The 10 Best Jeep Tire Covers in 2020 | Review of Top Spare Tire Covers

Best Jeep Tire Covers

Even though spare tires are sturdy and can handle all kinds of exterior factors, using the best jeep tire covers to protect them is always a great idea.

Why? Because you’re not only bringing the tire in the Jeep, you’re also carrying the rim and the wheel. They’re also resilient parts of your Jeep, but you still want them to look neat at all times.

Remember that spare tires can spend months if not years in the back of your Jeep. If you don’t protect them, a lot can happen within that time that may damage it. So why not cover it instead?

With the different tire covers, you’ll learn about today, there shouldn’t be a problem picking the right one. From brands like Mopar, Boomerang, Bestop, BCP, Dee-Type, Moonet, and Jeep itself – each one of these covers will have extraordinary things to enjoy.

Read up to learn more about them!


Top Picks For Best Jeep Spare Tire Covers Comparison

Bestop 6103035
BCP Black
Jeep Spare Tire Cover

What is the Best Jeep Tire Covers?

Every single model in this list is worth considering. However, if we had to pick only one, we wouldn’t think twice before getting the Boomerang Soft Tire Cover.

It is the best overall for its durable fabric, its looks, size availability, and how well it fits most tires. You won’t have a single complaint about it.

How to measure the spare tire for a cover?

Tires are measured in diameters as they are circular. If you want to measure them, you’ll need a tape measure to get the total distance from the outside edge of the tire to the other.

The tape measure should go straight from one side to the opposite one. Otherwise, you can always check the tire for that.

Top 10 Best Jeep Tire Covers Reviews And Buyers Guide

There were hundreds of options to consider, but we couldn’t bring you that many. So we decided to pick only the best 10 tire covers available. Here’s what we found about them:

01. Boomerang Soft Tire Cover – Best Overall


Highlighted Features

  • Rear camera hood
  • Double-stitching
  • Denim grain vinyl
  • Paw design
  • 32 and 33 inch

At first sight, you’ll realize how well-made and exciting the Boomerang Soft Tire Cover is. Boasting a Jeep design with paws, it is one of the most enticing you can get for your vehicle.

But the paws are not what set it apart from the competition. The genuinely unique advantage would be the addition of a back-up camera system.

It comes in an integrated plastic-molded hood that protects the camera but makes it possible to enjoy perfect support when backing up.

Still, the tire cover is one of the most resilient you can get. The double-stitch top seam with the denim construction and grain vinyl ensures maximum durability. And despite that, it still feels soft on the touch, so taking it off and putting it on is totally safe.

Lastly, you can get it for different Jeep models. It is available for the Sport, the Sahara, the Moab, and sure enough, the Rubicon.

And that’s without even mentioning the different sizes available in 32 and 33 inches.

You can make it work on almost any Jeep without a single problem. That’s how amazing it is.


  • Ultra-durable denim construction
  • The tear-resistant double stitching on top
  • Exceptional back-up camera port
  • Highly enticing paw design on the logo
  • Available for different Jeep models


  • Doesn’t lock into the tire
  • May not fit tightly in some tires

02. Mopar Black Denim Spare Tire Cover – Best for Durability


Highlighted Features

  • Cotton & polyester
  • Grey Jeep logo
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • Tight-fitting
  • All-size compatible

Everyone loves durable products. That’s why the Mopar Black Denim Tire Cover is such an excellent choice. It provides all the durability features you expect a resilient product to offer.

The black denim surface comes from the hand of a premium fabric blend. It combines cotton and polyester plus heavy stitching.

Together, they ensure maximum resilience that makes this tire cover the most durable among them.

Despite this durability, you still get a soft and pretty elastic cover. Putting it on will not take more than just a few seconds. And sure enough, it works well with both 32 and 33 inches tires.

Another exciting feature would be the grey Jeep logo. It is good-looking and has shiny borders, making the whole cover much more attractive. Thus, adding an interesting accessory to your Jeep.

“The logo looks neat, but considering the slightly textured surface of the cover, you will have to keep it free of dust and dirt. Otherwise, the logo will be barely visible.”

If you want the spare tire cover to last a lifetime and keep up with the harshest of situations, then you’ll love this cover from Mopar.


  • Fits different wheel sizes and models
  • Simple yet hugely attractive with grey logo
  • Super long-lasting premium denim fabric
  • Tear-resistant & resilient heavy-duty stitching
  • Fits really tight which ensures better looks


  • A little challenging to keep clean
  • The logo is barely visible when dirty

03. Bestop 6103035 Custom Fit Tire Cover – Best for Compatibility


Highlighted Features

  • Elastic band
  • Supertop fabric
  • 6 color options
  • Wide size availability
  • Industrial sewn-in band

If you’re tired of covers that don’t fit your spare tire or eventually fit too tight that you can’t even put them on – then you’re set to enjoy the Bestop Superstop Cover.

You will get the chance to pick between 7 different available sizes, so you can match it perfectly with your Jeep. It doesn’t matter what model, you’ll have enough for 26.5, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32/33, and 35-inches wheels with no issue.

Apart from the sizes, you can also choose between 6 different colors. You’ll have Black Diamond, Black Denim, Black Crush, Spice, Tan, and Black Twill. You can match it perfectly with your Jeep no matter how it looks.

But what truly sets this one apart is the high-quality material. You get a premium Supertop fabric that combines industrial cotton thread with unique UV inhibitors, making it super long-lasting. It is also mildew-resistant and can stand extreme temperatures with ease.

Lastly, you’ll find a sewn-in elastic band, which makes it easy to fit on your tire. Yet, it also allows the snug fit you need for a more attractive and protective cover.


  • A vast array of sizes for any tire
  • Matches different Jeep shades with color options
  • Extra-resilient cotton denim construction
  • Resistant to temperature, mildew, and UV rays
  • Fits super tight with sewn-in elastic band


  • Gets stiff in cold weather
  • Elastic band stretches over time

04. BCP Black PU Leather Spare Tire Cover – Best Cheap Tire Cover


Highlighted Features

  • PU fabric
  • 4 sizes available
  • Snug-fit band
  • Black color
  • Non-scratch surface

You don’t have to spend more than a few bucks to get a quality cover. That’s what the BCP Black PU Leather cover tells you.

You get one of the simplest yet resilient models out there. Made of polyurethane leather, you can expect it to withstand all kinds of situations with no problem.

This includes scratches, tear, extreme temperatures, sun rays, rain, and off-road adventures in the mud and moisty places.

Another excellent feature of this cover is the different sizes available you can get. There’s one for 23 to 27-inches wheels, one for 27 to 30-inches models, another for 30 to 32-inches tires, and the last one that fits the biggest 31 to 33-inches sizes.

No matter what you pick, the cover will fit amazingly well. It boasts a snug-fit elastic system that lets you put it on with total ease.

“Even though you’ll have no problem putting it on and making it look snug – it will eventually loosen and bag up. The heavy leather material makes it hard to keep it tight to the tire.”

Despite all that, you can expect it to feel like a total bargain. If you’re short on budget and want to get something reliable to cover your spare tire – this one won’t disappoint you.


  • Truly durable and resilient leather
  • Fits all tires and wheels
  • Attaches snugly with the elastic band
  • Intense black color for sleek looks
  • Incredibly affordable for the quality


  • Leather fits baggily
  • May scratch easily

05. DKIIGAME Paw-Print Spare Tire Cover – Best Jeep Tire Covers for an Enticing Design


Highlighted Features

  • Vinyl leather
  • Paw-pattern logo
  • Quick-connect clips
  • Elasticized hem
  • Intense black color

Want to give your Jeep a unique appearance? Then a Paw-Print Spare Tire Cover will be an excellent choice. Coming from DKIIGAME, you can expect it to be of decent quality overall.

While taking a look at it, you’ll realize how good it looks, boasting the paw print on the Jeep logo in white.

Yet, it is the material that stands out – coming with vinyl leather that surpasses expectations in durability while making sure the logo looks superb.

The material has another advantage. It withstands all kinds of situations. From being totally water-proof and scratch-resistant to having no problem with exposure to rain, mud, UV rays, and more. You can expect it to last a long time, with no peeling, tearing, or wearing.

Putting the cover on the spare tire won’t be much of a problem, either. You get an elasticized back hem that makes it fit snugly to any tire.

This goes well with the quick-connect clips, so it stays on a place for a long time.

Considering how exciting it looks, how durable it is, and how easy it is to use – this is an excellent cover for your Jeep.


  • Highly enticing paw design on the Jeep logo
  • Good-looking black color on vinyl leather
  • Resilient build against scratches & elements
  • Easy to put on with tight-fitting quick-connect clips
  • Works well in a wide array of models & vehicles


  • May bag or loosen over time
  • The painted logo wears off over time

6. Boomerang Rigid Tire Cover – Best Hard Tire Cover



Highlighted Features

  • Thermoplastic plate
  • Vinyl sides
  • Multiple sizes
  • Tons of colors
  • Quality stitching

After reading through our reviews for soft covers, you will be surprised by our rigid alternative. The Boomerang Hard Tire Cover is an exciting option for those who want higher protection and a more sleek appearance.

You’ll see how the cover boasts a thermoplastic faceplate, molded & stitched into the vinyl fabric of the sides, so you can enjoy a super protective and good-looking piece overall.

What sets this rigid option apart is not the rigidness of the plate, but how well it matches the color of your Jeep. You will get the chance to pick between more than 30 color options depending on how your Jeep is painted.

“While the cover will match your Jeep color like no other, putting it on can be pretty difficult. Especially in cold climates, the vinyl sides tend to get stiff and make the installation a lot harder.”

Still, it manages to protect like no other. And it lasts a long time with the automotive-grade vinyl tread. You will get the chance to enjoy years without problems.

Sure enough, it also comes in 3 different sizes, going from 32-inches to 29-inches and up to 35-inches depending on what you need. It will fit and look amazing on your vehicle.


  • Extra-resilient molded thermoplastic plate
  • Unique color-matching design
  • Easy to put on with vinyl sides
  • Excellent fit with 3 custom sizes
  • Durable stitched construction


  • More expensive than competitors
  • Gets stiff and challenging to put on in cold

07. JEEP KJ Liberty Spare Tire Cover – Best for Unique Logo Design

Highlighted Features

  • American flag design
  • Elastic hem
  • All-season fabric
  • Tight-fitting
  • For JK & KJ Jeeps

There’s nothing like getting an accessory for your Jeep than comes from Jeep itself. The KJ Liberty Spare Tire Cover offers precisely that, with the highest quality in the list.

The first thing you’ll notice is a highly resilient construction. Made with an all-season fabric, it can handle the highest temperatures as well as moisture and severe weather conditions without problems. At the same time, it is totally scratch-resistant to make it even better.

You get a unique design as well. The Jeep logo is placed inside an American Flag with a small figurine of a Jeep below.

This adds a unique appearance that you won’t find in any other tire cover in the market.

Another exciting part about this cover is the cover tightness. It fits with most 32-inches spare tires, yet it doesn’t fit tightly as others. Instead, it is designed to be easy to put on and off when necessary.

Perfect for your JK and KJ Jeep Wrangler, this cover won’t let you down in terms of durability or looks. If you’re a proud American, you’ll love this model.


  • Ultra-resilient all-season fabric construction
  • Top-notch appearance makes your Jeep unique
  • Fits 32-inches tires with total ease
  • The excellent fit makes it easy to put on and off
  • Quality design only available from Jeep


  • May fit a little loose in some tires
  • Not available in other sizes apart from 32 inches

08. Mopar Willys Jeep Spare Tire Cover – Best for Willys Jeep



Highlighted Features

  • Willys logo
  • Black denim color
  • Elastic-plastic collar
  • 32-inches size
  • Vinyl construction

You don’t have to pick a tire cover with the Jeep logo. Instead, you can go for the Willys Spare Tire Cover – offering the same result in terms of durability, but with a unique logo to make your Jeep stand out.

The olive green Willys logo comes over a black denim color that looks outstanding.  But the appearance comes all from the ability to repel dust and water like no other.

You won’t have any problem cleaning this cover over time – which adds to its overall practicality.

“The Willys cover design is pretty exciting to have, but not everyone will like it. So be sure you take a good look at it before deciding whether it’s worth it.”

This wouldn’t be possible without the vinyl (cotton/polyester) construction. It is sturdy enough to handle several years of use without problems.

Yet, it can also withstand difficult weather situations – so you can take it to your off-road adventures if necessary.

Putting the cover on will be a piece of cake as well. You get a plastic collar that attaches tightly to the spare tire, making it fit in place more easily and adding the extra touch of tightness. Forget about adjusting it regularly when it loosens up – this one doesn’t.

And lastly, you can enjoy its 32-inches size, so it matches most Jeep Wrangler wheels without problems.


  • Cotton/polyester blend ensures maximum durability
  • Special Willys logo makes your Jeep stand out
  • The plastic collar makes installation effortless
  • Fits all 32-inches Willys tires without issues
  • Protects against all weather conditions


  • Willys logo can be awkward for some users
  • Not compatible with modern Jeep wheels

09. Moonet Spare Tire Cover – Best Tire Cover for Attractive Looks



Highlighted Features

  • 4 sizes available
  • Sahara or American paw design
  • PVC leather build
  • Washable & non-scratch
  • Elastic hem

Probably the most enticing design in the whole list – the Spare Tire Cover from Moonet will surely catch your attention at first sight.

This design will make it easy to know that you’re a patriot who loves his country with the paws painted in the American flag. Otherwise, you can get the Sahara version, making it perfect for Sahara Jeep models.

“While the cover design looks interesting, you may experience some fading after a few months of use. If you are a highly demanding user, this may come like a huge drawdown.”

But with PVC leather construction, the whole cover looks neat but also provides the resilience you need on a tire cover.

The PVC leather is so resilient that it can handle rain, mud, sun rays, and many other elements without batting an eye. And with its anti-scratch build, it will look neat for years.

Yet, the material is totally washable and easy to clean, so you won’t have any problem keeping it neat for a long time.

Installing the cover won’t be much of a problem either. You get a thick elastic hem sewn into the fabric.

This allows maximum elasticity so you can put it on without making an effort. When removing it, there won’t be a problem either.

Finally, it works well with different Jeep wheel sizes, going from 27 to 35 inches in 4 different size options.


  • Looks superb in any of its two design options
  • Piece of cake to install with its elastic sewn-in hem
  • Fits a wide array of Jeep models with 4 sizes
  • Easy to keep clean thanks to smooth material
  • Super-durable PVC leather resists all kind of use


  • Tends to fit loosely on most tires
  • Cover design tends to fade quickly

10. Dee-Type Liberty Classic Grill Spare Wheel Tire Cover – Best for Badass Look



Highlighted Features

  • Vinyl construction
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Elastic slip-on hem
  • R15, R16, and R17 compatible

Want to make your Jeep look badass? Then you won’t find any better model than the Dee-Type Liberty Classic. It boasts one of the most enticing designs you can get, perfect to add the extra ruggedness you need.

The first thing you’ll notice is how well it is made. You will get a highly resilient material, perfect for withstanding all kinds of use and elements.

You won’t have to worry when leaving your Jeep out in the rain or cold. And at the same time, you won’t have any problem taking it to harsh off-road adventures.

Also, it boasts an easy-to-clean surface. You can clean it with ease, without scratching it or weakening the material.

Putting it on and taking it off is also easy. You get an elastic hem that makes it all a piece of cake. With a slip-on design, it makes the whole installation even easier.

Last but not least, it matches well with a wide array of Jeep wheels sizes. From the rim 15 to the rim 17 – you’ll have no issue setting it up.


  • The superb design makes your Jeep looks rugged
  • Totally easy to clean and maintain
  • High-quality vinyl makes it long-lasting
  • The slip-on design fits tightly on the tire
  • Fits up to 3 different tire sizes


  • Low-quality logo wears down over time
  • Elastic hem may lose its strength

What to Consider When Buying Best Jeep Tire Covers

If you’re genuinely interested in the best jeep tire covers and nothing else – then this small guide with all the different factors you should think about before buying will help you enormously:

Types of Cover

The first thing you’ll have to notice when looking for covers will be whether it is a rigid or a softcover. Here’s how they differ:

Soft Covers

These are the most popular out there. As the name says, they’re made with soft materials like polyester, artificial leather, vinyl, and sometimes even leather with cotton or similarly soft interior.

The advantage of soft covers is how easy they are to put on and off when necessary. And they fit tightly on the tire with a typical hem/cord that adds more strength to the piece.

Hard Covers

They’re made with heavy-duty materials like polycarbonate, thermoplastics, and sometimes stainless steel or aluminum. You can find them totally made of these rigid materials, or combined with leather/fabrics.

What sets them apart is the solid cover in the face of the tire. This cover resists more impacts, prevents any kind of moisture from entering, and improves overall resilience against sun rays and dust.

Materials & Build

It doesn’t matter whether you pick a soft or a rigid cover – you need to make sure it is a durable product.

That’s why we recommend the most resilient materials possible. For soft covers, that would be something like leather or heavy-duty vinyl.

PVC leather or something similar will do the job, but won’t be as effective as a real leather cover or vinyl construction.

For a rigid cover, you want materials that can withstand all scenarios. We usually go for molded plastic if you want something light and easier to put on.

While it may not resist hard impacts, it works wonders in most situations. But if you indeed want ruggedness & durability, then a stainless steel rigid cover will work.

For extra strength in softcover or combined covers (rigid plate with soft sides), we recommend heavy-duty stitching or double stitching.

These will last the longest and prevent any tearing.

You will get a more durable cover with precise stitching, so don’t hesitate to look for something with a reinforced stitch system.

That will make sure you get the durability you expect.

Once you’re done with the construction, then you need to consider the design. Here, we recommend models that boast unique graphics and colors so you can enjoy a more exciting look overall.

Typically, these designs are merely the Jeep logo with unique graphics like paws or flags. Whatever you find more enticing, go for it.

Still, you can always go for models that match the color of your Jeep. Some rigid covers, for example, will offer all the different Jeep colors available so you can fit it perfectly and enjoy an even more enticing cover overall.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Not only you want the cover to look neat and attractive and be hugely durable. You also want it to be easy to maintain when necessary.

That’s why you must first consider how washable the material is. Not only that but also make sure that it doesn’t absorb dust and dirt like many others – that will make it even better and easier to clean.

If the cover is washable in a washing machine, by hand, or with a hose – then you’re getting a product that’s worth having.

Fit & Installation

You want a cover that looks tight on your spare tire. But also want it to be easy to put on.

That’s why we recommend always going for the perfect size. Don’t hesitate to look for a model that fits neatly with your tire, but that it also fits snugly and not loosely.

At the same time, make sure it goes well with your specific Jeep model. This could also change whether the cover fits or not.

Similarly, you want it to be easy to put on and take off. That’s why we always recommend hem or elastic bands so you can install it without making much of an effort.

And if you go for those models that boast clip-on designs, quick-connect clips, or similar parts – then that’s even better.


Last but not least, you may find some tire covers that boast extras – interesting features that make them more useful or more enticing to see.

One of these features would be a back-up camera adapter. This will increase the overall functionality of the cover, protecting your tire but also making it easier to see everything behind you.

Whatever you go for, make sure it comes with an extra feature you can enjoy to the max.

FAQ’s About Best Tire Cover For Jeep

We know you will have a few doubts about these tire covers. So we want to help them get rid of them before buying. Here are some common questions you may want to know about before making a final choice:

Why are these tire cover brands the best?

A: We only picked brands with sufficient support, popularity, and a sufficiently long time in the market.

Each one of these brands delivers quality over anything else. From the cheapest to the most expensive – they’re all worth considering.

What size of spare tire cover should I pick?

A: You should know by taking a good look at the tire first, it will tell you the rim size from which you can pick the cover accordingly. However, you may also want to measure the spare wheels by hand, especially the depth. Following the standard wheel measurement of the Jeep also helps to find out.

Is it safe to paint a spare tire cover?

A: Yes, it is safe as long as the material of the cover is reliable enough. For example, vinyl and synthetic leather can be painted as long as you use a mild acrylic or pigment paint.

However, materials like polyester or thin latex may not be so resistant and could wear off with the paint.


There’s no more info to share now. You’ve read it all about the best Jeep tire covers. So, did you learn something?

We’re sure you did. This article comes with the most helpful advice and recommendations you’ll find out there. And with such an array of quality tire covers to consider – there’s nothing to waste.

What are you waiting for then? Pick the ideal cover for your Jeep now and enjoy it!

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