Top 10 Best Truck Tool Box of 2021 – Durable in Any Weather

Best Truck Tool Box Reviews

You are on the market for utility storage for your truck, and you want to know the best truck tool box available. Great news- you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for top-notch products, useful storage with easy installation, sturdy, and secure.

We are sure that you know what you’re after- it’s just about finding the right fit for your specific needs. Are you looking for open concept storage? Or something compartmentalized? Lightweight? Sleek?

Here, we detail and analyze product specifics, the nuances of design and capacity, so that you can find exactly what you desire.


What is the Best Truck Tool Box?

In our research, Undercover Swingcase SC201D is one of the best truck tool box on the market.

How do the Toolboxes Attach to the Truck Bed?

Installation varies based on the model. Almost always, the toolbox will come with thoroughly detailed instructions. Setup is usually straightforward.

Take a look at the weight of the item itself. If it is over twenty pounds, the chances are that installation is a two-person job, so enlist the help of a friend.

Usually, the smaller pieces needed to affix the toolbox come with the item itself. More often than not, the only tool required of the operator is a standard electric drill.

Toolboxes come with preset holes into which you insert the bolts.  This will slip into the lock under the truck bed rail. Typically, these are both easy to set up and to remove from the truck.

Comparison Table of Truck Tool Box

UnderCover SwingCase
Giantex (AT4331)
All Purpose Chest
Vault Cargo Carrier Bag
Dee Zee M207 ATV Box
Better Built (67011386)
Weather Guard (127002)
UWS Aluminum Toolbox-
Trinity TXKPGR-0502
Yaheetech Toolbox

To keep safe your truck bed you can out our top priority bed liner on our other post.

10 Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews

01. UnderCover SwingCase SC201D- Favorite Storage Option for Ford F150 Drivers


Highlighted Features

  • Carries up to 75 pounds
  • Moisture Sealed to protect from elements
  • Lockable with a padlock loop system
  • A lightweight product for easy install
  • Measures: 16 x 8.5 x 34 inches
  • Textured, black exterior
  • Product Weight: 20 pounds
  • On the market for 11 years

Heavy-duty trucks have heavy-duty needs. Usually, we purchase trucks due to the need to haul items from Point A to Point B. That said, the items we haul are variable.

One of the essential features of this toolbox is that it has a remarkably high capacity for the weight (great for heavy tools).

Chances are, you have handled tools before. Therefore, you know that some can be surprisingly heavy and others shockingly light.

This toolbox design is for the former. It gives you the opportunity to store even your weightiest items safely.

The box itself fits perfectly on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Generally speaking, this is where it is most useful.

On its own, the product weighs only twenty pounds (surprisingly lightweight for something so stable). It is capable of holding almost three times its own weight.

Another key draw of the item is that it is easy to set up. When we want to hit the road with our tools, the last thing we desire is to spend hours on a tedious installation.

This item saves you that trouble. Once it is in place, the swivel feature makes content easy to access at any given time.

Important, as well, is the fact that this toolbox works with any tonneau cover (whether it is folding or rigid).

It provides three inches clearance to the top of the truck bed, ensuring that any truck bed cover can slide on with ease.


  • Simple installation
  • Swing Features
  • Security Features
  • Removable item
  • Works with all tonneau covers


  • Subject to weather damage after initial wear and tear to item

02. Giantex (AT4331) Aluminum Toolbox Storage Tote- Rigid Engineering for Strong Storage and Utility


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum and ceramic materials
  • Two handles for easy hauling
  • Security features including lock and two keys
  • Rigid, rectangular shape
  • Suitable for trucks, SUV’s and RV’s
  • Measurements: 49 x 15 x 15 inches
  • On the market for four years

Tools are a hefty investment. Often, we don’t notice the financial impact of purchasing tools since they accrue over time. Additionally, since they are necessary to functionality, it is usually a cost we absorb with ease.

That said, we put a lot of time and money into our tool collections, so it only makes sense that we protect them to the best of our abilities.

This is a significant feature of this design. Security is the focus of a heavy-duty hinge and factory set locks.

The product itself is sold with two keys for backup security and peace of mind. Given its sturdy, rectangular shape, it withstands impact (and weather) very well.

Aluminum and ceramic work together to prevent corrosion and weather damage. Since this item is usually exposed to the elements, it is vital for us to consider the eventual damage caused by meteorological impacts.

These include wind, rain, and even UV exposure. Aluminum is a sturdy metal that prevents rust and corrosion.

We like this option because it is both easy to install and to use after it is set up in the truck. The two handles make light work when moving it from one place to another.

Since it is a large item, the rigid design is helpful to prevent overall product damage as a result of internal impact (tools moving around inside the box).

Another fun fact about this item is that it works, not only on trucks but on SUV’s and recreational vehicles as well. It has been on the market for four years, showing that it survives well the test of time.


  • Security features
  • Rigid design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Mid-range price


  • The hinge attachment is pop rivets instead of bolts making the latch somewhat weak

03. Buyers Products (1712240) All Purpose Chest- Sleek and Simple Design for On the Go


Highlighted Features

  • Measurements: 17.5 x 19 x 44 inches
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Steel hinges for security
  • Doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Double-walled lid
  • Carries up to 30 pounds

Metal is a great development; it has dictated the direction of whole time periods (ex: The Bronze Age). That said, modern textile science has come a long way. While metal may be strong and sturdy, it had downsides as well. One of these is vulnerability to weather damage.

Have you ever had product rust? Even if it didn’t compromise function, it definitely damaged aesthetic value.

Thankfully, we now have options that are strong and less vulnerable to the rusting process. This toolbox is made out of polyethylene- a thick and sturdy plastic material.

It resists denting as a result of the impact, and, even better, thanks to the entire lack of metal, it does not corrode or rust.

The box itself is relatively large, with sizeable cubic footage for your storage needs. It boasts a double-wall hinged lid for a sturdy seal. Of course, even though it isn’t metal, it doesn’t mean we are willing to compromise security.

The only steel present on the item is in the hinge. The steel features protected padlocks, adding value to the item. These act both as a deterrent as well as an actual theft prevention device.


  • Dent resistant
  • Does not rust
  • Security features
  • Lightweight product


  • The locking mechanism can pose trouble when closing

04. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Truck Toolbox- Strong and Sturdy yet Lightweight Option


Highlighted Features

  • Measurements: 30 x 13 x 10 inches
  • Weighs 11.4 pounds
  • Weather seal ring
  • Built-in lock and key
  • Open storage concept
  • Two side handles for easy motion
  • 5 bar design for sturdiness
  • New product (on the market for 2 years)

For those of us keeping to a tight budget yet desiring all the quality of a high caliber toolbox, this option is ideal.

Its cost efficacy is twofold. On the one hand, it is a low initial investment. The second tier of this price value is that it is durable, meaning it limits the need for eventual repairs.

Of course, the box is only valuable if it safely stores that which it contains. The seal ring protects against the elements, water primarily. This is an essential consideration if not all tools going into the box are analog.

Much modern tech is electrical (whether wired or battery powered). Were water to get into the toolbox, it could severely damage these components. We like this product because it avoids this common pitfall.

Another draw is that its design is specific to truck beds. Often, the best odds favor products meant for an exact purpose. Sure, they may not multitask, but they do execute their specified role ideally (like this toolbox does).


  • Low-cost option
  • Truck bed design
  • Prevents weather damage
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy manufacturing


  • Keys are universally issued, meaning the same keys work on all manufactured unit

05. Vault Cargo (4350438893) Carrier Bag- Great for Luggage and Camping Needs


Highlighted Features

  • Low-cost item
  • Carrier bag design
  • Weighs less than 8 pounds
  • 3 years on the market
  • 6 latching straps for secure loading
  • 15 cubic feet of storage
  • Measures: 59 x 24 x 24 inches

While specific design features have value, sometimes the products we seek are multipurpose. This storage unit has diverse applications. Unlike many other models, it is not rigid and acts as a carrier bag as well as a toolbox.

Given this unique feature, the item applies not only to trucks, but to cars, SUVs, and any other vehicle it can fit (since, even though it is lightweight, it still boasts 15 cubic feet of storage utility).

It slides easily into most standard carrier racks, and, because of its feathery weight, it is easy to maneuver from one vehicle to another. Consider this option if you have multiple vehicles, yet limited tools to store.

The bag itself is waterproof, meaning it will keep out rain and prevent damage to tools as a result of wind (or high speeds of travel on the freeway).

This avoids damage to the bag itself; and, more importantly, keeps our tools safe from environmental harm (everything from water damage to pollution).


  • Waterproof design
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Large storage area


  • The zipper is subject to damage and may fail
  • Item is a carrier bag and not technically a toolbox

06. Trinity TXKPGR-0502 Utility Box- Great for in the Truck and on the Job Site


Highlighted Features

  • Gray color to reflect heat
  • Tamper-proof with padlock setup
  • Measurements: 36 x 15.8 x 18.5 inches
  • Weighs 68 pounds

Though the color may not be your first priority when looking for a toolbox, it is a worthy consideration. Utility items are for use. That means it is an item you will be seeing and handling on a daily basis.

Aesthetics matter (even if it is to a limited degree). The unique hue of this model sets it apart. The bold, blue/gray color adds value in more ways than just appearance.

Black is sleek and fits with any surroundings; however, it is also prone to overheating. While it may seem like the heat is a small matter, it actually impacts a great deal of functionality.

For one, it can cause the contents to overheat (generally undesirable, especially to the touch). On the other hand, heat provides its own version of wear and tear on the item down to the molecular structure of the material.

This metallic, gray model avoids both of these pitfalls. For one, the metal reflects back sun rays (including harmful UV radiation). Given that it is gray, it does not heat up to the degree of some darker counterparts.

The gray sheen is not the only value. In fact, this is an enormously strong model that boasts almost 11 cubic feet of storage.

It is tamper-proof and forklift accessible, thanks to the components on the bottom of the box. We can bolt it to the truck bed, though the item is simple to remove, yet too heavy to the burglar.


  • Strong steel design
  • Heavy duty and heavyweight
  • Significant storage
  • Security features


  • Tack welds can fail after some time
  • Very heavy item to personally install

07. UWS (TBS-63-A-LP-BLK) Aluminum Toolbox- Unique Shape for Unique Needs


Highlighted Features

  • Foamed Lid makes a rigid wall
  • Aluminum manufacturing
  • Lock made of stainless steel
  • 3 compartment design
  • Built-in storage features
  • Weighs 48 pounds
  • Measurements: 65 x 22 x 15.5 inches
  • On the market for 11 years

Toolboxes are as unique as the people who use them. Some prefer open concept designs, best for those with a variety of tool sizes. This option, however, is best for those with a plethora of small tools.

The design accommodates a variety of layouts, making it a suitable option for those with handheld tool preferences. It has built-in trays for tools with features to hold these items.

Ease of access is another huge draw. The lid and box are one piece, which means there is little opportunity for rusting and damage. The top opens ninety degrees (straight up), making it simple to load tools into the box itself.

In terms of security, there is the option for a padlock. For many reasons, supplying our own lock is preferable. It prevents the risk of universal key cutting and leaves the opportunity for combination locks (instead of keyed).

Material security is in the form of aluminum design with stainless steel hinges and lock setup. Both of these metals resist rusting; something further facilitated by the seal of black powder.


  • One-piece design
  • Easy-open lid
  • Weather-resistant
  • Self-closing strut features


  • Vulnerable to denting during the installation process

08. Better Built (67011386) Toolbox- Designed for ATVs and Trucks


Highlighted Features

  • On the market for nine years
  • Lightweight at 11 pounds
  • Silver exterior to prevent heat
  • Measurements: 20 x 12 x 9.5 inches
  • Aluminum plated design
  • Mid-range price point

Some toolbox options are heavy-duty and elaborate. Others are straightforward and posit their value through ease and simplicity.

This option is of the latter category. It boasts a lightweight design, making for easy maneuvering and handling. The ease of motion contributes to the simple installation process.

Aluminum is the metal of choice for this product. It is lightweight, and, thanks to the natural molecular properties, resists rust.

Of course, aluminum is the plating material, so once the surface is flawed or scratched, corrosion has a chance to take hold. That said, the design is sturdy and naturally avoids this pitfall.

While the box does provide sufficient storage, it is a compact utility product. This makes it usable for everything from trucks to ATV’s. Given that it is so easy to lift and haul, it can be easily moved from one vehicle to another.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Heat resistant
  • Reasonable price


  • Welding is subject to damage at the attached components

09. Weather Guard (127002) Saddle Box- Powerful Design for High Utility


Highlighted Features

  • Locking system for security
  • Easy installation process
  • Weighs 86 pounds
  • Measurements: 72 x 21 x 19 inches
  • On the market for 8 years
  • High-utility interior
  • Rotary latch provides easy access
  • Weather-resistant features
  • Protects the tools it carries

We care about our tools, so it stands to reason that we have high standards for the box that guards them. This product is ideal for those with high-end tools, who are looking for a high-end product to keep them safe.

A great feature is the efficient weatherproofing. From the material used in the design to the seal that efficaciously prevents water damage, this box keeps our tools safe from environmental concerns.

Naturally, when we are storing valuables, we want them under lock and key. The system here affords us the opportunity to use a padlock of our choosing. This way, it opens for the owner- and only the owner.

Once we do open the box, using the handy rotary latch that affords a single contact opening, the internal components take its value to another level. There is a spot for a level and removable pieces that let us customize our storage experience.


  • Heavyweight
  • Sizable cubic footage
  • Functional interior
  • Security features


  • The item is subject to welding flaws during the manufacturing process

10. Dee Zee M207 ATV Box- Specialty Item for Specialized Storage


Highlighted Features

  • Rust-resistant design
  • The package comes with install kit
  • Medium weight option
  • Compact design for small-item storage
  • Measurements: 36 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weighs 18 pounds

Sometimes, we need secure storage in a small form. Not all tools are large, and so we do not always need excess size.

Especially when considering handheld tools, if we give them too much space, they will slosh around in the box. This causes internal structural damage that compromises the integrity of the toolbox itself.

For those of us who wish to avoid this impact, this is a great option. With three cubic feet of accessible storage, the design precludes the risk of motion-induced damage to the inner components (not to mention our other tools).

The design does not rust or corrode, thanks to the black powder coat that resists elemental damage. It features all the tools required for mounting; and, considering that it weighs less than twenty pounds, it offers an overall easy and enjoyable process.


  • Prevents corrosion
  • Easy installation
  • Paddle handles
  • Compact design


  • Rivet holes may be drilled incorrectly
  • Powder coat is subject to damage over time

Buying Considerations of Best Truck Tool Box

01. Security Features

Whether you park your vehicle in a garage or outdoors, chances are that it spends a bit of time exposed to the outside world.

We value our tools, given that they are not only a sizeable investment, but are also essential to our day-to-day functionality. In order to keep them safe, we need to find a toolbox with accommodating security features.

Deterrence is a critical consideration in terms of security quality. Does the toolbox look secure? Often, when it comes to robbery risk, the illusion of security is as valuable as the security itself.

This means that when you seek out the toolbox to suit your needs, find an option that appears sturdy- it will likely cause any potential robbers to move on to the next target.

The second security consideration is in the locking mechanism itself. There are models that come with a built-in lock and key system. While these are handy in their ease of use, consider whether this is what you are after.

The alternate option is a padlock setup. This allows us to interchange our locks and leaves open the chance for combinations as opposed to keylocks.

Since these aren’t a built-in part of the security of the truck itself (meaning it will not trip the vehicle’s alarm if broken into), it is essential to consider security implications before purchasing.

02 Size of the Toolbox

Too Large?

It may sound like a foolish concern, but there is such a thing as too much space. When there is an overage of room between the tools themselves, as well as the tools and the case’s walls, there is an opportunity for impact damage.

Be realistic about the size which you require. Put your tools together and generate an idea of how much cubic footage of space they need for secure and accessible storage. When you review your options, keep close to this measurement.

Too Small?

While it may be irritating to have too much space, also little room is worse. If you purchase a utility item that is too small, there will be an insufficient area to carry what you desire and regularly use.

Prevent this by making a list of things you plan to tow in the toolbox.

Get an idea of how they present when laid out side by side. This will lend a concept to how much space is your baseline requirement for storage.

When making the purchase, consider that it is always better to have more room than less (since you can include filler if needed).

When rounding your measurements, be liberal and always round up.

03. Appearance

Chances are, this is an item you will use on a regular basis. Trucks are a significant investment, and we do not want them to turn into an eyesore as a result of a poor choice in accessory.

While many models are relatively standardized, there are multiple options.

Are you looking for a textured exterior? Do you want something metallic? Or something sleek and black?

Depending on your personal preferences, as well as the vehicle in which it goes, the needs will differ. Make a list of colors that are to your taste, and do not settle for an inferior look.

The other consideration in terms of appearance is the outer shape. Some models are angular and sloped. Others have a rigid box shape.

If there is a specific style that you prefer, seek out models that meet this demand. It is always better to be choosy upfront so as to ensure a positive buying experience.

04. Internal Style

There are two basic concepts in terms of interior storage style. The first is open-concept storage. This means that within the toolbox, there is nothing but space (leaving it open to the imagination as to how to fit and function).

If you have great tools to store or items that are awkward to place, the open concept is generally better. It allows for full access to the cubic footage and means there will be many options to set your items.

The second internal storage ideology is compartmentalization. This means that instead of open space, there will be things like sliding drawers, hooks, or other features to store specific tools.

Consider this option is you favor small items and don’t wish to lose them to a void of space. Make a list of the tools which you plan to store inside the toolbox.

If the majority of the items on your list are handheld and small in nature, then compartments will likely suit your needs without overdoing it on space.

05. Price Point

Whenever you are making a purchase choice, it is critical to consider your budget. The chances are that when you began shopping, you had an idea of what the price ought to be.

After taking a look at the market and adjusting your expectations to match current economic conditions, you probably have a good concept of what you are willing (and able) to spend on the item at hand.

When you consider price, always factor in associated costs. This means that, if you choose a lower-end model because of a lesser up-front investment, it may require replacement or repair sooner than a choice with a higher initial cost.

Weigh your options; and, it is wise, when dealing with a utility-focused tool, to prioritize function over cost. It will (almost always) lead to less hassle and less spending needs down the road.

06. Resistance to Damage

It’s no surprise that most of the products on the market are weather resistant in some way or another. We all know the value of tools, and that we need to give them protection from the elements.

That said, not all toolboxes provide this protection in the same manner. Some use a black coating to avoid damage to the metal underneath.

This is great, up until we damage the surface. At this point, oxidation can take hold.

Others feature stainless steel or aluminum. These two metals avoid rusting through their molecular structure’s natural fortitude.

Metal, however, is not the only choice of material. In fact, many options available are made out of sturdy plastic composites.

This material does not rust at all, so it is safe to take out in the rain and the wind. That said, it is generally more vulnerable to UV radiation (though this is a long-term concern).

Eventually, these rays compromise the structure and deteriorate the material itself (though to be fair, this does not often happen within a lifetime).

The impact is another factor to think about, given that, for anything designed for the outdoors, it is always a risk.

Does the toolbox itself resist damage from the collision? Chances are, whether it is accidentally swinging a hammer or dropping a tool, the box will take a few dings.

We want to look for a product that precludes denting; and, after an impact, will avoid structural damage.

FAQ’s of Best Tool Box of Truck

Will these work with tonneau covers?

The quick answer is sometimes, not always. Check the product specifications on the toolbox to ensure that it will fit into the bed. Usually, rigid tonneau covers prove problematic.

Unless the toolbox states explicitly that it provides clearance at the top of the truck bed, assume that the tonneau cover will not accommodate the new accessory.

There are many compact toolbox options that provide suitable clearance if you have a truck outfitted with a cover. Keep this in mind when choosing both the toolbox and tonneau cover.

They are two very different tools with some overlap in purpose (both keep items safe). If you are choosing both at the same time, make sure that they work together amicably.

Make your own tonneau cover for your truck.

How much weight can the toolbox carry?

Depending on the size and material of the toolbox, carrying capacity varies.

Sturdier models made out of steel or other metals are generally able to withstand a more significant load. Polymers are usually weaker and carry less weight.

When looking at weight capacity, consider the hinging mechanism. An item is only as active as its weakest part; so, if the hinges are frail or fragile, the entire capacity becomes compromised.

Typically, even smaller models are able to carry over fifty pounds. This assumes distributed weight, meaning that you have to spread the items across the internal storage.

Since the truck bed itself supports the base of the toolbox, provided remains immobile from its affixed space, it will be able to help hundreds of pounds.

Check your truck’s specifications and use logic when considering the walls of the box. They, too, need to support a great deal of this gravitational force, mainly when the truck is in motion.

Are truck toolboxes generally heavy?

The weight of the item depends on the toolbox itself. These can be as breezy as twelve pounds or as heavy as over fifty pounds. If you plan to move the box from truck to truck, consider a lighter weight model.

This is especially important when it comes to installation. A feathery model is much more straightforward to set up as an individual.

The heavier the product gets, the better it is to have more than one person doing the installation.

Weight is also a reasonable measure of the product’s overall fortitude. These are simple products with a few small pieces.

That means the importance which we consider is mostly found in the frame of the device. Heavier translates to thicker walls.

The thicker the walls themselves, the less vulnerable to denting and breakage the product itself.

Lightweight products of this sort usually have thinner linings which means more susceptibility to everything from dents and dings, to extreme cold snaps. Keep this in mind when worrying if the product is overweight.

Do these items break easily?

Everything breaks eventually. That said, toolboxes (assuming we treat them with care) can last quite a few years.

There are many models that have been on the market for almost a decade- without having to upgrade. This is due to the fact that the product is, mostly, simple and straightforward, meaning it is more difficult to break.

Usually, if the product damaged, it is at a hinge or handles. To avoid these problems, merely treating the joints with lubricant to prevent weathering is a considerable measure.

Otherwise, it is impact damage that poses the most risk. Dropping tools and improper packing are the two biggest culprits. Careful handling and proper maintenance make it reasonably difficult to damage and break the toolbox.

How long do these toolboxes last?

Generally speaking, the toolbox lasts as long as the truck itself. Of course, this assumes proper care and limited wear and tear.

Provided we do our best to care for these items; they stand the test of time quite successfully.

Some factors to keep in mind when we consider product longevity include:

Shipping and arrival

If the product damages during travel, then it is fair to say that the shelf life is no longer optimal. Even minor dents compromise the structure’s quality, so, if there is significant damage during transport, the product’s durability lessens.

Setup and installation

Should we damage the item during the install process, generally speaking, we weaken it all together.

Whether we drop the box itself or drop something on the table, if it hits a wall or gets hit by something else, hurting the toolbox before it is in place does impact its overall lifespan.

Removal and maneuvering

Some of these products are easy to remove and replace as needed. While this is a fantastic and useful feature, it also compromises the overall life expectancy.

Fittings and bolts wear down, and the more we expose them to air (and humidity), the more they corrode.

Frequency of use

If you use the hinges multiple times daily by frequently opening and shutting the container, it is safe to say that the overall timeline of the toolbox lessens.

Consider this, especially in extreme weather. If it is very humid or freezing, the metal damages much faster than in more moderate environments.


We all know the value of a useful and accessible set of tools. We also know how important it is to have our tools with us when we need them.

What good is being able to replace a tire if the items you need to do so are at home, in your garage?

The trick to being handy is more than just skill; it is planning ahead and having, on hand, all the items we need to fix whatever problems arise.

Your truck goes everywhere with you, why not bring your tools along? Provided we select the right toolbox to meet our specific needs, then we will be able to use our handy skill sets to the best of our abilities at any given time.

Take care when choosing and installing your truck’s toolbox. Chances are, it will be with you for many years to come.

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