Top 10 Best Grille Guard For Deer 2021 Reviews – Waterproof, Dustproof

Grille Guard Review

If you are looking for the best grille guard for deer, this review is just the right one for you. Here, you will be provided with an extensive valuation of the leading grille guard products available in the market.

Finding the best grille guard for your vehicle can put you in a predicament for there are plentiful of selections available around.

You can’t just randomly pick any grille guard you come across because your safety might be compromised.

More than that, you need to be certain also if, in general, they are worth your spending. Now, if we round up all the considerations to make regarding grille guard, we are faced with the ultimate question “are they worth our investment?”

Here’s the list of the top-rated grille guards and their essential features that will substantially narrow down your product search:


A Comparison Table of Best Grille Guard For Deer (November 2020)

Westin 57-2505 HDX
Tyger Auto TG-GD6T60028
Westin 57-3685 HDX
Dee Zee DZ501819
Westin 57-3555 HDX
Rough Country B-T4071
AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Chrome
Go Rhino! 3160B

What is the Best Grille Guard For Deer on the Market?

In our research, Westin HDX black is one of the best Grille Guard on the market.

Is the use of grille guards legal?

The legality of grille guard usage is relative to different countries. In most parts of America, for instance, grille guards are allowed to be used but not totally encouraged.

One cited reason is that vehicles with grille guards are likely to cause serious injuries to pedestrians that could even result in death.

To make sure you are not violating any imposed laws, it’s always best to check the implementing rules of each country.

10 Best Grille Guard For Deer 2020 Reviews

01. Westin 57-2505 HDX Black Grille Guard – Exceptional Custom Fit


Highlighted Features

  • 2 inches of tube design
  • Custom-fit
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty rubber pads
  • Full wrap-around headlight guards

First on the list is the Westin 57-2505 Black Grille Guard, critically commended for its immense durability and elegance.

When you’re driving on rough terrain, you need a grille guard that is specifically designed to give your truck the extra shield that it certainly needs.

With its 2-inch diameter tube, you’ll have the confidence that the front part of your car, particularly the headlight, is duly protected from unexpected impacts.

If you worry that the size of this guard won’t fit your vehicle, worry no more. Its solid construction makes it an exceptional custom fit for any type of vehicle.

This custom-fit feature cancels out any vibration in your vehicle when you’re driving since it doesn’t move around where it is attached.

While we are too focused on its functionality, let us not forget that it is also built with style and sophistication.

Style-wise, this guard has a stainless and black powder coat finish, giving your vehicle a trendy and sophisticated vibe.


  • Excellent fit for any vehicle type
  • Solid construction design made of a 2-inch heavy-duty diameter tube
  • Standard rubber pads to ensure maximum vehicle protection
  • Cancels out any movement vibration


  • Heavy due to its steel material

02. Tyger Auto Front Bumper Grille Guard – Ultimate Rust Resistant


Highlighted Features

  • US patented design
  • Heavy-duty 2.5 inches tube frame
  • Easy installation manual
  • Seamless welding
  • Pre-welded light mount channel
  • E-coating textured black finish
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • 5 years warranty

Based on customer reviews, many are impressed with this US-designed Tyger Guard that comes with one bumper guard, mounting hardware, and an easy installation manual.

For someone who doesn’t want to encounter any inconvenience when installing a grille guard on their vehicle, this is the perfect grille guard for you.

The installation of this guard is fairly easy because all you need to have is a helping hand and, of course, the DIY installation manual.

For those models manufactured in the year 2016 up, it only requires minor cutting upon installation.

Another great feature of the Tyger Guard is it’s built to last due to its heavy-duty 2.5-inch tubing frame added with an extra coating layer, giving it maximum resistance to rust and deterioration.

Not only that, but the e-coating also gives more luster and customized look of the grille guard, thus enhancing its aesthetic appearance.


  • Seamless welding construction
  • Coat finish is made of special e-coating component
  • Rust-resistant
  • US-made design


  • Minor cutting required for models 2016 up
  • Permanent removal of skid plate once equipped

03. Westin 57-3685 HDX Grille Guard – The Great Bumper


Highlighted Features

  • 2 inches’ tube frame
  • Full punch plate grille
  • 1/8-inch-thick and 2-inch-wide rubber strips
  • Black powder coated
  • Full wrap-around wings
  • Heavy-duty rubber upright strips
  • 1 pc welded uprights

Are you looking for a grille guard that doesn’t restrict your thrilling road adventures? If you are, then the Westin 57-3685 HDX is the best pick for you.

This is the real deal when it comes to choosing the grille guard that will eliminate your inhibitions about the risk of road travel.

If you ask what makes it so, the clear answer lies in the fine qualities it possesses.

For one, its fully welded 1-piece construction is specially designed for heavy-duty use such as to push blockades and stop stones from flying towards the headlight, thus preventing damage to it.

Additionally, its 2-inch tube full-wrap-around wings feature also provides extra-wide protection from unexpected bumps and scratches when, for instance, hitting a sharp object on the road.

What’s more, to it is that it’s not only great at intercepting bumps and impact; it also is distinguished for its rubber material wrapped around the guard.

With its uprights protected with rubber of 1/8-inch-thick and 2.75 inches wide, the grille guard is given a fresh and clean look.


  • Welded-in a 1-piece construction
  • Designed for heavy-duty purposes
  • Great bumper
  • Great at intercepting impacts from road bumps due to its full punch plate


  • Adds more weight on the truck

04. Dee Zee DZ501819 Ultra Black Bull Bar – Lightweight but Durable


Highlighted Features

  • 3 inches’ steel tube
  • Removable skid plate included
  • Factory drilled holes installed
  • Skid plate additional protection
  • No drill installation
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Glossy black powder coat finish

While it is true that a grille guard’s toughness typically comes from its heavyweight feature, the Dee Zee DZ501819 Ultra Black Bull Bar is an exception to that standard.

Although it’s lightweight weighing only 32.9 pounds as compared to others, that doesn’t make it less of a durable grille guard.

It has a strong yet subtle appearance due to its combined features. Its lightweight characteristic gives it a subtle appearance while its steel, coated with black powder, adds strength to it.

It’s a non-heavy guard but still with enough resistance to prevent scrapes on your bumper. Also, if you wish to add extra lights to it, you can easily do so, for it has already factory-drilled holes in it.

Although many owners find no difficulty in installing this guard, there are quite a number of those who expressed their dissatisfaction with the provided instructional manual because of its poorly-sketched illustration and vague instructions.

So, it’s always best that you have an extra pair of hands to assist you during the installation process.


  • Lightweight
  • Installed with factory-drilled holes
  • Can be added with accessory lights
  • Scrape-resistant due to its black powder coat


  • Unclear and vague instructions
  • The instructional manual is printed in low paper quality

05. Westin 57-3555 HDX Black Grille Guard – Ultimate Truck Gear


Highlighted Features

  • 1-piece welded uprights
  • 2 inches tubular design
  • Heavy-duty rubber pads
  • Full punch plate center grille
  • Custom-fit
  • Full wrap-around headlight guards
  • Black mild steel material

Westin Automotive is always on top of its business when it comes to producing the finest automotive accessories, and the Westin 57-3555 HDX Black Grille Guard is definitely one of its well-acclaimed models.

The full punch plate feature of this grille provides impressive front protection of the truck, and it surely adds a rugged look of the truck.

The preciseness of its fit is superb as well, for it can be securely attached to any type of truck. Hence, you won’t worry about it falling under when you are driving on the road.

The installation of this grille guard is also manageable because of its user-friendly manual that provides clear, specific instructions and illustrations.

You will only get to appreciate how appealing your truck can become, once you are done installing the grille guard.

With its black powder coat finish, it can definitely add an aura of elegance to the overall appearance of the truck.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Impressive front protection
  • User-friendly instructional manual
  • Custom-made fit design


  • Heavy and needs an extra lift

06. AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Front Bumper – Excellent Front End Protection


Highlighted Features

  • Glossy bull bar
  • 3 inches heavy-duty tubing frame
  • Pre-drilled holes installed for additional lighting
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Easy to install
  • Seamless welding
  • Rust-resistant

Adding to our list is the AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Front Bumper specifically made compatible with the Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015 model.

One highlight of this grille guard is the quality of its push guard which is made of a 3 inches heavy-duty frame tube that gives it strength and durability to conquer any unforgiving roadblocks.

Another element that contributes to its durability is the usage of black powder coating finish together with another special e-coating material whose components can make the grille guard corrosion-resistant.

The next feature to brag on is the particularity of its design, which certainly was given serious consideration when it was built.

This guard’s skid plate design surely gives an added protection, not just to the front of the car, but even to its undercarriage as it is also susceptible to damage. Its welding construction is done in a seamless manner, thus, adding to it a more refined and secured look.

With an increased demand for the AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Front Bumper, several product issues have been encountered such as wrong delivery of the item, product damage, installation instructions are missing, and mounting hardware is also incomplete.

In these cases, what you need to do is to contact the product-seller and raise your specific problem; in this way, you will receive the help you need. 


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Glossy bull bar
  • Outstanding design
  • Compatible with 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma model
  • Excellent skid plate design
  • Has extra room for additional lights


  • Bullbar installation into frame brackets need to be assisted

07. AUTOSAVER88 Bull Black with Led Bar – Increased Road Visibility


Highlighted Features

  • 3 inches heavy-duty tubing frame bumper bar
  • Built-in 72watts 25 inches LED light bar
  • No drilling required
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Includes modular skid plate, wiring harness, front bumper, and mounting brackets
  • Pre-drilled holes for extra lighting

If you own a 2009 to 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 and is planning to put a guard on it, the AUTOSAVER88 Bull Black with Led Bar is your perfect option.

A nice addition to its feature is its 72watts and 25 inches built-in LED light bar with aluminum housing specially designed to increase road visibility, hence extending your night vision.

Also, even when your headlights are removed, your way is still illuminated because again, you have a built-in LED bar on your grille guard. Hence, you’ll be assured of your safety when driving in dim places or at night, given your grille guard is furnished with extra lightning.

If you fear that your grille guard might easily get tarnished with rust, then you can rest those fears of yours. The strength of a grille guard is weakened when rust gets to it.

But, this AUTOSAVER88 Bull Black grille guard has its own remarkable way of eluding the strength-threatening presence of rust. It is coated with a special e-coating material and black powder coating finish that gives it an ultimate resistance to rust, thereby securing its strength and durability.

But with prolonged use of this bull guard, it is however recommended that regular waxing be made, for it can add a sustained protective layer on the coat finish.

Not doing so can lead to irreversible scratch on the coat finish. Be careful also in choosing the type of wax or polish to use, for it may have harsh content that could damage the finish.


  • Comes with a built-in LED light bar
  • Mounting brackets and wiring harness, front bumper, and skid plate are included in the package
  • Requires no drilling
  • Easy to install


  • No headlight protection is given
  • Without regular waxing and polishing, the bull guard becomes rusty
  • Bull bar installation into frame brackets need to be assisted

08. Rough Country LED Bull Bar – Remarkably Enduring Guard


Highlighted Features

  • 20 inches Black-Series Single-Row LED Lightbar
  • License plate bracket included
  • 3 inches thick bull bar
  • 3 years light bar warranty
  • 5 years bull bar warranty
  • Easy at home installation
  • 100% bolt-on installation process
  • Removable license plate relocation bracket
  • Water-proof LED light

The experience of riding a Toyota Tundra is added more thrill when using a Rough Country LED Bull Bar.

It’s a perfect fit for a 2007 to 2020 Toyota Tundra designed to improve its off-road adventures. It is made from a 3 inches steel tubing that gives the vehicle unbeatable protection when taking on a rough-road venture.

There’s no denying to that feeling of excitement we experience when taking rough country road adventures, especially during nighttime.

As carefree as you can be when taking the wheel, you still need to be mindful of the road you’re navigating, for what lies ahead is always unknown.

That aspect is certainly considered when this grille guard was built. It is integrated with 20 inches LED light bar that increases your ability to clearly see on what’s in front of you. There surely is fun and safety provided all at once.

As to its installation, no drilling is required anymore because of its easy-to-install feature giving you a simple way of attaching the bull bar.

One important consideration to make is that it may interfere with sensors like proximity and parking sensors.

Also, this bull bar is not functional on vehicles having an active cruise control system. So, always remind yourself about this thought before buying to avoid getting a misfit product.


  • Has integrated 20-inch LED light bar that is water-resistant
  • 5 years warranty for the bull bar
  • 3 years warranty for the light bar
  • Removable license plate bracket is included in the bull bar
  • Easy to install
  • Sophisticated design


  • May interfere with proximity and parking sensors
  • Not fit for vehicles with an active cruise control system

09. AUTOSAVER88 Chrome Front Bumper Grille Guard – The Best in Strength and Durability


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel tube push guard
  • Removable anti-rust skid plate
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Glossy mirror finish
  • No drilling required

Next on the list is the AUTOSAVER88 Chrome Front Bumper Grille Guard intended to fit a 2004 to 2020 Ford F150 Stainless Bull Bar.

It is critically-acclaimed for its push guard material made of 3 inches stainless tube frame that gives excellent protection on the car’s front bumper. When installed, your Ford F150 is given a new and fresh look.

Reviewed by many as the best when it comes to strength and durability due to its lustrous mirror finish that furthers the layer protection of the guard’s surface, thus prolonging its functionality.

Given its remarkable features, you are guaranteed that choosing this grille guard is truly worth your spending.

Now, if you think of attaching a skid plate underneath, you can definitely do so because of its pre-drilled holes feature giving added protection to your vehicle.

About its installation, you definitely won’t run into any problem because of its 100% bolt-on installation feature.


  • Provides front end protection
  • The thorough production process of the bull bar
  • The skid plate can be easily attached and removed
  • Quality push guard material
  • Gives vehicle a trendy look
  • Easy-to-do installation


  • Bullbar needs regular cleaning
  • Coat finish needs regular waxing

10. Go Rhino Black 3000 Series StepGuard Grille Guard – Practical and Beautiful


Highlighted Features

  • Black powder coating
  • Built-in step pad included
  • Easy installation
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy accessibility to hood and windshield area

Finally, we have the Go Rhino Black 3000 Series StepGuard Grille Guard notable for its patented built-in step and euro-style grille.

This built-in step feature comes along with a step pad that makes accessing the engine, windshield, and hood areas easier and hassle-free.

It surely is a stunning addition to your truck, and it can definitely add another level of attitude to it. So, if you want to dress up your truck with steel front-end protection, this grille guard is just the right one for you.

Note that the grille guard varies depending on the model. Some have brush guard headlight protectors while others don’t have.

So, it’s entirely up to you to choose the proper brush guard to use. In most applications, no drilling is required anymore.

For instance, when you opt to go for an extra-light accessory, you can do so right away because of the holes already drilled in it.


  • Easier access to engine, windshield, and hood areas
  • 5-year warranty
  • Equipped with an easy built-in step pad
  • Ultimate protection against impacts


  • Poor installation instructions

Noteworthy Considerations When Buying Best Grille Guard For Deer

If you have reached the point of finally buying a grille guard product, it is so important that you are properly guided on how to choose the perfect grille guard product that will add value and protection to your vehicle.

With the massive grille guard products available in the market, you might get too excited and would just pick any those, and you might regret it.

But, if you really want to make your spending worth it, take a good look at these important considerations. These will give you added insights on what to look for a grille guard product.

Extensive Front End Protection

When you feel like you’re distracted by the wide-ranging grille guard products that promise you so many good features, you just need to remember that the foremost purpose of a grille guard is to provide a shield to the front end part of your car from any damages caused by high-intensity impacts.

Look for grille guards that are made of quality steel material because steel is stronger and denser than the aluminum-made products.

From the lenses to the headlights of your car, you are assured that they are all fully protected.

Proper Fitting and Attachment

Grille guards are designed to perfectly fit specific car models. In other words, most grille guards are custom-made.

As such, you need to know very well the specifications of your truck or SUV so that you’ll never go wrong in buying the grille guard suited for your car.

Once you have chosen the right one, it is then very easy and quick to do the installation. Again, be mindful of your car’s model and choose correctly.

Style Elevation

Equipping your vehicle with a grille guard should not only toughen up its protection but should also elevate its overall look.  You don’t want your car to look boring, right?

In that case, you could opt for a grille guard that has a glossy black coat finish and stainless-steel feature.

Not only it will make your grille guard rust-resistant, but it will also add a rugged and aggressive look in it, surely making it stand out when hitting the road.

Complete Package

You might be tempted to buy just any grille guard you find, but take note that they come in different packages.

To find the real deal, better look for products that give free additional items like the skid plate, LED light bar, rubber pads, mounting brackets, and wiring harness.

This surely is a more economical plus; you get to add accessorizing elements in your grille guard.

FAQ’s About Best Grille Guard For Deer

Q: What is the prime purpose of a grille guard?

A: It offers optimal protection of a vehicle’s front grille from animal collisions, unexpected road bumps, and impacts from dense objects especially when driving at a fast speed.

The grille guard secures the overall protection of the front part of the car, ensuring safety and security to both the vehicle and the driver.

Q: Will the airbags get affected when grille guards are installed?

A: Yes, it will if the grille guard is not compatible with the car model. To be sure, use only grille guards that are approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

On that note, there is really no definite data that point grille guards as causing the airbags to deploy.


Grille guard products are essential in boosting your vehicle’s protection. As a vehicle owner, therefore, it is never wrong to be meticulous in choosing the best grille guard products for deer that will give value to your invested money.

You are just being wise and practical with that attitude.

We hope that you’ll find this article useful, and you’ll finally find the perfect grille guard your vehicle needs.

We wish you more fun and safer travel the next time you hit the road with your car furnished with the grille guard you have finally favored.

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