPhones

You can open the settings, and there you will see that the second option is Bluetooth, you can open it and swipe the little thing to turn it on.

Once it is green, you can have a look at the section of “my devices.” Your car’s Bluetooth will be shown there, and then you can connect it easily.

It might ask for a code, and you can set it according to your choice, and you will be all set to get access to the different media apps on your music system

You can play songs through YouTube, SoundCloud, Saavn, or any other musical apps that you have on your phone. You can access the playlist on your phone directly, as well.

***Settings>Bluetooth>On>My Devices>Car Kit

On the other hand, if you have an older version of the sound system and your vehicle is old too, then it is possible, then your vehicle will not have built-in Bluetooth.

You don’t need to worry because we have an easy solution for that as well.

How To Play Music From Phone To Car Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth FM Transmitters

To listen to the music with the help of the Bluetooth FM transmitters, you need to make a little investment into a wire.

This transmitter will allow you to get access to Bluetooth, and then you can listen to your desired songs.

The exact process may be different for different vehicles, but still, it is easy to accomplish.

To Connect phone music via bluetooth to carYou need to have an FM transmitter that you will plug into the power socket.

Once it is plugged into the power socket, you need to connect it with the Bluetooth of your phone. Now an unused FM station in your area will come to use.

You need to set the device to the available FM station, and then you will be able to play the desired music on your phone through your car stereo.

However, there is a massive difference in the built-in Bluetooth and the FM transmitters. The FM transmitters don’t allow you to get access to all the media apps that are present in your phone.

You can only gain access to the music that is available in your library. You are also unable to receive or attend calls.

There are a variety of FM transmitters available in the market, and you can get the one that suits your budget and your desire.

Some of them have very advanced functions; they even come with digital screens which show you different information.

You can use any method of playing music from your phone to your car, whether using the built-in Bluetooth or using the Bluetooth FM bluetooth to car via phone

If you have a newer sound system, then it is even more convenient for you to connect with the built-in Bluetooth without buying the FM transmitter.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the built-in Bluetooth, then you can use the FM transmitter, and that will allow you to listen to your favorite music.

Comparison between the sound quality through the auxiliary cable, built-in Bluetooth and Bluetooth FM transmitters

Now after looking at the methods of getting access to the music, let’s find out the quality of the sound.

If we talk about the sound quality, then it will be observed that the music played through the auxiliary cable has the best sound quality.

It has a crisp, clear sound, and the bass is also evident.

The second one is the built-in Bluetooth, it has a lower sound quality as compared to the sound through the auxiliary cable, however, it is a lot better than the sound quality of the FM transmitter.

The last one is the FM transmitter; it does have an alright sound, but if you compare it to the auxiliary cable sound or the built-in Bluetooth, then it is not that great.

However, it all depends upon your needs and your personal preference.

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