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10 Best Rust Converter For Truck Frame: Ultimate Protection 2023 Buyers Guide

Best Rust Converter, Those who own vehicles for extended periods know how complicated it is when it rusts, we compiled a list of the best rust converter for truck frames ensuring the ultimate protection. To keep one in good shape, there is a matter of time until you need to invest money into your car, be […]

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How to Prep a Car for Paint at Home diy
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How to Prep a Car for Paint at Home – DIY 5 Easy Steps

Whether you want to paint your car by yourself or get the services of a professional to do so, you still need to know how to prep a car for paint at home and the things that should be in place before repainting your car. The way you prep your car before painting can positively […]

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Removing and Replacing Flywheel on Jeep

HOW TO REPLACE FLYWHEEL ON A JEEP  Removing a flywheel when replacing flywheel on Jeep can be an overwhelming task. However, for individuals who are genuinely acquainted with the internal functions of their vehicle, it ought not to be important to look for the assistance of a specialist. Motor flywheels are regularly exceptionally sturdy, yet […]

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Jeep ECU (Car brain/computer) location and how to replace

Jeep ECU (Car brain/computer) location and how to replace. The electronic control unit is the computer that regulates the engine’s performance and fuel consumption. The ECU is located beneath the passengers’ seat in Jeep Cherokee, while it’s under the hood of Jeep Wrangler. The ECU controls ignition timing, air-fuel mixture, idle speed, throttle position, and […]

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Car Shaking When Accelerating – Causes & Easy Solutions

Car Shaking When Accelerating, Car acceleration occurs when the rear wheels exert such a force against the ground in a horizontal direction that it makes the car start accelerating. When the car is usually in slow-motion, more than half of the force goes in the acceleration of the car. If your car shakes when accelerating there […]

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Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY step by step
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Jeep Hardtop Hoist DIY Step by Step: Easy & Quick to Install

If you are an experienced Jeep owner, then perhaps you understand what a Jeep hardtop hoist DIY is. Depending on the weather or a specific function, you must have been in a situation where you needed to fix your Jeep’s hardtop.

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