The 10 Best MIG Welder Under $500 of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

Best MIG Welder Under 500

Searching for the best MIG welder under 500? you have come to the right place, after researching the online market we have compiled a list of 10 brands that will help you to select the perfect you need.

These days Gas Metal Arc Welding is the most common type of welding because of its efficiency.

But the Metal Inert Gas welding known as MIG welding is the most popular type of (GMAW).

The reason is that it is very efficient, fast, and you really don’t need any prior experience to learn it.

You only need a box of the MIG and follow simple steps, and you are good to go.

With the MIG, you can have the best type of productivity with this type of welding tool.

However, there are so many types of MIGs in the market that come with different capacities and different prices.


A Quick Comparison of Best MIG Welder Under 500

Hobart 500559 Handler
Lincoln Electric K2185-1
Forney Easy Weld 261
Everlast mig140 MIG
Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC
Miller Electric MIG Flux Core
Lincoln Electric MIG 210
Hobart Handler 210
Hobart 500554 Handler

What is the Best MIG Welder Under 500 To buy?

From our research, Hobart is top quality MIG welder under 500. Normally, a quality MIG welder is the most expensive but this one affordable.

The question of which MIG is the best to buy should be a question you can answer for yourself.

You should be able to select the best MIG according to the need you have.

If you work for a long amount of time, then the MIG with a higher duty cycle should be fine for you. If you only want to do small welds, then you should get something that meets your needs.

In the same way, if you need something that is more heavy-duty, then you can take a look at some of the heavy-duty collection and make your choice. You should be the one deciding what you want and what you do not want.

But if you are searching for something good as a first-timer without having any idea of what to look out for, then you should buy by brands that offer a good warranty and are versatile.

Why we chose Hobart as The Best MIG Welder Under 500?

Hobart has all the necessary functions that need to be, most of the MIG welder is not durable as Hobart, another important consideration is low cost.

Is the Gas MIG better than the Electric MIG?

The answer to this question is NO. a good MIG regardless of the type of operation it uses should be able to cover your welding need. It doesn’t matter if it uses gas or flux core, or electric, it should be able to handle the task very neatly.

Some say a particular MIG is better, but that is merely by preferences, if you buy a good brand, then you should have the same effect, but if you buy a not so good brand, then you might also join others in this debate.

On the other hand, you might feel a little bit taken by the number of MIGs that you might not know which one to buy.

Not to worry, we have compiled a list of some of the best MIGs in the Market and will give you a quick run-through so that you can make your choice.

MIG and TIG welders are most popular for a welding job. You can check out our review of best TIG welder on another article.

We would like to mention that this list is not exhaustive, and no brand whatsoever directly influenced our choice. We chose just by quality and customer satisfaction.

Main Facts of Buying The Best MIG Welder Under 500

We have been talking about features and features that the best MIGs have.

Now, it’s time for us to take a look into some of the essential components or things in general for you to look out for when you want to choose a particular MIG.

We have gathered just a few of the things we consider important when you are looking to get a welding MIG for yourself.

01. Power

The power with which a particular MIG run is very important. You should be able to identify the type of power you use the most and choose in that regard.

In the same way, you should be able to know if a 110v MIG is suitable for you or a 220v instead.

If you feel you will be using both interchangeably, then you might consider getting a MIG than has a multi-plug voltage system.

The best you should think of is to get a powerful output MIG. Even if you only do small welds, there might be a time you have to take on something larger.

02. Ease of use

The best thing you should look for in MIGs is how easy they are to be set up and used.

Most MIGs that do not get recognition to have a poor design and have a lot of steps you have to go through before achieving the result.

Excellent MIGs these days have helped to cut down all those problems and have created a simple solution that can be followed for your MIG to start within just 10 minutes and you can get out it to use.

03. Affordability

You might see a MIG and be attracted to it by the number of features and versatility it can provide you with, but your funds are insufficient to get it.

You should be able to save up to get the MIG of your choice, or you can search for an alternative that you can use to complete your welds.

The only issue you might be faced with is how to ensure you do not buy a terrible MIG in the name of buying a cheap one.

As a guide, we have given you some of the best; you can search out other cheaper models of the brands we have selected in this guide.

04. Portability

The portability of a particular MIG is also something you should or should not worry about.

If you care about the lightweight design and want something you can always carry about to work and the garage, then portability might be an issue.

But if you only want to get a MIG that is efficient without minding how heavy it is, then portability might not be an issue.

The issue is that you are meant to choose depending on what you are really searching for.

But ideally, a good MIG should be portable so that you can easily carry it about, or lend to s friend.

05. Versatile

When we talk about versatility, we are simply talking about how well you are able to use a single MIG to perform one type of welding.

That said, regardless of the fact that you purchase a MIG welding tool, you should still be able to perform an aluminum welding or wire feed flux with the same MIG.

That is when it qualifies as versatile. Let’s not forget that a good MIG can also be used to achieve the same result, whether gas or electric.

06. Spool gun

For those of us who are planning on doing some aluminum welding with our MIGs, it is very important for us to use a welder with the ability to attach a spool gun.

If you do not look for this feature on your MIG, you will be disappointed when you eventually buy them.

Make sure you keep an eye out for a MIG that offers the spool gun.

And if you like a particular welder, but it doesn’t have a spool gun, you can purchase a spool gun and attach it.

For easy usage, it would be preferable for you to buy a quick release spool gun.

07. Duty cycle

The spool cycle is another thing you need to look out for when you are ready to buy a welder.

What the duty cycle explains is how long you can use your welder without stopping.

If you are looking at always welding for long hours, then you need a welder that has a high duty cycle.

Ideally, the duty cycle is represented in percentages. The percentage is depicted in a ten minutes period.

For instance, if your welder says it has a 50% duty cycle, what this means is that you can use the welder for 5 minutes straight before the welder overheats,

after using it for five minutes, you can then leave it to cool for another 5 minutes, thereby completing the ten minutes cycle.

If you want to use it for longer, look for the welder with an option of a higher duty cycle.

The higher the duty cycle, the longer it can be used, while the lower the duty cycle, the lesser the amount of time it can be used.

08. The type of brand

Another thing you need to really look out for is the brand. Many brands have made the MI, but only a few have done it properly, and have gained the heart of the customers.

So you should buy recognized brands.

Not all the brands will last for a long time, but some have passed the test of durability over and over again.

Some examples of excellent brands are Lincoln, Hobart, Everlast, and also Miller; these brands will make your buy worth it.

09. Warranty

This is also something you need to pay attention to. Not many people pay attention to the warranty on the MIG they purchase.

Do not be so bent on buying a cheap MIG that you end up buying one without a low warranty.

This is not to say that there are no good welders from brands not well-known, but if you need to buy, make sure you review them thoroughly.

Some of the brands that offer a very good warranty are Longevity and Hobart; their warranty lasts up to five years.

This gives you extra confidence when you purchase, but you really might not need to use the warranty because of the quality of their product.

Top 10 Best MIG Welder Under 500 Reviews 2020

01. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder – best budget mig welder


Highlighted Features
  • The voltage between 220, 230, 240
  • One input phase
  • Range of ampere is between 25 to 190A
  • Speed of wire is 40 to 740 IPM
  • Standard integrated spool gun control
  • Door chart with preset

The Hobart 500559 is no doubt one of the easiest and the most portable MIGs available out there. It also comes in a design that allows it to do an excellent job while still being portable and compact.

The Hobart MIG is a good brand that can be used by newbies as well as professional; its design allows for features that can be understood by both.

Hobart has always been a very good name when it comes to welding tools, and this particular model is not an exception.

“For a MIG that can be used by both professionals and newbies alike, you can expect the price to be a little bit above average. It is a bit overpriced as you would expect, but it is definitely worth the amount.”

It operates with a power of 230v as well as 115volts. All you need to do is to switch the plug, and you are good to go.

Once you set you are ready to set it up, you will have no stress as it can be set up very quickly for any material thickness, and wire.

Just think about any type of welding you need to perform on your car, or house, this amazing box will deliver an incredible out of the box experience for you.


  • Comes with protection against short circuit
  • Wire drive is made of industrial cast-aluminum
  • Thermal overload that can reset itself
  • You can make a selection between 7 voltages


  • A bit overpriced
  • Needs you to have a 230v receptacle

02. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 – Handy MIG Welder


Highlighted Features

  • Wire Speed is 0 to 300 IPM
  • Range of Ampere is 35 to 88A
  • The voltage of Input is 110, 115, and 120
  • One input phase
  • Works with DC current
  • Also comes with aluminum spool gun

The second MIG on our list of the best MIGs this 2019 is the Lincoln Electric MIG. The best thing about this MIG, which could also be a downside is the fact that it can be connected to a power outlet and then it can be used to work immediately.

You should understand that most MIGs need to use gas during the welding process because it is an essential property, but then again, it is not totally essential when it comes to this brand of MIG.

You can use the Lincoln MIG without Gas. A special type of welding called the Flux core welding is the technique this MIG uses in operating. In this technique, you have a gun being fed by hollow wire electrodes.

“What you might not enjoy about this MIG is the fact that it runs on electricity. At the point where there is a power outage, you might be forced to look for other alternatives.”

The welding is also very easy to do, and the process of setting up the MIG is equally very simple. It can be used to weld material with a thickness of 1/8 inches and as light as a 24-gauge metal.

You can adjust the voltage speed with the four different voltage control and weld materials of varying thickness.

What you have when you get a box of this MIG is a strong wire spool, gas nozzle, gas regulator, cable, gun, contact tips, hose, and other essentials things.


  • Very easy to use
  • Can be set up quickly and easily
  • Very portable and handy


  • It doesn’t use a higher voltage like 230 and 240
  • It uses just electricity

03. Hobart Handler 210 – Power MVP MIG Welder


Highlighted Features

  • Wire Speed is 0 to 300 IPM
  • Range of Ampere is 35 to 150A
  • The voltage of Input is 115 and 230 interchangeably
  • One input phase
  • Works with DC current
  • Also comes with an aluminum drive system

When we speak about MIGs and what to look for in a good MIG, one of those many things is Power. Power is very vital when you want to select your ideal MIG.

This MIG has the ability to switch between two voltages. You can use a power of 115v at an ampere of 90 and can also switch to 230v at an ampere of 150.

So, it is a great buy when you need to go back and forth on the voltages depending on your choice. And the best thing is that it is very easy to switch between both voltages, just a simple switch of the plug.

“You might not enjoy the fact that it doesn’t use gas. This totally depends on your needs, as some would prefer gas, it would seem like a disadvantage, but those who don’t mind will.”

Now for versatility, there are 11 presets that you can adjust your voltage to ensure maximum efficiency. Hobart is a much-known brand when it comes to quality MIGs. And so, they keep coming up with very easy designs that also offer a great level of usefulness.

The Hobart welding MIG also uses flux-core wires; the wires can be used in place of shield gas.

In the same manner, it is very easy to switch between spool welding and regular welding, by just the flip of a switch. The simplicity makes it quite easy for beginners and experts to use it.


  • Comes with aluminum
  • It is excellent for both experts and beginners
  • Can be used to weld thicker steel up to 3/8 inches
  • Drive system is made of cast aluminum


  • It is a bit more expensive than the others
  • It doesn’t use flux welding

04. Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder


Highlighted Features

  • Flux-core wires
  • Very lightweight
  • The output of 140 ampere
  • Comes with an adapter of 15A-20A
  • 120-volt input

Forney is another very good brand when it comes to Best MIG Welder Under 500. It comes with flux core cables of two types, 0.30 or 0.35 inches. It can be used to create a perfect weld with the infinite voltage and the speed of the wire feed.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a professional. With its powerful ampere output of 140, you can use mild steel of ¼ inches.

When it comes to weight and heaviness, you can expect a very lightweight box as this box of MIG is only about 19lbs, so much power from a MIG this powerful.

“The fact that really doesn’t weld through a lot of thickness is something you might not enjoy. It has a limiting range, and if you want something with more capacity, this might not be the MIG for you.”

Sometimes, you might be a little clumsy and have the MIG fall off your hand at intervals, but you have nothing to worry about as it comes with a very strong and rugged casing. It’s casing also enables you to roll in a lot of wires.

With this welding tool, you can do a lot of things, you can practice, and you can use it for a project, handle a simple DIY project, and have excellent results. Also, you will get an 8 inches gun and ground clamp.


  • It is lightweight
  • It comes with a portable casing
  • Features flux wires


  • It has a limiting range
  • The output is only 140

05. Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V – Most Versatile MIG


Highlighted Features

  • The output range of 25 to 190 ampere
  • It has a selection of 7 different voltages
  • Can weld steel material of 24 g.a to 5/6 inches
  • Operates with a power of 230v

Like we mentioned earlier, Hobart is the top producer of welding MIGs. The Hobart 500554 is a very powerful MIG, it looks very portable, and in fact, it is, it hives off so much energy and power when used to weld.

It is a complete powerhouse of a MIG. It is easy to use and can be carried along anywhere it is needed.

It also features a very compact design, this makes it pack all the functions together into a small unit, yet has the power to deliver all the power to make a perfect weld. The design is loved by both beginners and professionals alike.

It uses gas, and once the gas valve is faulty, you will no longer be able to use it. You need to be very careful when you are using this MIG, so you do burn things by accident also by turning the valve on too much.”

It comes with a gas solenoid that is built-in, as well as a regulator to help control the dual-gauge on the MIG.

The spatter and bead appearance have also been enhanced to make sure you have a little cleaning to handle after finishing every job. With the voltage control setting, you can switch the voltage within 5 different positions.

Furthermore, you can easily switch between 115v and 240v depending on the nature of the job and requirement. Enjoy excellent welding power as you can weld steel materials from 24 gauge and up to 5/16 inches. Its versatility is what makes it excellent for use on virtually any material.


  • It is very portable
  • It is easy to operate
  • Comes with voltage control of 5 positions


  • Uses gas alone
  • You will need to change the entire valve when it is broken

06. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder – Best Aluminum MIG


Highlighted Features

  • One input phase
  • The voltage of 200 or 240 V
  • Automatic dual frequency
  • Easy to set up
  • The efficiency of 80%

When it comes to your top choice for the best MIG that can work on aluminum, then the LOTOs MIG 175 is your best choice. It is equally very versatile when you take a look at the case and the strength you can see from the feel that it is very strong.

One thing that makes LOTOS stand different from a lot of other brands is their transformer. The transformer of this MIG was made to function with advanced technology.

If you care to know about the wire-feed motor, then you should buy this MIG because it has a design that is made to give it the 80% efficiency it has.

“What you might not like about this MIG is the fact that it is not as portable as the other MIGs. It weighs about 2-4 times other MIGs in its category. Notwithstanding, it provides you with the right power to finish any welding task you want to do.”

With this MIG you can weld aluminum. Again, the technology with which the transformer was made ensures that it is stable during operation, and it ensures the durability of the MIG at the same time.

It is very easy to use, you can get it up and running in only ten minutes, and you are ready to fire up any metallic material. Coupled with the operation of this MIG is overload protection, which is resettable; this way, you can avoid failure during a surge or set a threshold it was going to work with.


  • Very easy to use
  • Can switch automatically between 50 and 60 HZ
  • It has a spool gun set down already


  • It creates noise when in use
  • It is heavy

07. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 – The Best Choice For Stick Welders


Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight MIG
  • The dual voltage of 120 and 240 volts respectively
  • Easy setup guide
  • Flux core
  • One phase MIG
  • Runs on DC current
  • Wire-speed is 50 to 500

Merely looking at the composition of the case of this MIG, you can tell that it is a very strong one. It features a steel metal body, carefully designed yet still maintaining its lightweight quality.

If you need to run a home or shop welding quickly, this might be the ideal MIG for the job. This MIG is versatile and offers you the ability to connect it to a power outlet.

With this MIG, you can supply power between 120v and 230v depending on the nature of the job you wish to perform. When it comes to having an excellent core technology, with an efficient arc action, this is the best MIG to do the job.

“If you followed the review from the beginning, you will notice that we stated it could only be used for small welding in your home and in your shop. It is not suited for major work.”

A quality of a good MIG is its ability to be used and understood by both beginners and experts. You can also trust the design of the Lincoln MIG to provide such ease of use.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions laid down for you, and you will be ready to weld in no time. The best part of this MIG is that it can be used for Tig or stick welding. If you wish to learn, practice, or improve your skill in tig or stick welding, then is your ideal welding MIG.


  • Just plug it, and it starts working
  • Lightweight – weighs 40lbs
  • Simple setting to help you learn quick


  • It is made for simple jobs
  • Can’t be used when there is a power outage

08. 2017 Everlast mig140 MIG welder – Inverter Style MIG


Highlighted Features

  • Has a total weight of 30 lbs
  • It has an ampere range from 25 to 140
  • It is a one-phase MIG
  • The input voltage of the MIG is 120volts
  • Durable components

Of all the Best MIG Welder Under 500 we have been speaking about today, the Everlast MIG is the most stylish and distinctly designed MIG.

Merely looking at it, you would notice that it’s designed in the form of an inverter.

This design looking compact and simple can send a very high ampere output when in use compared to other MIGs in its category.

Using this MIG gives you no stress as it features a more efficient duty cycle. You gain better control of your welding operation with this MIG.

You can control both the speed and the voltage by pressing the buttons by the side. It is also very easy to switch from normal MIG welding mode to stick welding.

“Unlike other MIGs that have a standard form of measurement, this MIG only uses a metric measurement which means not many people will be able to take an accurate reading if they do not know metrics.”

For a MIG at this range, it offers much more than other MIGs in its category. There is a special control in it that helps to set the wire length once you start it every time.

The standard drive roll is something you can feed with 0.23 inches up until a 0.30-inches wire. With this MIG you can use both a 4-inches and an 8-inches wire pool. The amount of output you can expect from this MIG is 140 ampere.


  • Can run with 120v
  • Very easy to operate
  • Easy to understand and setup
  • Comes with standard drive rolls
  • Design ensures durability


  • It comes with a metric measurement
  • It does not support the miller tips

09. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC – Argon-Based MIG


Highlighted Features

  • Gives an output of 125 ampere
  • Has an input of 120 volt
  • Works without gas
  • Has a touch wrap
  • Lightweight
  • Also comes with wire spools

Forney is a well-known brand when it comes to making excellent MIGs. This Forney Easy Weld 299 is one of those great MIGs made by them.

Instead of having to keep looking for gas and set up the MIG to weld, you can be saved all that trouble and stress, all you need to do is to get it plugged, and you are ready to set up your MIG.

It is an ideal MIG for both home and garage use. Those who are just learning how to do MIG welding will find this very useful. For ease of use, you can remove or add your torch wrap when in use and when not in use.

“It really doesn’t come with as much versatility as the rest of the MIGs. You can expect it only to have two power switches.”

Without the need to set up any gas, you can use this MIG right away, just fire up with electricity. I can be used to weld materials that range from 24 gauge to ¼ inches.

Remember as we have said from the beginning, this is a flux core MIG that doesn’t need any form of gas to work with, you just plug in it, and you will be welding almost immediately.


  • The wires are designed to load very quickly
  • It features a very compact design
  • You can adjust the feed speed


  • It only has two power settings
  • Can be used for minimal work

10. Miller Electric MIG Flux Core – The Most Minimalistic MIG


Highlighted Features

  • Has a weight of 51 lbs
  • It is a one-phase MIG
  • The wire feed speed is from 15 to 360 IPM
  • The range of ampere is from 30 to 140
  • Has a manual and automatic mode

Despite the fact that the millermatic MIGs are known to have a very straight-to-the-point design, it doesn’t make them any less powerful. The brand is known and accepted because of the level of quality they ensure their products possess.

It is a must-have, especially if you want something little but offers you a great amount of power. It is easy to operate; you don’t need to know too much to get it up and to run.

It comes with an automatic setting feature that adjusts the setting of the MIG to the accurate parameter for the job.

“If you need to weld a material made of aluminum, you will need to purchase a separate spool gun to get the task done.”

You can also switch it back to the manual mode, which gives you more flexibility when it comes to welding. Its essential build is made of aluminum, and the wire drive also makes for easy use.

It was designed to give your MIG box protection again shirt circuiting too; this would help your MIG last for a longer period.

The maximum power output of this MIG is 140 ampere, and it can weld materials that are up to 3/16 inches thick.


  • You can switch between manual and automatic mode
  • Very easy to use
  • Can set parameters by itself


  • It is a bit overpriced compared to the others
  • You need to buy a spool gun separately for aluminum materials

FAQ’s About Best MIG Welder Under 500

Q: Do all MIG welders come with a spool gun?

A: the answer is no. Specific brands introduce the spool gun in their welder but not all. If you are going to be welding aluminum frequently, then you need to pay attention to buying a MIG with a spool gun.

If you still like to purchase a MIG you like but don’t have a spool gun, you can buy it later and add it to your MIG.

Instead of being constrained to a MIG welder you do not like just because it has a spool gun, you can purchase the one you like without a spool gun and attach a quick release spool gun to it.

Q: What happens if I use the MIG welder more than the specified duty cycle?

A: the duty cycles are to be followed duly. It is wrong for you to use your MIG welder more than the specified duty cycle. The reason is that you can damage the components of the MIG when it overheats.

So you need to learn to stay within the specified duty cycle. If you need to weld for a longer period of time, then you need to purchase a MIG that has a higher duty cycle, this way, you are guaranteed that your welder will last longer.

One thing you need to know, however, is that there are some MIG welders that come with overheating protection.

These are the types of MIGs that allow you to work over the stated duty cycle.

But you also need to be careful so that you do not overdo things. Try to look closely at the specification provided.

Good MIGs come with cooling fans that can help cool the heat away, but never use your MIG above its capacity.

In conclusion, there are so many MIGs, but we have successfully reviewed the top choice MIGs.

This list was influenced by quality and customer satisfaction. We believe it should no longer be a tough choice for you when you need to purchase a MIG.

Always remember to choose based on your needs, what you need the MIG welder for is far different from what your neighbor needs it for. You can ask around to get recommendations but follow your needs.

In some cases, you might have to buy based on budget, and in some cases, you might have to save up till you can buy the very best MIG for your job. Make sure you pay close attention to all the information given in this guide.

Even if you do not know what you really want to decide on, the information provided here will enlighten you on the types of MIG, and which of them is most appropriate.


Finally, be quick to always take advantage of the testimonials and reviews provided by others; this will guide you in making a firm decision for yourself choosing the Best MIG Welder Under 500.

If you must buy cheap MIG welders, make sure it is from a well-known brand, but do not expect versatility and all those extra features — just a good return for your money.

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