Top 10 Best Shocks And Struts For Smooth Ride in 2021

Best Shocks And Struts Review

Are you looking for the best shocks and struts for a smooth ride? Worry not, This comprehensive article will list no less than 10 different products that you can choose from.

The products we selected for this review are premium quality ones that many people already bought and shared their opinion with the public.

Continue reading if you’d like to learn more about the most appreciated qualities and features of these products, but also the cons they bring to the table. Make sure to read this thoroughly and make an informed decision regarding the best shocks and struts.

Top Quality Shocks & Struts Comparison

PreviewModelView Details
Bilstein 5100
Detroit Axle 80370-6
Bilstein Monotube Gas
Monroe 58640
Monroe MA822
Rancho RS999910
Gabriel 49235
Suspa C16-08054
Detroit Axle 10074-4

Like premium quality brake pads you need the best quality shocks & struts for a smooth ride either it is on road or off road, your journey will be comfortable.


10 Best Shocks And Struts For Smooth Ride Reviews

01. Bilstein 5100 Series (24-186742) Shock Absorber – Most Popular Shocks


Highlighted Features

  • Body design: 46 mm
  • Internal design: monotube
  • Exterior material: zinc
  • Weight: ~6 pounds
  • Brand: Bilstein

As the name says, this product from Bilstein is a shock absorber that is meant to improve your ride in terms of how smooth it is. This shock absorber is popular for how well it handles serious potholes and speed bumps.

After trying the product for a while, people stated that they are happy with the results they got from installing the Bilstein shock absorber.

It is a heavy-duty shock that is meant to support medium to high usage. Some users mentioned that the shock absorber is somewhat too stiff, while others considered it perfect for their rides.

The product itself is very well built, and it comes with proper instructions to use for installation. In countries where roads are a problem, a shock absorber like the Bilstein one should be more than appropriate.

What’s great about this company is that it offers full support and you can contact them whenever for more details about their products.

You should keep in mind that this shock absorber is normally meant for heavy trucks and it might not perform as good on a smaller ride. The price-quality range is an appropriate one, which makes the purchase worth it.


  • Can improve any ride that fits
  • It is made to last well in time
  • The ride will be visibly improved


  • The shock absorber’s quality will reduce in time

02. Detroit Axle 80370-6


Highlighted Features

  • Weight: ~50 pounds
  • Set with quick struts, a sway bar set and a shock absorber
  • Perfect for: Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Arcadia, and Saturn Outlook
  • Producer: Detroit Axle
  • Certification: ISO9002

This complete absorber tool from Detroit Axle, a producer that earned its reputation through quality products and impeccable customer service, is ready to meet all of your expectations in terms of choosing the best shock absorbers and struts on the market.

The set includes all the pieces you would need to upgrade how smooth your ride is, and the range of vehicles that it covers is quite large.

The set fits vehicles from 2007 to 2016, indirect dependency on the company that produces them, as well as the models listed below.

Because it is an all-in-one set that is very easy to put together, and it can be installed short of the help of a mechanic, it makes a great choice for those who want to upgrade their cars without spending a fortune.

Say goodbye to swaying and unpleasant noises while you drive. Depending on what issues you have with your vehicle, you can buy parts of the set separately.

Purchasing the rear stabilizer links alone can transform your ride in the smoothest one in a couple of hours.


  • Easy to mount – less than two hours; no special tools required
  • No need to go to a local auto shop to mount it
  • Good quality-price ratio


  • Reduced lifespan

03. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Absorber Set



Highlighted Features

  • Producer: Bilstein
  • Weight: ~25 pounds
  • Perfect for: 4WD Ford F250 2016 edition
  • The set includes: shocks, mounting bolts, washers, bushings, nuts
  • Not appropriate for 2WD

Ready to buy a set of Bilstein shocks that will actually make a difference? People who already purchased this set told their opinion publicly, and they had nothing but praising words for it.

The set comes with a pack of 4 shocks, which is more than enough if you want to upgrade your Ford F250. What is truly amazing about this set and other ones coming from Bilstein is that they are convenient to mount.

Normally, people need to go to a mechanic to have them fixed in the proper position and work smoothly. With this set, mounting is no longer a problem. The package contains all the elements you would need to put together the shock set.

The biggest benefit is represented by the producer – Bilstein. The company offers a limited warranty that should erase any of your worries regarding the quality of this product.

They have experience in producing shocks and struts, so you can place all of your trust in their work. The reviews that this product has been mostly positive and purchasers stated that they are happy with the investment.


  • Easy installation process – all needed tools are included
  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Brings less whiplash for any 4×4 vehicle


  • Doesn’t have super heavy-duty qualities

04. Monroe 58640


Highlighted Features

  • Producer: Monroe
  • The set contains: two adjusting shock absorbers
  • Weight: ~11 pounds
  • Supports up to 1,100 lbs. of extra weight on a vehicle
  • Fits: light trucks

For those who seek a replacement set for their old shock absorbers, this one is a great solution. Because they are adjustable, you can mount them on a considerable number of vehicles, as long as they meet the requirements.

The producer recommends using these shock absorbers on lighter trucks, as they are not meant for super heavy-weight support. Most of the people who bought this shock absorber set left a positive review and considered that their rides became considerably less bumpy than they were before.

The package doesn’t contain all the tools you would need for mounting them, but the process is not difficult, and you can manage with regular auto-tools like a torque wrench, some tire blocks, extensions and such.

If your truck is over 6,000 lbs. and it sags when towing, it would be best to change the shock absorbers. Even though it might seem stiff, your rides will become smoother in no time. Give this set from Monroe a chance and you won’t regret it.


  • Offers extra control
  • Adjustable – it fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Contains a heavy-weight calibrated spring


  • Prone to rusting

Know the difference between organic, metalic & semi-metallic brake pads.

05. Monroe MA822


Highlighted Features

  • Displaced valving feature for better compression
  • Weight: ~11 pounds
  • Producer: Monroe
  • Heavy-duty shock absorber
  • 20 to 150 psi

This pair of shock absorbers from Monroe will definitely exceed your expectations. The shocks come equipped with a displaced valving feature, which is not common for this price tag.

The installation process is just as easy as changing a tire, according to the reviews of previous purchasers that tried the product themselves.

Users won’t encounter any problems with placing or removing bolts, as there is a reduced risk of having them corrode into the shock itself.

This pair comes in a set with bolts, nuts, as well as upper washers, which is very convenient for those who want a quick solution.

Using any product from Monroe, as long as it fits your vehicle, should transform your ride in a very pleasant one. You should take into account the only downside this pair has as well, which is represented by the lack of lower bolts and retainers, which are not included in the package.

Moreover, handle the shocks with care when jacking the car up because they can over-extend easily, thus not having the expected result.


  • They come as a pair
  • They are perfect as rear air-ride suspension
  • Comes with bolts and nuts included


  • They only fit a few vehicles

06. Rancho RS999910


Highlighted Features

  • Producer: Rancho
  • Tuning technology with nine different positions
  • Weight: ~30 pounds
  • Pre-assembled coil spring
  • Premium finish for long lifespan

This product is seamless if you want to lift your vehicle considerably while maintaining the ride quality at its best. This strut is popular for making an immediate difference.

Leveling a vehicle that is very heavy is not an easy task unless you use high-quality, strong products such as the ones from Rancho.

This is a strut that doesn’t involve a long installation procedure, nor buying a complete suspension system. Some people invest tremendous amounts of money for their ride lifts, but this strut can do it at the lowest cost.

Another detail that should be mentioned when referring to this strut has to do with the possibility to use large wheels.

With other struts, larger tire packages are impossible to use, thus reducing the effect of the lift. If you decide to buy this strut instead, you will be able to lift your car and use wheels of up to 35 inches.


  • The car can be lifted with up to 3.5 inches
  • Rebound bumper included for smoother rides
  • Banded piston


  • The dampening adjustment can wear out easily

07. BuyAutoParts 75-835332N 


Highlighted Features

  • Weight: ~15 pounds
  • Producer: BuyAutoParts
  • Built-in gas shocks
  • Built-in plug for turning off warning light
  • The set includes: two shock absorbers

For those who want a replacement for their OEM shock absorbers that don’t cost a fortune, this product from BuyAutoParts might be the answer.

The price-quality ratio is quite satisfactory considering that these shock absorbers are way under the regular price range that one would pay for such a product.

In fact, most of the customers that chose to purchase this product stated that they were happy with the results and that the shock absorbers fit just like the OEM ones.

As in many other cases, the installation process is very easy and shouldn’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes for each side. There is one slight difference between the OEM absorbers and these shocks.

Because the product comes with an included electrical plug, you need to make sure that it fits your vehicle because it tends to be longer than in the case of OEMs. In some situations, customization is required to make the product fit the vehicle perfectly.


  • It is very durable due to the materials used
  • Electronic shock control
  • Built according to OEM specifications


  • The quality might be less satisfactory than in the case of OEM shocks

08. Gabriel 49235


Highlighted Features

  • Air-adjustable
  • Leveling capacity: 1,100 pounds
  • Weight: ~15 pounds
  • Producer: Gabriel
  • Set includes: 2 shock absorbers, nuts, clamps, valve core, clips, washers, tubs

These shocks from Gabriel are very common for how well they perform. They are air-adjustable, which means that you get to use exactly the way you want. If you are normally towing trailers or other heavy-duty additions to your vehicles, like boats, you should give these air shocks a try.

They come in a set and they ensure a leveling capacity of 1,100 for each pair. The only condition you need to respect is that your ride doesn’t go over the vehicle weight rating that is normally recommended. The product won’t increase the load capacity itself but only support it.

People who bought this product are very pleased with the purchase. Gabriel is a known company in America and they proudly state that their shocks can resist up to 50 thousand miles.

For those who had issues with bottoming out the additions they were towing, these hijackers shocks might be the best solution, as they improve the manner in which you can handle them.

The extra lifting capacity will provide drivers with a smoother ride, regardless of the carried weight. It’s important to mention that the pistons are leak-proof as well, which means you can use them for a long period of time without worrying about usage damage.


  • It can be used for muscle cars and hot rods
  • Easy installation
  • Steel skirt for extra protection


  • The maximum air is 200 lbs.

09. Suspa C16-08054


Highlighted Features

  • 100 lbs. force per lift support
  • Nylon ball sockets included
  • Comes in a set of two struts
  • Weight: ~2 pounds
  • Producer: SUSPA

The best part about these struts from SUSPA is that they can be used for various purposes, as they are adjustable and have a considerable force.

The pair that comes in this set can support up to 200 lbs. force, which makes it great for projects such as lifting beds or windows.

Of course, they can be used in the automotive field for truck campers and other similar matters. These products are based on a gas spring system, so you can rest assured that they won’t fail to do the job, as long as you respect the requirements.

The installation process is easy and doesn’t require special knowledge. Don’t forget to check the measurements of the struts you normally need in order to make sure that the product fits your requirements.

One of the most popular purposes for these struts is to raise platforms in travel trailers. They come in a set of two, but you can also purchase them separately if you want to finish a project that requires only one central strut.


  • They can be used for different purposes
  • They are easy to install
  • Great for truck capers


  • Brackets are not included

10. Detroit Axle 10074-4


Highlighted Features

  • Complete strut set
  • Weight: ~45 pounds
  • Producer: Detroit Axle
  • Fits: Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable (Sedan models only) 1996-2007
  • OE manufacturer

This set of shock absorbers is the complete solution if you want to upgrade your ride cheaply but receive a high-quality result. The producer, Detroit Axle, is one of the most appreciated in the industry.

Those who choose to buy aftermarket products opt for Detroit Axle in most cases, especially when it comes to shock absorber sets. As for fitting, this set has a reduced range of vehicles – it only fits sedans from Ford and Mercury, launched anywhere between 1996 and 2007.

These struts are built as close as possible to the OEM ones of the vehicles listed below. Satisfied customers mentioned that they appreciate the high quality of these shock absorbers, but there is a huge downside – the installation process.

Even though you don’t necessarily require special tools for it, they are more difficult to mount. The OEM shock absorbers you will be removing from your vehicles can be slightly longer than the ones included in this set, thus requiring special handling for properly installing it.


  • Great price-quality ratio
  • Contains struts, coils, springs, and mounts
  • No boot included


  • Difficult installation

Buying Considerations of Best Shocks And Struts

When buying a shock absorber, you need to keep in mind that there are different types you can choose from.

In order to choose a shock absorber that fits, you should document yourself about all the possible criteria that could affect how smooth your ride will be in the future. Normally, shock absorbers come in these types and subtypes:

  • gas shocks
  • standard shocks
  • heavy-duty
  • automatic
  • air shocks
  • overload

As you probably saw in these reviews, the most common types of shocks are gas, standard and air ones. Even so, choosing the proper shocks depends on your vehicle.

The specs it has, the model of the car, as well as the year when it was released will influence what shocks you need to use. To get the best out of the money you have invested, you will have to take into consideration a few questions. Some of them are answered below:

Why and when you should change your shock absorbers?

The most obvious aspect that will tell you whether the shocks need to be removed or not will be how your ride feels, especially when driving over potholes or speed bumps.

Even so, it would be recommended to take your vehicle to a specialized mechanic and have the shock absorbers checked for any problem. As for why you should change the shock absorbers, the reason is obvious – it will make your ride visibly smoother and much more pleasant to ride longer distances.

What should I choose between OEM and aftermarket shock absorbers?

Some people consider that OEM shock absorbers are the only appropriate method to keep the vehicle in good shape and have guaranteed quality. More than that, OEM shock absorbers are usually installed very easy, in specialized auto shops.

There is a big downside to OEM shock absorbers though – they are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. This is the reason why more and more people choose to give aftermarket shock absorbers a try.

Aftermarket shock absorbers are produced by various companies, not the mother company of the vehicle that you own. These producers try their best to respect the requirements of each car and provide similar quality for a visibly lower price.

How to choose the proper shock absorber type for your vehicle?

You will need to choose a shock absorber that fits your vehicle the right way. To avoid purchasing a shock absorber pair that was specially created for a certain vehicle that doesn’t fit, you need to check the production date of your car, as well as its model and producer very thoroughly.

Most websites have a built-in feature that lets you insert these details in a complex form, and the site will do the job for you and will list the shock absorber sets that should fit your car. Take your time to document yourself about different types and models of shock absorbers before making a buy.

What features should you pay attention to?

The features that are commonly asked for when buying shock absorbers are having an Electronic Stability Control system for extra safety in traffic, the performance that matches the needs of the vehicle (heavy-duty, super heavy-duty and so on).

External adjustability for more control and an easier replacement and – of course – a convenient price. Choosing a good pair of shock absorbers depends directly on what needs you have for your vehicle.

Hopefully, this article answered some of your questions regarding shock absorbers. The reviews offered above should help you make a wiser choice when you are ready to invest more in your vehicle, to make it perform smoother without the help of a mechanic.

Auto shops are quite expensive nowadays, so you might want to look for a part that is easy to install and that has a complete package that includes everything you would need to mount them.

Choose a winner from the list and give it a try when your OEM shock absorbers no longer do the job. Keep in mind that aftermarket shock absorbers are just as good as original ones if you know where to buy them. Happy shopping!

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