10 Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler Review (Updated 2020) Max Capacity

Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

Trying to find the best tow bar for jeep wrangler is an exhaustive process. The reason is our collective minds focus so much on the primary vehicle all the time.

It becomes a chore to go in and research the many options you find on the internet. But tow bars are essential vehicle parts if you want to tow another vehicle with your jeep wrangler or you are engaged in such a type of work regularly.


A Table of Top Rated 10 Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

Smittybilt 87450
Blue Ox BX7365
Roadmaster Falcon
Hiltex Adjustable
EZ Travel
Husky 30508
CURT 19745
NSA RV Products
Reese Towpower
Demco 9511008

With the blessing of the internet, you can surely find the tow wrangler of your choice. But to make your work a bit easier, we have compiled a list of the best tow bars suitable for wranglers.

Now, let’s look at them and form a critical opinion about each entry in the list.

Which are the Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler?

As per the quality and tow capability, Smittybilt 87450 is the best tow bar for jeep wrangler currently.

Why Smittybilt 87450 Is The Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler JK?

There may be some few more brands those who are producing better quality items of the tow, but none of them are that much trusted and reliable for use. Using tow reliability and durability of the product is the main issue.

What are the types of Jeep wrangler tow is available in the market?

There are a few brands of two manufacturers in the market. From those, not all of them are good to use for an extended period. For your support, we are suggesting you use the most well-known brand of tows.

Some of the brands are RaodMaster, Hiltext, BlueOx, Reese, and a few others. So, you can buy any of these if you can buy any brand from the above.

The latest top 10 dashcam for jeep wrangler jk in the market today.

Top 10 Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

01. Smittybilt 87450 Ball Tow excellent Bar Kit – popular  Brand for Delivering the Fundamentals


Smittybilt is quite a known brand in the world of tow bars. Putting this entry on top of the list is the wise thing to do. Because this brand of tow bars covers the basics.

An essential trait for this tow bar is the sturdy nature of it. Smittybilt tow bars follow the theory to the absolute hilt.

Towbar from Smittybilt has a good build and can carry any weight without much hassle. As this brand is a trendy one from there are some unique benefits.

If you have Smittybilt bumpers on your car, there are custom D-brackets. And functionality is at its highest levels with two duos of universal and lateral strut brackets.

You also need some safety on board both for the towing and towed vehicles. That is why there are safety chains for both the vehicle variants.

The essential structure for a tow bar is how it connects the two-vehicle. There is a two-inch coupler for joining the vehicles in this variation. So analyzing this variation gives us the following points.

Feature Highlights

  • Coupler with necessary dimensions
  • Customized For Smittybilt Bumpers
  • Safety Chains for both towing and towed vehicle
  • Industry-grade adjustability


  • Strong build
  • Brand value
  • Covers the basics
  • Coupler in the right measurement


  • No extra build specifications

02. Blue Ox Alpha 6,500 lb tow bar – Perfect Model for heavyweight pulling



A vehicle is no small weight. There is a considerable amount of metal that goes into making a vehicle. So pulling significant variants of vehicles might just need an extra push of strength.

This power is the main unique selling point for the Blue Ox tow bar. The model from Blue ox can pull vehicles near to 6500 lbs in weight while being just 35 pounds itself.

It is an ideal fit for towing work with a recreational vehicle. It can self-align with the RV. Disconnecting is also more comfortable with hookup pins.

As with the interesting hookup pins, this Blue Ox tow bar also has easy-release locking handles for ease of disconnecting. Aligning towing force is a beautiful detail that a towing bar has to get right.

Because without force alignment, there can be a significant danger of that tow bar disconnecting at awkward points. That is why Blue Ox has offset-lugs to align the towing force properly.

It also takes care of cleaning smartly. There is a rubber boot covering for clearing out grime from the road. This one can be the second choice for the Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler.

Feature Highlights

  • 6500 Pounds Capacity
  • Self-Aligning Adjustments
  • Locking Handles for easy release
  • Rubber Covering for protection against grime


  • Powerful pulling mechanisms
  • Adjustments for self-alignment
  • Easy Disconnecting
  • Towing force balance
  • Easy to keep grime out


  • Not suitable for smaller vehicles

03. Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar – Quality product to rough terrain and any weather condition



If you are traveling on the road, there is no telling what type of road terrain you might come across. So if you have to tow a vehicle, you have to make sure your tow bar is ready for the pressure.

Roadmaster gives you that stability with their tow bar. There is a full-length steel crossbar to hold the vehicle stable at any road-type.

There is a coated finish with high-tech powder that makes this tow bar reach maximum durability. The coating and the crossbar mix to give precise tow bar a specific level of stable control.

When you have rough terrain to traverse, you can be sure of friction going on. For friction control, there is a Nylon bushing which lubricates itself.

Lubrication reduces friction and smooths out the process of towing considerably.

The hookup method is easy and flexible. You can face some difficulties while lining up your vehicle for hooking up.

But that particular problem has a solution with Roadmaster. There is industrial excellence that helps you line up the tow vehicle quickly.

Feature Highlights

  • Steel Crossbar at full length
  • Large Hookup Range
  • Lubricating bushing
  • Powder Coating Finish


  • Towing specifications for rough terrain and bad weather
  • A high degree of stability
  • Durable coating
  • Non-friction bushing installed


  • Overkill for everyday urban roads

04. Hiltex Adjustable Universal Tow Bar – A versatile Model for most vehicle types



When you are shopping for your tow bar parts, you might see that there are many variants. If you are too much confused, then Hiltex brings you a unique tow bar.

The main USP is that you can practically link up and tow most types of vehicles using most vehicles. So, there is a degree of ease and versatility in its design.

This tow bar gives balance by having a two-inch fitting ball. Two-inch balances the weight as towing vehicles are generally heavier than towed cars.

The universal type of specification becomes quite evident in the mounting area. This area ranges from twenty-four inches to forty-one Inches, which can compensate for SUVs, Sedans, jeeps trucks, etc.

This tow bar has heat-treated metal inside to pull a hefty weight limit of 5000 pounds. The 30-inch chain gives the vehicle space and safety.

The storage is something heavy-duty productions sometimes miss, which is not the case here. You can easily fold up the product and store it anywhere easily when it’s not in use.

For more of a certificate of excellence, you also get legal compliance to go with the package.

Feature Highlights

  • Fitting Ball for proper mounting
  • Area for mounting accommodates most Vehicles
  • Safety chains
  • Foldable functions for storage


  • Universal model
  • Suits most vehicle types
  • Sturdy build and a weight capacity
  • Balances towing weight


  • Might have some trouble configuring

05. EZ Travel Collection Universal Tow Bar – Universal Tow Bar with Added Benefits


This tow bar is similar to the model we discussed above. It is also a universal type of tow bar. This quality product is different in some aspects.

There are some additions to this model that enhances the performance differently. This model has a set of adjustable mounts. The mounts help to fit in most vehicle types.

The two bars have mounting brackets that attach easily with the vehicle in tow. The coupler, in this case, is a ball design. The two-inch dimension gives the coupler precisely the right amount of breathing space.

The arm extension is probably the highlight here. As this is a universal tow bar, it has to adjust to several vehicle types. The 24 inch to 41-inch dimension helps accommodate most vehicle types.

The magnetic tow lights are quite responsive and ease the indications. The adjustable arms fit the bumpers easily.

This tow bar model also makes sure you can pull a substantial weight without much hassle. That is why it has the right capacity of 5000 pounds.

Feature Highlights

  • Coupler for heavy use
  • Industry-standard arm measurements
  • Arms can Fit Bumpers
  • Standard Weight Capacity


  • Adjustable Arms
  • Fits to the bumper
  • Universal features with the width


  • No storage or cleaning adjustments

06. Husky 30508 flexible Tow Bar – Best for Towing Adjustment Benefits


Towing is a heavy-duty workload. If there is no defined weight-class to the type of work you do, then your tow bar has to have some specifications that let you do just that.

Husky brings you those values in its brand of flexible tow bars. The Husky brand use it’s engineering to craft a tow bar that understands flexibility in work.

Its average weight is 31 pounds at shipping, but it can haul up to 5000 pounds. The structure follows a similar pattern to the previously mentioned universal range of tow bars. The bar has adjustable arms that can accommodate some vehicle types.

The hardware used in this variation has a mixed quality to it. You usually don’t associate strength with flexibility in metalwork.

But the Husky brand helps you to do just that with their mix of adjustable arms and bumper space.

Because of the extended adjustments, you can explore the area for towing. The weight class also helps you explore more towing options.

The coupler also has a size that fits the strength of connection in a proper way. So, all in all, there is a flexibility that you can trust.

Feature Highlights

  • Light in Weight
  • Capacity for vehicle weights is flexible
  • Adjustment support for most vehicles
  • The coupler connects most weights


  • Good Weight Capacity
  • Sufficient dimensions
  • Adjustments help with vehicle variants
  • Gives you more options


  • Isn’t clear about its a universal type

07. CURT 19745 Adjustable Car RV Tow Bars – Best tow Bar Alternative for Dinghy or Flat towing



We all have a soft spot for having our RV. But an RV home might need to have a flat or dinghy towing system. That specific level of towing benefit is hard to achieve with standard tow bars.

That is why CURT has introduced this brand. The item has specifications built-in to accommodate several options, so your motorhome can have a flat or dinghy for your boating or having a four-wheeler — a tailor-made option for having mobility for your camping needs.

There is a level of flexibility to which this tow bar does tow. The 41 inch down to 26-inch dimension lets you hook up some vehicles to your RV.

The brackets bolt on to your RV quite quickly, and the 2-inch trailer coupler can connect with most RVs and motorhomes. A dinghy or a standard four-wheeler can come at many weights.

You can be assured of strength as it has a capacity of 5000 pounds. If you want protection from corrosion or friction, Curt also has your back with Black Powder Coat finish.

Feature Highlights

  • Dinghy and Flat Towing specifications
  • Optimum Weight capacity
  • Fits any tow vehicle
  • Coating against Corrosion/Grind


  • Supports a variety of tow vehicles
  • Perfect Weight capacity
  • Standard Fit for adjustments
  • Protection from Corrosion


  • Information is Vague regarding chains

08. NSA RV Aluminum Built Tow Bar – Best lightweight Tow Bar to do flexible travels



Aluminum has been a go-to component whenever you want flexibility above sturdy build quality. The NSA RV products solely base their products on RV materials.

This tow bar is an outstanding representation of flexible build from them. The aluminum build is flexible, and you can drive smoothly without worrying about sharp turns.

Because item lets you operate as comfortably as you can, don’t be concerned if you think the aluminum will reduce its durability.

It’s the opposite because it has quite a muscular build. The weight is 1.25 pounds, and it’s quite easy to store.

There are some more bells and whistles in this tow bar. The brackets here are quite easy to attach with the two arms.

If you have a small trolley or adjustable container on wheels, then you can easily mount them with the mounting clevis.

There are rubber boots included making sure any dust, grime, or other unwanted pollutants cannot get stuck.

So cleaning the product isn’t an issue for you. One caveat remains is that the mounting clevis is not complimentary, and you have to buy it separately.

Feature Highlights

  • Aluminum Build for flexible driving
  • Lightweight Tow bar
  • Rubber Protection from Dust
  • Brackets for easy attachment


  • Flexibility with Aluminum
  • Easily stored
  • has a rubber covering for cleaning flexibility
  • Solid Mounting Clevis


  • Might Not Support heavy vehicles
  • All parts don’t come with the package

09. Reese Towpower 7014200 a precise Tow Bar – A Tow Bar with Convenience



Reese is a brand that brings together convenience with proper functions in one place. One thing you can see when you are shopping for RV parts, you can see that there are specific niches that they follow.

You can’t get a standard tow bar and have the benefits in one place unless you go for an upgrade and get universal tow bars. But that is one of the highlights of Reese.

They fit in most convenience options regarding weight, adjustment, and proper hardware on a scale that supports the standard Tow Bar.

There is a two-inch coupler that can connect both towing and towed vehicles properly. A pin and clip are also here for more adjustment options.

The build quality of this Tow Bar is probably one of the features that get more attention. Without a sturdy build, you cannot expect a tensionless ride.

That is why Reese has a class three, black powder coating for an immaculate finish. Weight capacity is an issue you have to see.

Reese offers a standard weight capacity of 5000 pounds, like most of these Tow bars in the market.

Feature Highlights

  • Pin & clip with a ball coupler
  • Strong metallic build
  • Finish with Black Powder Coating


  • Perfect Adjustments
  • Pin, Clip, and coupler for proper adjustment
  • Black Powder Coating
  • Standard Weight capacity


  • Might not work for specific vehicles
  • Chains and base plates don’t come with the package

10. Demco 9511008 Dominator Tow Bar – Best item for combining weight capacity and safety



Whether you are towing for an RV or just doing standard operation for your towing business, weight is always an issue.

With the safety measures needing more attention, you required to have this Tow Bar that satisfies more than one option.

Demco qualifies for such an opportunity. Its the branding of Dominator is no joke or a flimsy title. In terms of weight capacity, it does dominate a lot of other brands.

But surprisingly, its weight is just 30 pounds. On the opposite spectrum, it has a capacity of 7500 pounds, which is the highest for this list.

The flexible arms are probably the most attention-worthy part of this towbar. They are independent of each other and can hook up seamlessly with any vehicle.

As we mentioned earlier, safety is a big issue regarding towing. The quick trigger release option enables you to unhook and release quickly.

Another essential part of this towbar is that there are coiled safety cables. These cables make sure that your tow vehicle stays in place.

Feature Highlights

  • Independently adjustable arms
  • Highest weight Capacity
  • Safety Cables
  • Quick trigger release


  • Large weight capacity
  • flexible adjustment options
  • Independent arms
  • Safety cables and Unhook options


  • Not suitable for smaller tow vehicles
  • A recreational vehicle might do without such large specifications.

Buying considerations of Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler on The Market

Other items, these tow bars, need to be checked thoroughly before buying. That is why we are giving you a list of buying considerations.

By following these rules, you will be able to find the best tow bar optimum for your Jeep Wrangler. Here is the list of concern before you purchase any tow bar optimum for your Jeep:

Make sure easier to install:

When you wish to buy a tow bar suitable for your vehicle, ensure you can install the product quickly and smoothly. The more efficiently you can install the tow, the more hassle-free you are.

Also, make sure the two you are using are moveable in any direction you want. This thing helps you to make the jeep tow to last long.

No matter how good the people post the review of the product, make sure you have the best suitable product for you.

Backup & Safety Features:

Like other products, the item for jeep must need to qualify the backup and safety features. In case your tow bar breaks in the outdoor, you may not find any other option to tie your jeep with the car or caravan.

That is why make sure your tow bar has a stainless still chain or different variants of protection.

The capacity of tow:

Make use the tow you are buying for your jeep or caravan must fulfill the size of your vehicle. Try to buy a tow for your jeep wrangler who has some extra capacity for grabbing the load.

That is why you must make sure about that on your own. Meanwhile, you have been very cautious about the capacity range of the tow during the time of the running car and hard braking.

Materials & Shape of tow:

You have to be very careful about buying tow for your jeep wrangler. Make sure the excellent tow you purchase is made from solid steel or stainless still.

This decision will ensure the best durability and performance guarantee of the product. At the same tie, you have to be very careful about what the Shape of the materials is.

If the contents of the tow consist of other materials like wood or other items, then it is not that much durable, and The Shape of the tow will distort easily.

Water Resistant & Rust Proof:

You must make sure that the tow you are purchasing for your jeep or caravan must have an adequate coating and be water-resistant. If you tow is not water-resistant, then it will surely have rust in it.

And you know if any metal body is getting rust in any metal body, then it will surely get broken soon as your tow will be in outside weather most of the time in extreme weather, that is why the durability of the tow is essential.

Last note:

The buying consideration we are suggesting to you above is the industry standard. But for your vehicle, you should use your system of use.

Never give extra force or load to the tow. Moreover, you ought to buy the tow for jeep from a well-known shop or brand. That will keep you safe from any risk.

In some cases, many tow companies offer you a free guarantee for a few months for their products. You can choose them or your use. We are requesting you follow all the rules of buying consideration for your purchase safety.                     

How to install Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler

There are different ways of attaching tow-in your jeep. In most cases, the installation process of all the tows is pretty similar. In some cases, for any sophisticated car, you may need additional procedures to add those tows.

For necessary installation we are giving you the following steps to follow:

Step 1: Unpack the tow from the package and assemble the parts

Step 2: Open the manual of the tow

Step 3: Set both sides of the tow in the place where you find the position of adding nuts in the tow

Step 4: Make the screw tight with the drill machine of the ranch tool. Make the nuts and bolts fast enough so that none of them moves from their positing due to vibration.

Step 5: Connect the single where the two frames of the tow connect with the primary vehicle you want.

Step 6: Before start driving, just pull the gear so that the tow will move direction when you move the vehicle in any turn.

Step 7: Open the brake pad before driving and stop after you stop the car for driving

Step 8: If you tow is adjustable, then try to regulate or make the two regulators flexible for maximum turn facility of your vehicle.

Dos and don’ts points

There are numerous tips for buying tow for this jeep wrangler. If you follow those suggestions, then it is believed that you have purchased the right tow for your jeep.

That will save you money as well as you. It will make ensure the tow you are using is safe and durable. As a regular use of tow, you must follow these dos and don’ts rules.


  • Never any old two from others, that may be fractured or have some problem
  • Try to clean and dry the tow if you tow is get connected with water or mud
  • Use oil and grease in the joints of the tow to make it flexible
  • Never buy tow from any non-known brand
  • Make sure you buy a tow from an authentic shop
  • Try to buy a tow slightly over capacitated from your carload
  • Never put the tow in water or on the floor directly
  • Keep the tow in the packet after use
  • Do not put any heavy weigh over the tow
  • Use proper fitting items and nuts for attaching the tow with the jeep wrangle
  • Never open you parking brake of the tow all time


  • Never use fixed tow for any bumpy road
  • Do not tie the tow with the axel of the car
  • Never keep the tow wet or keep the tow with the mud
  • Do not keep the tow in open weather or directly to the sunshine for an extended period.

Maintenance of points

Maintenance plays a crucial role in making a tow durable. You should make a schedule for maintaining an excellent shaped tow for your jeep wrangler.

We are suggesting some steps below so that you will get the exact idea and rules of keeping a tow. Here are the points of maintenance:

  • Change oil after every 7,500 miles
  • Change tire rotation & balance after every 7,500 miles
  • Use grease in the joints of the tow every month
  • Try to clean the tow after every bumpy tour
  • Keep you tow safe from direct sunlight and mixed with water
  • Never put a heavyweight on the tow
  • Make sure you have attached the tow in a proper way
  • Try to fix the tow if you found any problem though that was a minor issue

We are hoping that by following the above rules, you will be able to make the best use of your product for the jeep wrangler.

Almost tow manufacturers are adding manuals in their packaging, and you will find all the maintenance rules in there. If you follow those rules, that will be great to keep your tow safe and durable.


  1. How can I ensure the best use of a tow bar suitable for the Jeep wrangler?
  • There are fixed rules for using any items. Like that to use tow for jeep, wrangler has some states. By following those rules, you can make sure the best use of tow. Here are the steps of how you ensure the best use of a tow bar.

Most of the companies are offering special or recommended tow for their cars. You should use those tow for the best condition of your vehicle.

Besides that, many companies provide tow their vehicle. Those tows are best for your car. Besides that, you ought to know how to put the tow with the car properly.

At the same time to not put weight over the tow or force to tow to move. By doing these basic practices, you will be able to ensure the best use for your tow.

Best Tow Bar For Jeep Wrangler Common Questions

How much time does it need to attach a tow into a jeep?

Actually, for adding a two, you do not need to put a lot of time. Whatever the size of the car is, you can add the tow with the vehicle in just 2.30 minutes if you have the proper equipment.

For an expert mechanic, it only needs just over 1 minute. So before attaching any tow with the car, just try to read the manual so that you can assure yourself that you correctly add the tow.

Does tow need regular maintenance?

Yes, of course. A tow bar must need regularly maintained, especially from a cleaning point of view. It is suggested you clean the total tow by brush or cloth.

No need to wash the tow with water every time make sure your tow is waterproof. Try to keep the tow from open cold air and direct sunlight for an extended period. This may cause defragmentation of the tow. Hence it will decrease the lifetime of a tow.

Is it right to buy second-hand tow?

There is no need to buy a second-hand tow for your jeep. If you wish to use a tow for long term use, then try to buy a new one. In most cases, second-hand tow suffers from different problems; hence you will not get the proper service from them.

In the meantime, if you are using a second-hand tow, which is not suitable for your car may damage your vehicle.

Is it possible for a Jeep Wrangler to tow 5000 lbs?

A Jeep Wrangler can tow more than 5000 lbs.


Lastly, we want to say that finding an efficient tow bar is not that much hard. If you wish to buy from our suggested product mentioned in the above will be risk-free.

Additionally, you can purchase other items from these brands just by following the rules we have stated in our buying consideration.

Never compromise with the quality of the product if you wish to buy a low-quality product in just a little less price that may take a toll on you.

It is a mandatory item for most of the people who are frequently traveling or living outside the home for an extended period.

Feel free to comment to know more about tow and their supplementary items in our comment box.

We will answer your query as soon as we get noticed. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates about different car parts at a time.

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