New! 10 Best Exhaust System For Toyota Tundra of 2020 – Great Sound

Exhaust System For Toyota Tundra Reviews

When looking for economic-friendly fuel consumption, you need to know the best exhaust system for toyota tundra.

Finding the most efficient one is a difficult task, so good decision making is required.

If you have the best exhaust system, decreased fuel consumption is guaranteed. Your vehicle dynamics will also perform better from acceleration to braking.

On the other hand, a faulty extraction means more fuel consumption and poor steep climbing quality. It would affect the power of the power pack to perform good traction.

Once this happens, you need your exhaust system checked, and it means more expenditure.

If you are here to find the best exhaust system whether for replacement or upgrade, keep reading to know our top 10 Best Exhaust System.


A List of 10 Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra (Updated November 2020)

Flowmaster 817692
Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013
Walker 18954 Muffler
Borla 140332 Cat Back
MagnaFlow Exhaust 15306
Flowmaster 817708
Dynomax 19330
Walker 47774
Flowmaster 817664

Which Is The Best Exhaust System For Toyota Tundra?

In our analysis we got Flowmaster 817692 is the best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra truck.

Flowmaster is a very popular brand for exhaust we know that we selected this one for premium quality material, the excellent sound quality at a reasonable price.

There are a lot. Interestingly, some exhaust system comes with an exhaust tip. Therefore, you could check the product description if it is included.

You would also save a lot if you purchase an item with an exhaust tip on it. But to name a few brands: Flowmaster, Gibson, Borla, and MBRP are top brands having the best exhaust tip.

How to increase the exhaust system’s horsepower?

Go for the straight exhaust pipe to boost your horsepower’s performance. Horsepower is important because it could also increase fuel efficiency. Note that the bigger the pipe, the better horsepower.

Does upgrading the exhaust system for older Toyota Tundra models increase gas mileage?

Definitely, yes. The original Toyota Tundra’s exhaust system may be inefficient after long years of use. Thus, now is the time to upgrade. Obviously, an upgraded exhaust system improves fuel economy.

Furthermore, a new exhaust system with a muffler improves power to our engine. For this reason, 10% of horsepower and gas mileage could be added to your older version of Toyota Tundra.

Is muffler important for an exhaust system?

Yes. Nowadays, the exhaust system comes with a muffler. Some exhausts even have two mufflers depending on the brand. This is to assure better sound quality among customers.

Without a muffler, the horsepower will not perform well. But more than that, nothing will be harmful. You just have to know that some engine runs well with the muffler.

Will an exhaust system made from stainless steel assure better performance?

It does. Not only better but the best performance compared to an exhaust system made of aluminum and mild steel. It is considered best because it produces fuller sound and lasts longer.

However, customers’ opinions still matter. Some opt to avail mild steel because, for them, it has more gorgeous sounds. While the other will say they are comfortable with aluminized steel because the tone levels are calm. However, stainless steel is great because it is more durable.

When the mufflers start leaking, will it cause a fire?

Not necessarily, but it can. However, the best thing to do when this situation occurs is to replace or repair your exhaust system.

When the leak is near to the floorboards of the car, it may cause a fire. A fuel leak is susceptible to fire as well.

Top 10 Best Exhaust System For Toyota Tundra Reviews

01. Flowmaster 817692 – For Outstanding Performance (Overll Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System)


Highlighted Features

  • High-quality Stainless Steel
  • Aggressive sound
  • Ceramic Tip
  • Hardware kit

Flowmaster is the best choice for someone who is looking for the best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra, an exhaust system with maximum sound for their trucks.

Remember that the sound your exhaust system produces determines its quality. The louder your exhaust system tone is the better quality.

This item has 5 series of exhaust extraction for sounds alone. It produces sound starting from mild up to the most aggressive tones.

For an excellent performance of their exhaust tone, it is best to pair them with their Flowmaster’s Air Intake Kit.

This exhaust system is advanced, durable, and stronger than ever. The developers are committed to bringing the most high-tech product of this kind. They are also easy to be installed. In fact, the hardware and its associated parts are readily available for the installation process.


  • Famous for its maximum performance
  • Installation process comes easy
  • Perfect sound


  • May not fit older Tundra models
  • Not conducive to vehicles meant for road trips
  • May not be great to people who are sensitive to sounds

02. Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0013 – The Highest Quality Exhaust System for your Truck



Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel with a 4-inch tube
  • 6 inches ceramic tip
  • Big sounds

Gibson Performance Exhaust comes from one of the famous companies in the United States. This product is known for its truck user because of its high-quality performance.

It has top-class stainless steel along with a black ceramic exhaust tip. This exhaust system is best recommended if your vehicle is meant for long and rough travels.

Its materials are durable and could withstand the bumpiest situation it would face on the road. The sound is never a problem because of the unrestricted volume efficiency features.

Overall, if you are looking for a powerful sound, great fuel efficiency, and the highest quality, you could never go wrong with this product.

The product is pricey though, but of course, you won’t settle for a bargained one with compromised capabilities.

Because of this, a lot of people appreciate its features, making one of the most sought-after exhaust systems for the Toyota Tundra model.


  • High-quality performance
  • Cool appearance
  • Economic friendly fuel consumption
  • The installation process is never a problem


  • Sound is too loud for some
  • In demand, may not be available for shipping to some countries

03. Walker 18954 – The Highest Standard you can get



Highlighted Features

  • OE-style tube for powerful sounds
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Spun-locked heads
  • Spot welded tube

Walker 18954 is the highest quality you can purchase in the market. Its aluminized steel mufflers assure durability that could last for a long period of time.

It has spun locked heads and mechanical joints for long travels, rupture, and backfire protection. This exhaust system has an eye-catching design and powerful performance, credits to its louvered tubes.

If you are looking for an exhaust system as a replacement for your older one, this one is certainly a good choice. It could fit in up to 2000 tundra version, but of course, functions better on newer models.

The good thing about this product is that it could be installed very easily. In fact, the installation process could only take you less than an hour.

This is because the manufacturer has included the hardware and all the parts necessary to install the item.

Be careful with the installation though since it may affect the overall performance of your truck. To sum up, the product is outstanding worth every penny.


  • Amazing overall performance
  • High-quality sound
  • Durable aluminum steel
  • Chic design


  • Error in the installation may ruin the engine

04. Borla 140332 – Powerful Sound and Performance


Highlighted Features

  • Cat-Back material
  • 2007-2017 Tundra
  • Mandrel Bends
  • Multi-core technology

Borla 140332 is the right choice for everyone who wants to unlock the Toyota Tundra’s biggest horsepower.

Yes, the efficiency of the horsepower does not depend on your Toyota tundra but through the exhaust system. This product may be expensive compared to some, but it’s a worthy investment.

The technology and materials used in manufacturing this exhaust system tell you the efficiency of its horsepower.

Its multi-core technology sees to it that it could fit in with the older to the newest version of Toyota Tundra. It’s delicately crafted with precise, straight, and authentic stainless steel.

Driving your truck is definitely less hassle with Borla 140332. The sounds are never compromised, thanks to a well-developed horsepower.

The engine is efficient, and you’ll be wowed how much you’d save in your fuel budget.

On the other hand, the pipes need some adjustment during the installation process. You need to be careful about this because a mistake might harm the engine.

That’s a minor consideration, but still,l an excellent exhaust system you can avail in the market.


  • More savings on fuel cost
  • Optimum and better driving experience
  • Comes with mandrel bend for aggressive Borla tone
  • Ultra-smooth materials for airflow and engine power


  • Tubes are bendable
  • Utmost focus is necessary for the installation

05. Magna Flow – Smooth Loud Sound and Powerful Engine Guaranteed



Highlighted Feature

  • 16-gauge stainless steel hardware
  • Cat-back tip
  • 1-piece core for airflow
  • Smooth deep tones

Looking for the most responsive engine with distinct sounds for an exhaust system? Well, there’s no better upgrade or replacement than Magna Flow.

For this product, the manufacturer focuses on the performance and sound of the exhaust system. It is well-crafted that it’s sound and engine responsiveness could be compared to a new truck.

The company knows the sounds determine the caliber of an exhaust system. For this reason, they use acoustical suppression material for sound absorption.

The tone levels are well balanced that it produces a smooth and deep sound. One would have an exciting and joy ride with this backing your car up.

This amazing product has many configurations, high caliber steel, and durable tubes. It has strong materials that would last for a long time, making it one of the most go-to exhaust systems in the market today.


  • Easy installation process
  • Loud Sounds
  • Improves engine quality
  • Durable


  • May need another modification configuration fitting
  • Consumers may dislike deep sounds

06. Flowmaster 817708 – One of the most affordable you can avail in the market



Highlighted Feature

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Muffler technology
  • Extreme tone

Are you a fan of Flowmaster’s products but find some of them pricey? Well, here’s another Flowmaster’s exhaust system at a more affordable price.

The manufactures created this product with meticulous truck owners in mind. From the pipes, sounds, and materials, Flowmaster delicately puts them together.

Certainly, this exhaust system is the most impressive replacement you can have for your Toyota Tundra. This exhaust system is made of stainless steel.

It is embodied with a muffler technology – the famous feature in this generation of automobiles. The sounds are extremely good, perfect among truck lovers and travelers.

It promises less fuel consumption too. Thus, this product is proof that you can still avail of the best quality at a less costly price.



  • Complicated installation guide
  • Packaging may not be your type

07. MBRP S5314P – Topnotch Quality yet Affordable Price



Highlighted Feature

  • Aluminized Steel
  • PVP
  • Cat-back materials
  • Maximize exhaust flow

Here’s another budget-friendly exhaust system. MBRP is well known for its attractive features especially the exhaust flow.

The extreme heating of the engine is the most common concern of truck owners. It is normal but could also be harmful when your vehicle is mostly used for long travels.

MBRP exhaust system minimizes the airflow. For this reason, the engine is maintained cool even if you’re only using low exhaust temperatures, such a perfect attribute for a marked down the price exhaust system.

This also promises topnotch quality as it is made of aluminized steel with a cat-back tip. It is crafted with a powerful interior design that could perform well in horrendous road situations.

It is long and definitely ahead of other exhaust systems made of the same materials. As a whole, it is worth spending your money on.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Better Exhaust flow
  • Ease of installation


  • Packaging needs improvement as can be exposed to dirt
  • A little drone on sounds

08. Dynomax 19330 Exhaust System – Highly Commendable Performance Like No Other


Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel
  • Super Turbo Kit
  • 3-inch Mandrel Bent Pipe
  • Dual Cat-Back
  • 2009 up to latest Toyota Tundra

Dynomax is appreciated because of its ruggedness. The exhaust system of this brand assures long engine life and well-defined design.

It fits your Toyota Tundra perfectly. There is no necessary bends, little adjustments, or something to take off, you can actually just install them right away.

This exhaust system is made of high-quality stainless steel, dual cat-back, and impressive mandrel Bent tubes. It promises reduced fuel consumption.

Installation is also not a hassle. It will only take you an hour. The guide is well written and the hardware and materials are readily available. Everything is included for ease installation.

This product will give an extra booth to the mileage and truck engine. Speedy hill climbing is expected.

The sounds are deep, smooth, and loud. Something you would obviously expect for Dynomax Products. If you are also interested in a little customization on your exhaust, you can also get Dynomax emission legal performance system.


  • Effortless Installation
  • Popular among truck enthusiasts
  • Powerful sound
  • Gives an extra helpful boost to the engine
  • Best for road trips


  • Deep growl sounds may not be enticing to some
  • May not be commendable to truck owners whose vehicle is used mainly for towing

09. Walker 47774 – Superb Features



Highlighted Feature

  • Stainless steel corrosion-resistant
  • Louvered Tube
  • OE-style replacement
  • Acoustic control
  • Automotive mufflers
  • Lightweight

Among all the list, the Walker Exhaust System is the lightest. The most exhaustive system can weigh up to 50 pounds, but this product is very light, having a weight of 8 pounds. If the shipping fee is your concern, this product is a good catch.

Although you could save a lot from this item, it is guaranteed that its quality is not left behind. Walker 47774 is made from stainless steel for longer use, Oe-style louvered tubes for sound levels, topnotch mechanical tubes for airflow.

If you still have those later versions of Toyota vehicles such as 2009-2003 models, this exhaust system is the best fit.

Moreover, because it could fit into older Toyota versions, the Walker Exhaust system is best known for a replacement other than an upgrade.

It is made to at least match the performance of the original Toyota exhaust system. This is not a disadvantage but rather an advantage because it is difficult to find the appropriate exhaust system for the vehicle of older types.

This product may also be your cheapest option. It does not come with full hardware material for installation, but it’s not that of a big deal considering the optimum benefits Toyota owners will get with this.


  • Performance could be compared to the original Toyota exhaust system
  • Can be your cheapest choice
  • Lightweight, the big advantage for shipping and installation
  • Corrosion-free


  • Still need to equip yourself with hardware materials for installation
  • Not famous for noise booster

10. Flowmaster 817664 – Best Option for Convenience


Highlighted Features

  • Cat-back
  • Dual Rear
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hardware Kit

We can’t get enough with the ever famous Flowmaster. Flowmaster 817664 has everything every pick-up truck owner could ever dream of – from more horsepower, aggressive sound, and long-lasting torque.

This product is definitely tailored to amaze its consumers. It has a mesmerizing design with horsepower and torque maximizing the exhaust’s performance.

The product is made of stainless steel, cat-back tips, and dual rear. It is purposely made for Toyota Tundra but for 2011-2014 Toyota pick up trucks only.

The sound of the exhaust is also not loud as other Flowmaster products. The noise level start at a low sound but increases after longer use on the road. Despite of that fact, the overall performance is not compromised.

Furthermore, if you are from California, be informed that some parts of this item have restrictions. But outside California, everything is fine and installation is allowed.

It is fast to install; in fact, the process is easier than installing the original Toyota Tundra exhaust system. As a whole, it deserves a 5-star rating from the materials, performance, and fuel efficiency.


  • Meaner sounds but not annoyingly loud
  • Hardware kit for installation is available
  • Dual out feature maximizes the torque and horsepower
  • The installation process is fast


  • Californian customers could not avail so much of this product
  • Drones could be heard while driving
  • Can fit a limited Toyota Tundra models

The Main Buying Factors For Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra

With a lot of exhaust systems available in the market, it is hard to choose which is the best one. Thus, we have provided you some buying consideration, so you won’t waste your money and end up regretting it.

Check the materials

The easiest way to determine the quality of the materials is to know what the exhaust system is made of. Is it made of mild steel? aluminized? Or stainless steel? Mild steel is the cheapest, aluminum is cheaper, and stainless is way expensive.

When you want the best quality, cheap prices should not be included in your buying consideration. No matter what kind of steel they are made of, all of them are of good quality.

However, we suggest you go for stainless steel. Why? Because aluminum and mild steel may not be corrosion resistant. For this reason, the exhaust system may not last for a long time for your Toyota Tundra.

Consider the sounds

The noise levels also determine the power and quality of the exhaust system. The sounds help increase the efficiency of the engine and give you impressive experience when driving.

To know its sound ability, check the product description. Is it a dual system configuration or a single one?

Single configuration is low cost while dual system is way pricey. The latter has two pipes and mufflers, giving you the maximum and aggressive sound.

Single configuration, obviously, has one pipe and a muffler. They are, of course, behind compared to dual system. Thus, we suggest you go for dual configuration if you want more powerful tone levels.

The form is important

The exhaust system has two variety forms – the one with a crush bend and mandrel bend. Both forms tell you how the exhaust tubes or pipes were created. They are meant to be bendable, so they could fit in your Toyota Tundra.

Crush bend’s pipes are bendable without support. For this reason, they are susceptible of damage if not properly installed.

On the contrary, mandrel bends are flexible and their pipes have rods as support. Therefore, it is more efficient because it is very unlikely to collapse. The best exhaust system nowadays uses mandrel bends.

Must come with hardware kit and complete parts

Once your exhaust system arrives from shipping, check the product right away to see if the item is complete in its parts in accordance with the product description. If it is not complete, contact the store where you purchased the item.

You also have to be reminded that most exhaust system comes with the hardware kit. Don’t fret if the latter is not included because it is likely that you’ve just availed for the cheaper one.

It is better to have all the parts and hardware complete than freak out during the installation procedure. Always remember that the less costly one could mean another expense for you.

Safety is the top priority

Last but not the last is the safety of every truck owner and passenger. This is the reason why one should check the materials and the features of the exhaust system so that you can determine the efficiency of the product. Better quality means decreased fuel consumption, and of course, assured safety.

To ensure your safety, the best thing you should check is the placement of the exhaust tip. The exhaust tip should not be positioned beyond the bumper.

If this is not the case, you would notice inefficient or weak engine performance.

The size of the muffler

The muffler also determines sound quality, and the size of the muffler determines the noise levels. If you want meaner and louder sounds, go for the smaller muffler.

If you want a calm and quiet sound, equip yourself with the bigger ones. It is up to the customers which sound they like best for their Toyota Tundra.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Exhaust System For Toyota Tundra

What is the maximum horsepower can an upgraded exhaust system has?

This depends on the brand. The best, or let’s say, the expensive ones, assure more powerful horsepower.

A bargained exhaust system can increase horsepower for up to 3%. Consequently, expensive exhaust could give you at least 50% horsepower. That’s quite a lot, right?

Therefore, a lot of thinking should be done in choosing which exhaust you should avail of your Toyota Tundra.

How to tell if the product is a genuine one?

There a lot of fake exhaust systems sold in the market. You need to be mindful of the product is truly made by your well-trusted brand. To assure you that the product is genuine, check the background or reputation of the store you opt to buy.

Another way is to check if the brand name is indicated on the product itself. Some brands engraved their company name on the mufflers, so check them out always.

Is it true that some parts of the exhaust system are not included and that you need to buy them separately?

It may happen, especially if the product is less costly. For that matter, you also need to know that the exhaust system is normally expensive. This is because some exhaust system comes with the hardware kit and complete parts.

Therefore, you should not be disappointed if you feel like the store has shipped incomplete parts. Instead, check the product description because it may happen that some of the parts are really not included.

However, there are a lot of brands that offer bolt-on parts. Some even have a written guide about the installation procedure. Others even have hardware materials for it.

Is a mechanic needed for the installation?

Not necessarily. In fact, many customers install the exhaust on their own. Installation is fast and easy as long as they follow the written procedure included in the product. However, it is difficult to remove the exhaust than to install.


Truly, it is difficult to choose which one is the best. Therefore, a lot of research is needed, so you won’t waste your money since an exhaust system is really expensive.

Even if the advertisers say its affordable, some would say it is still pricey, so one must be really careful when choosing what brand to buy.

To wrap things up, a new exhaust system is a good investment though even if they are generally pricey.

Just know the brand, material, sound quality, and even the tiniest details like the pipes or mufflers, then your money wouldn’t go to waste. With a high-quality exhaust system, you’ll never regret investing in one.

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