Best Fog Lights (Review) in 2021 – Tips and Complete Guide

Best Fog Lights, Foggy weather makes beautiful illusions and plays bizarre tricks on your eyes.

It creates a mystery by blurring your vision. You might rub your eyes and clean your sight to see what’s going on. But foggy weather reveals only a little and leaves the rest up to your imagination.

Fog Lights Review
Fog Lights

You might enjoy a misty morning by walking barefoot across the grass in your backyard while the sun is rising. However, if you are driving and the fog keeps messing up with your vision, it becomes a dangerous venture where you may have to pay with your life.

A fog light can help you brighten up the path and eliminate the darkness. By installing the best fog light in your car, you are taking a major step in ensuring safety while you drive to work or voyage in the early morning.


Best Lights For Fog Choices 2020

Not only these lights are used for the foggy condition, but they also come in handy in snowy, rainy, or windy situations too! Fog lights are designed in a way that they lighten up the road ahead of you without sending a glare in your eyes. Cars coming from the opposite direction can also see your fog light without getting bedazzled.

You will find a lot of fog lights on the market. But which one will you buy? Read along to know about the different features of fog lights before purchasing one.

Top Fog Lights Comparison Chart

Our 10 Best Fog Lights Reviews

1. BEAMTECH H11 Led Fog Light Bulb | Best Fog Lights For Cars

What if you get lights even brighter than OEM options? That will be a heck of a bargain, right? With BEAMTECH H11, that’s exactly what will happen. It’s well built and produces crisp, even beam patterns.

BEAMTECH H11 Led Fog Light Bulb Review
BEAMTECH H11 Led Fog Light Bulb

The package includes two sets of LED bulbs. With only 30W each, these bulbs consume less power than Halogen. You’ll get 6500K Xenon White color with 800 LMS lumen output. You’ll need 12V to 24V voltage to run them.

Now, this is a power-saving bulb. The bulbs are estimated to last 10000 working hours. The aluminum heat sink they come with is cold-pressed and reduces 35% of heat. These lights won’t bother any approaching driver.

This set doesn’t need any warm-up time, thus it’ll start working instantly. It won’t interfere with the radio while it runs.

This is a plug-and-play device. The non-polarity design and attuned size will help you get through the setup process. With 320 degrees lighting, you’ll get a good area coverage. It has an IP65 rated waterproof design, after all, it’s supposed to work as a fog light.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Each bulb comes with 6 SEOUL Z8Y19 CSP chips.
  • They provide 320-degree and 800-lumen lighting.
  • The set is estimated to last for 10000 active hours.
  • The aluminum heat sink lessens the heat and increases durability.
  • The H11 bulbs fit comfortably in the stock housing.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Vehicles with the CANBUS system might show an error message.

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Bottom Line
BEAMTECH H11 has more durability than most of the regular bulbs on the market. It runs cool and doesn’t blind the approaching drivers. It doesn’t need much power to run. As for the CANBUS error message, using a load resister will help to sidestep the error messages.

2. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Lights Bulbs | Best LED Fog Lights

Would you like to have 360-degree illumination, so that you can see what is going on around you? SEALIGHT Fog Lights give you exactly that opportunity. You can replace them with the original halogen bulbs of your car when they’re worn out.

SEALIGHT H11 H8 H16 LED Fog Lights Bulbs Review
SEALIGHT H11 H8 H16 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

This is compatible with H8, H11, and H16 vehicles and should fit most Japanese vehicles. You can use them for mist or poor daylight, but they’ll underperform if used as headlights. However, as for mist, these 6000K lights will work like a beast.

The device runs on 12V voltage. The premium SEOUL LED chips are protected with an A-grade aluminum shell which also helps in reducing heat. The light outputs are focused, allowing you to see from a distance. Once installed, the bulb will keep you covered for a whopping 30000 hours.

With 4000 lumens per pair capacity, SEALIGHT cast a wide beam that doesn’t reflect the fog into your eyes. This is a plug-and-play LED set. Non-polarity plugs make it easy to install them, even if you’re a novice. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine.

The product has another variation that comes with 27 pieces of high-powered LED chips. IP65 Waterproof Rating tells us the other model is as good as this one.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It provides bright, crisp and clear lighting.
  • This plug-and-play device is easy to install.
  • It lasts more or less 30000 working hours.
  • The aluminum shell helps to dissipate heat.
  • It’s suitable for most Japanese vehicles.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • They might interfere with radio signals occasionally.

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Bottom Line
This is a balanced mist light. You don’t have to alter the headlight cover or housing, as they were constructed in halogens 1:1 design. As for radio interference, that doesn’t seem to be a general issue. And it won’t affect you if you’re not in habit of listening to FMs while driving.

3. Nilight 18W Spot Driving Fog Light | Best Off-Road Fog Lights

Now, this one is slightly different than the models we’ve been reviewing until now. Unlike those, this one doesn’t need a specific housing model to fit in. Being a universal fog light, you can use it for different models, even vehicles (jeep, boat, SUV).

Nilight 18W Spot Driving Fog Light Review
Nilight 18W Spot Driving Fog Light

The set comes with two lights, each one consisting of 6 LED chips. Together they emit a bright, white light. The lumen output is 1260, but what’s more important is the concentrated spot beam that prevents other drivers from being blinded.

While installing, you can adjust the mounting bracket for 45 degrees, which will help you to change the direction of the beam more easily. The structure is made of die-cast aluminum alloy. Apart from distributing the heat evenly, it also contributes to the longevity of this product, which is 30000 hours.

The set provides 6000-6500K white light while you’re on the road. You can use it for trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, SUVs, and Jeeps, etc.

The product has a waterproof rating of IP 67. That means it will be functional even after submerging it into 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes. As the regular mist condition on the road isn’t as severe as that, you can expect uninterrupted service.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Advanced LED chips that provide 1260 lumen output.
  • Universal Fit, it can be used for different vehicles.
  • Cheap fog lights, expected to last for 30000 hours.
  • Heat conduction silicone gel increases lifespan.
  • Flood beam pattern with 6000K-6500K pure white light.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The product isn’t DOT approved.

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Bottom Line
This is a cheap and cost-effective solution for misty roads. You’ll love the fact that they can be used with different vehicles.

However, since it’s not DOT approved, you shouldn’t use it where DOT compliant product is required. As for off roads, there isn’t any restriction on using them.

4. XSPEED 3200 Lumens LED Fog Light | best yellow fog lights

If you’re a fan of JDM Gold Yellow color, then XSPEED LED lights will serve you just right. This specific product comes in a wide range of models, each customized for sizes. You’ll get H3-H13, 5201/5202, 9004- 9012 models, all with the same specs.

XSPEED 3200 Lumens LED Fog Light Review
XSPEED 3200 Lumens LED Fog Light

Apart from yellow light, what sets them apart from other products out there is the brightness they provide. With 1600 lumens each, you’ll get a total of 3200 raw lumens. The bulbs run on the latest CSP 3570 chips.

One of the most popular is the H10/9140/9145 model. It comes with a length of 2.5 inches and a diameter of 0.4 inches. The bulbs need 12V-24V to run uninterruptedly.

The bulbs come surrounded by an aluminum body. This allows the heat to get distributed evenly, without putting too much strain on one side. As the bulbs come assembled with a constant current IC driver, you can expect incessant and uniform lighting.

The lights are intended to be used for mist conditions. They’ll work just fine until you try to use them for general purposes.

Highlighted Benefits
  • A set of 2 bulbs, available for a wide range of models.
  • The bulbs together provide 3200 lumens of lighting.
  • The attractive aluminum body distributes heat equally.
  • The IC driver keeps the current stream constant and stable.
  • Superior performance, best yellow bulbs for fog lights.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • One or both of your bulbs may run out sooner than expected.

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Bottom Line
The bulbs have a good yellow color, not amber. The color is a perfect fit for mist conditions. Like any other device, the bulbs may burn out sooner than you anticipated. But the Company offers a great after-sales policy and quick customer service to help you with a replacement.

5. DAYWALKER LED Fog Light Bulb | Best H11 Bulb For Fog Lights

Many of us wish to have a mist light that’ll also work as daytime running lights. Most of the time, mist bulbs are so dim that they cannot be used for daytime. Keeping that in mind, DAYWALKER came up with an all-around solution.

DAYWALKER LED Fog Light Bulb Review

This set comes with two bulbs, each of them having 1600 lumens of output. Together, they deliver a temperature color of 6000K. The color is white, and you can expect this set to last for a whopping 30000 hours.

The product can be set up within minutes, as it comes with a Plug and Play design. However, you might need a load resistor for some European vehicles to avoid blinking or error code issues.

You’ll get a variety of models aimed at different vehicles. You can choose from H1, H3, H7, H11=H8=H16 JP, 9005(HB3), 9006(HB4) model options.

The set is constructed of an aluminum body which facilitates better temperature distribution. And the IC driver makes sure the bulbs don’t fail to deliver constant illumination.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Two LED bulbs that run in 3570 CSP-Chips.
  • They provide 6000K white color bright light.
  • The set is expected to last for 30000 hours.
  • The aluminum body ensures uniform heat distribution.
  • Different models are available for different vehicles.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • They might not be as powerful as halogen bulbs.

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Bottom Line
DAYWALKER offers a great mist bulb solution at a reasonable price. They provide decent performance for fog light. However, if you need a brighter solution, you can switch to PLAA or halogen bulbs.

6. Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Light | Best Fog Light Bulbs

How can there be a discussion about bulbs and Philips is not there? Philips, being the frontrunner of lighting technologies, also has their version of mist lights. And boy, they’re bright, durable, and come with super effective construction!

Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Light Review
Philips 12834UNIX2 X-tremeVision LED Fog Light

We’re talking about Philips 12834 UNIX2 here, which is also known as X-Treme Vision. It provides bright illumination of 6000K, and unlike many others, they’re true to what they claim.

If you have been using LED or Xenon headlights, Philips 12834 white light can be a perfect match for you. These bulbs are a direct replacement for H8, H11, H16 models. The set needs 12V and 18.6 watts of power to run. Each of the bulbs comes with a lumen power of 840, making it 1680 lumens in total.

This might seem less than some other models, but that’s compensated by the safe beam technology. It makes sure the omitted light directs straight towards the road, not to the eyes of other drivers.

Oh, there’s another thing. The set uses a cutting-edge technology called Air Flux. The makes sure the temperature is minimal and the bulbs last for a long time.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Plug and Play bulb set with 6000K white color temperature.
  • They can be used as a direct replacement for halogen bulbs.
  • The set provides 1680 lumens of lighting.
  • Air Flux technology keeps the bulbs cool.
  • Safe Beam technology makes sure the light doesn’t get scattered.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The price might seem high to many.

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Bottom Line
Many companies claim to manufacture high-performing bulbs, many of which never meet the expected brightness.

Philips is an exception in this case. Most of the users were satisfied by the low beam performance. The lights are a bit pricey, to be honest, but at least you can rest assured of the quality.

7. Rigid Industries 50481 D-Series SAE Fog Light Set | Best Fog Lights For Snow

Rigid Industries is known for its superior quality for a long time now. But the 50481 D-Series model offers something more than just quality. This is an SAE-compliant product, which means you can use it on federal highways legally.

Rigid Industries 50481 D-Series SAE Fog Light Set Review
Rigid Industries 50481 D-Series SAE Fog Light Set

Why this product is considered safe while many others aren’t? Well, for starters, it provides a bright and evenly distributed light. The light doesn’t scatter sideways and blind the approaching drivers. This is what makes it perfect for mist conditions.

The housing is made of cast aluminum and resembles strength and durability. The package includes all the hardware you need to mount this set. The set provides 1760 lumens of lighting.

The lens is made of polycarbonate and can absorb impacts. With a waterproof rating of IP 68, this product features well against foggy and humid conditions.

The product comes with GORE technology. It vents and equalizes the pressure while protecting the electronic parts. Once mounted, you can expect it to run for 50000 hours. Yes, you’ve read it right.

Highlighted Benefits
  • A USA made SAE complaint mist light set.
  • The pair provides 1760 lumens of illumination.
  • Cast aluminum body and polycarbonate lens absorb shock.
  • GORE venting technology equalizes the pressure.
  • The set has an expected lifetime of 50000 hours.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The wiring for the switch might come short for many.

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Bottom Line
Being an SAE compliant product, it comes with robust housing and even light distribution. Make sure you’re aiming the lights properly.

As for the wiring, you can splice and join a longer section by yourself. It’s a bit hassle, but that doesn’t undermine RI’s superior quality.

8. Valeo 88358 OE Fog Light | Best Aftermarket Fog Lights

Valeo is a well-known French company. They are recognized for aftermarket products with close resemblance to original parts. Valeo 88358 is such a product. The manufacturers claim this to be a 100% original equipment (OE) caliber product, and the construction happens to support that claim.

Valeo 88358 OE Fog Light Review
Valeo 88358 OE Fog Light

This is one light, contrary to the usual two-bulb set. You can use it to illuminate the passenger or driver side. Generally, users purchase two of these products to cover either side of the vehicle. The bulb emits white light.

Upon scrutiny, you’ll love the build of this product. The housing and lens are made from high-quality products. Thus they’re scratch and damage-resistant. What’s the price for obtaining such quality? They’re quite affordable, we’d say.

This is a halogen light, which is known for better quality and illumination than LED lights. The product is DOT/SAE compliant, thus they’re legally approved to use for federal roads. Since certain parts, like filament, can be replaced when damaged, you can expect a long service from this product.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The single bulb fits various models of vehicles.
  • It can be used for both driver and passenger side.
  • SAE compliant product, safe to use on highway roads.
  • Original Equipment quality, great replacement for stock bulbs.
  • It can be installed and adjusted easily.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • It doesn’t fit Mustang cars.

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Bottom Line
For those who are looking for solid halogen lights with a strong design and bright illumination, this can be a great option. It resembles the original product and the filaments can be replaced, a perfect recipe for long-lasting performance.

9. JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright Fog Light Bulbs | LED DRL Fog Lights

Those who are looking for powerful bulbs but are a little short in the budget can go for JDM ASTAR. They have a reputation for being bright, thus can be used for daytime running too.

JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright Fog Light Bulbs Review
JDM ASTAR Extremely Bright Fog Light Bulbs

The set comes with two bulbs. Each one consists of three high-powered 5 watts LED bulbs. The LED part is 1.75″ in length and 0.50″ in diameter. Together, they provide Xenon White light with 6000K power.

Since JDM comes with different models, make sure you select the right model for your vehicle. For instance, this one fits 881, 889, 862, 886, 889, 894, 896, 898 models.

The set delivers crisp and clear 2400 lumens of lighting output. The construction is reliable, the alloy mold, glass lens, and highly refractive index aren’t going to burn out anytime soon. The device is a plug-and-play device. You won’t need any tool to install it.

There is another popular version that fits H10, 9040, 9140, 9145, 9050, 9155 models. This particular model has a 360-degree beam angle for easy adjustment.

Highlighted Benefits
  • High powered LED bulbs with a total 2400 lumens output.
  • The set provides 6000K white xenon light.
  • You can use it for mist conditions or daylight running.
  • Cost-effective replacement for factory bulbs.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Not brighter than stock halogen bulbs.

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Bottom Line
This is a cost-effective, affordable solution for mist conditions. The build quality is pretty good and the output is decent. They might not be as bright as factory halogen bulbs. But for the price, they’re surely a bargain. Most of the users even loved them.

10. Philips H3 VisionPlus Headlight/Fog Light | Best Halogen Fog Lights

Most of the products on the market are mood killers. They might last for a long time, but look like they’ll burn out the moment you finish installing them. Philips H3 VisionPlus isn’t only a high-performing, durable light, it’s a treat for sore eyes.

Philips H3 VisionPlus Headlight Fog Light Review
Philips H3 VisionPlus Headlight Fog Light

The package comes with two bulbs. The lights are bright and provide clear, crisp white light. The bulbs are blessed with advanced safety halogens, which results in them producing 60% more lights than regular halogen bulbs.

The output is tremendous. One of the main worries for vehicle drivers is poor low beam output. With Philips H3 at your service, you’ll get a longer beam of 80 feet or more. What’s better than avoiding sudden hazards and nighttime accidents, right?

All these features earned this product DOT compliance. You can use this product without any worry. Although the manufacturers didn’t specify the Kelvin rating for this product, the users say it might be between 4000K -4200K. And that’s enough when you consider the special beam technology.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It’s a set of two DOT compliant mist bulbs.
  • The set provides 60% more light than regular bulbs.
  • You’ll get 50 feet longer beam than regular halogen bulbs.
  • It delivers a crisp, clear white light output.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • In rare cases, longevity might be an issue.

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Bottom Line
Philips is another name for lighting solutions around the world. With the H3 model, they aimed to outmatch their halogen counterparts and they’re successful for the most part. Getting a longer and brighter beam of halogen light is a night touch you’ll want in a foggy, cloudy night.

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How to Choose the Best Fog Lights

1. Compatibility

What’s the use of buying a blinker if it doesn’t fit in your vehicle?

Fog lights are installed on car bumpers, you should check if your car bumper has enough space for this device.

Also, make sure that your vehicle has the necessary current and voltage to provide the lights with power. Before buying a mist-light, make sure your car model is compatible with this.

2. Type

There are three types of fog lights available on the market right now.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) uses electrically charged Xenon gas to produce intense brightness and a high beam pattern. They are more expensive and durable than typical halogen light.

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights consume less power and generate less heat than other lights in this list. You can install this blinker and forget about changing it for a long time as they won’t need any replacement soon.

Halogen lights work by heating a filament with the help of electricity. Car owners use this standard light because of its super affordable price. However, they are less effective than HID or Led LIGHTS.

3. Color Temperature

You can choose from a wide range of different colors of blinkers.

Yellow or amber light, having a temperature lower than 3000 Kelvin, provides us with stress-free vision even after long-time usage.

Blue lights are also eye-soothing and their temperatures are higher than 6000 kelvin.

White LED lights, emitting 6000 Kelvin temperature, are the most popular because of their stylish look and improved visibility.

4. Brightness

A bright and clear fog light will make your car visible to other drivers without blinding their eyes. The basic unit to measure the amount of light a LED bulb can produce is called lumens. The range of these lights varies from 1000 to 3000 lumens. The light becomes more focused when it has a higher amount of lumens. Halogen and HID lights are measured in volts

5. Wattage

Wattage is used to measure how energy efficient these lights are.

Blinkers that produce intense light consumes a lot of power as it requires more electricity. On the other hand, if you install a low wattage light in your vehicle, you will have some spare cash in your pocket, but the mist lights won’t be as bright and focused as they need to be.

All things considered, LED blinkers produce the brightest illumination while consuming less power.

6. Easy Installation

Pick a light that is easy to install in your vehicle. There’s always a chance of damaging your car or breaking the lights if the installation process is too difficult to handle. It’s better to choose a user-friendly, plug-and-play fog light that comes with all necessary wires and equipment to install.

7. Durability

You are most probably going to use your fog light a lot if you live in a cold area. Choose a light that is sturdy and long-lasting. The average lifespan of a LED light is 50,000 hours. HID lights last for about 5000 hours and the working life of a halogen is 500 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I Use Fog Light All The Time?

Answer: No. You should only turn your car’s fog light on when you can’t see anything beyond 100 meters. Switch off the lights as soon as you have reached an area with better visibility. Otherwise, you will end up causing temporary blindness to other road users.

    1. Do I Need Resistors Or Decoders For My Fog Lights?

Answer: It depends on your vehicle type and requirements.

Most of the American and European vehicles are designed with CAN bus (Controller Area Network) system where the microcontroller and device communicate without a central computer. These vehicles need a resistor or decoder for installing fog lights.

    1. Are Fog Lights Legal?

Answer: Some states have put some restrictions on using fog lights.

In U.S. red color fog lights are considered illegal as bright colors can cause poor visibility for other drivers.

Depending on your location, you should find out about the rules on fog lights before purchasing one.

    1. Why Don’t The Bulbs Turn On After Installing?

Answer: Your light bulbs may have overheated. Check the fuse to see if it’s blown. Try installing the light bulbs with resistors. If these steps don’t resolve your issue, then the bulbs may have been damaged.

    1. Can I Install The Fog Lights By Myself?

Answer: It depends on what type of mist lights you have purchased. Some fog lights come with a plug-and-play mechanism, an easy installation process, and a proper manual guide that you can easily follow. However, if the job seems challenging, you might need to call for professional help.

    1. How Does Fog Light Affect Other Drivers?

Answer: You should only use fog lights when it is necessary. If you use it even when the visibility is quite clear, the other drivers may get dazzled and mistake the fog light for a brake light. You as well as the other drivers may get seriously injured in these types of situations.

Final Words

Fog lights play an important role in your safety while you are on the road. Although it is highly advisable to stay at home when the weather is in bad condition, sometimes we don’t have that luxury in our hands.

Fog lights illuminate the roads in front of you and help you drive safely in those situations.

Depending on your preference, color, brightness, and budget, you should invest in the best fog light that is suited for your vehicle. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight into the different features of a fog light and will help you to make an informed decision.

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