10 Best DIY Spray in Bedliner Reviews 2023 – A Complete Buying Guide

Best DIY Spray in Bedliner

Thinking of giving a new look to your vehicle, we have compiled a list of the top Best DIY spray-in Bedliner.

Those who want to improve their rides can do it most unexpectedly. You don’t have to repaint your vehicle entirely or change your wheels to make it look newer.

If you’re the proud owner of a truck vehicle, you’ll have to make a small investment in exchange for a considerable effect – purchasing the best spray-in Bedliner.

Bedliners are great for those who want to protect the inside of their trucks clean and scratch-free.

Because of the loads you may be carrying with your vehicle, the inside of your bed truck is prone to scratching and fading because of dust and UV rays.

Extreme weather conditions can be the biggest enemy of your vehicle unless you protect it properly by using a bed liner.

Spray-in bed liners are the most convenient because they are easy to apply and efficient at the same time. Moreover, you won’t have to spend a fortune on it either.


What is the Best DIY Spray in Bedliner on the market?

In our research, Herculiner on Kit is one of the best and top-quality sprays for Truck Bedliner and DIY coating.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best DIY Spray-in Bedliner

Herculiner Brush-On Kit
U- Pol Black Urethane
Rust-Oleum Coating Kit
Dupli-Color Bed Armor
Urethane Bedliner
AI’s Bedliner Kit
Bedrug Bedliner
Raptor Bedliner Kit
Rough Country Rubber Bed
BedRug Full Bedliner

This article includes ten reviews of the best spray in Bedliner products out there, as well as a guide on how to choose the most suitable one and a few frequently asked questions that should solve any confusion you may have regarding this topic. Here’s what you should know:

Top 10 Best DIY Spray in Bedliner Buyer’s Guide

01. The Herculiner Brush-On Kit – Overall Best DIY Spray in Bedliner


Highlighted Features

  • Brush-based kit – 2 rollers and application brush included
  • Black coating – 1 gallon
  • Shiny finish
  • . can apply it to metal, concrete, wood, and other materials
  • It has a thick texture that is tough once dried

Even though we should be focusing on spray-on bedliners, this product deserves its place at the top. The application is a bit different, but the effect is just as good as you would expect.

If you have more time on your hands and you’re ready to paint your truck with this wonder formula, it is a product that you want to try.

This brush-on bed liner from Herculiner is based on polyurethane to offer the most reliable result and protect your bed truck from scratches or other types of damage, including fading that is caused by UV rays.

As long as you follow the application instructions, nothing should go wrong. It is easy to apply; the two rollers will ensure a smooth application, no matter how big the surface is.

The additional brush is excellent for places that are more difficult to reach. The package contains all the items you will need for the application process, so you won’t need to make an additional investment to buy brushes or rollers.

Even though it is less convenient than a spray-in bedliner type of product, the brush one from Herculiner is worth all your money.

It lasts longer, you can do recoats, and the can contains enough product to paint your bed truck, sides, and tailgate.


  • It is easy to apply, as the package contains all the items you need for it
  • It can be recoated, and you can also add a layer of lacquer to it for a glossier finish
  • One can is enough for your entire bed truck
  • The application process is explained in detail in the instructions


  • It requires more effort than a regular spray in bedliner product
  • The product is quite thick, so it needs constant stirring to avoid globs on the surface of your bed truck

02. U- Pol Black Urethane Spray-On Truck Bedliner from Raptor – Included Spray Gun


Highlighted Features 

  • The urethane-based formula for better durability and faster drying
  • Reduces noise and vibrations
  • It’s UV resistant
  • The large quantity of product that allows for potential recoating
  • Very easy to apply

Now let’s move on to the real deal. This product from Raptor is probably the most popular spray-on bedliner out there.

You get 4 – yes, you read that right – liters of product for the best price on the market to make sure that you can coat and recoat your vehicle as needed.

U-Pol products have an excellent reputation, and vehicle owners select them for their guaranteed quality.

Besides the fact that the product is fantastic by itself and the quantity is not neglectable, you will also get a spray gun to do the job faster than you’ve ever expected.

It’s essential to discuss the formula of this urethane product. You get the classic scratch-resistant recipe but with improved features.

This product dries faster than the usual spray in bedliner products you previously used; it has the effect of reducing sounds and vibrations in your truck when you are carrying your cargo, and it’s also UV resistant.

The formula won’t fade as quickly as others, even after a long period of time.

One of the most significant downsides of such products is that they contain chemicals that are very dangerous for your health.

That’s why you need to wear protection during the application process, just as mentioned in the instructions.”

Of course, if you are not happy with how it looks, you can always give your bed truck another layer of the wonder product, and there you have it – a brand new bedliner protection layer.

The application process is so easy that you’ll find it entertaining. Because you have a spray gun to do the deed with, you can just attach it to your product and start applying it evenly in your car.

The tubes come ready to be applied, as you only need to shake them a bit and start shooting.


  • The application process is straightforward, and the package contains a spray gun.
  • The coat won’t fade when exposed to sunlight
  • Resistant to scratches and staining
  • Dries very fast


  • It contains dangerous chemicals that you can inhale if not careful
  • It requires a lot of surface preparation for a smooth application

03. Black Spray-On Urethane Bedliner from Custom Coat


Highlighted Features

  • Urethane formula for better resistance
  • A large number of products, including
  • Best for larger truck beds
  • Waterproof
  • Included spray gun and regulator

This spray-on bedliner from Custom Coat is absolutely perfect for those who want a flawless application.

If you’re the owner of a more massive truck, this bedliner kit is more suitable for you because it contains many products, and you can rest assured that you’ll cover the entire surface of your bed truck.

The kit contains the bedliner base, a standard hardener for extra durability, and an application gun.

You will have to mix some bedliner base with the hardener for the best results, so keep in mind the proportions listed in the instructions.

The product is urethane-based, a highly resistant material, and has some characteristics that you will find useful – UV resistance, scratch resistance, anti-corrosion or rust, reduces sounds and vibrations, and so on.

Urethane is probably the most preferred material when it comes to spray-on bedliners.

Don’t forget that applying this product is dangerous for your health. Read the instructions carefully and use them as required.

Another downside would be that this type of bedliner product leads to a lot of product waste because of the spray application.”

Even though you’ll lose some points in terms of product quantity, the application process is straightforward and fast.

Applying it with a sprayer gun is the easiest method, but you can also use this product with brushes or rollers for a different, more textured result.

Before applying this product, make sure that your bed truck surface has been scuffed, has no signs of rust, and is not dusty.

You can prime the surface using an etch primer, but it is not mandatory. Prepping the surface will ensure a longer life span for the product.


  • Easy application – shake & spray
  • Includes a hardener in the package
  • Enough product for a recoat
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Dangerous chemicals in urethane
  • Requires thorough surface preparation

04. Full Bedliner from BedRug – Best DIY Spray in Bedliner for SILVERADO and SIERRA


Highlighted Features 

  • Perfect for carrying heavy cargo
  • Resistant to chemical substances like bleach or battery acid
  • Cushioned floor for extra comfort
  • Anti-skid to avoid shifting
  • UV resistant

If you are not in the mood of putting any work at all into having your bed truck protected, it’s best to invest in a full bedliner that comes as a ready-made product.

This product is a full bedrug that can mount very easily. You get the comfort of a rug in your own bed truck.

For instance, those who want to use the truck for traveling purposes can choose a bedrug without second thoughts because it is the easiest way to add comfort to the bed truck.

What makes it so convenient is that you shouldn’t worry about weather conditions, UV light, or chemicals that may leak from the cargo you are transporting with the vehicle.

The bedrug is made of a polypropylene-based material. This fabric is very tough and resists harsh conditions and chemical substances, as well.

For those who are worried about mold or mildew, it’s important to mention that the rug doesn’t absorb any water at all.

The water will run on the carpet’s surface just as it would on a regular, hard surface.

For cleaning, you can use water and a power washer, or you can simply vacuum it.

The rug is a perfect fit for the supported car models, and it leaves no void areas that could expose your car to damage.

Because of the mounting system it has, there’s no risk of skidding. Your rug will stay in place regardless of what you are carrying.


  • It fits perfectly to your vehicle – no need to make adjustments
  • It is made of polypropylene
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Anti-skid surface


  • It can get wrinkles in time
  • It may not stick to some surfaces

05. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat for 2015-2019 F150


Highlighted Features 

  • Made of record rubber
  • Textured for avoiding skidding and cargo movement
  • Think for offering extra rust or mildew protection
  • Molded fit
  • Aeration and drainage features

This rubber bed mat from Rough Country should be one of your top choices if you want to skip the effort of spraying a bedliner product to your bed truck or you don’t want to place a rug on the whole surface of it.

Bed mats only cover the floor of your bed truck, and they are suitable for those who usually carry cargo using their vehicle and would like to protect the truck from rusting, scratching, and other types of damage caused by the load.

The significant part about Country Rubber is that they use thick rubber for their products. Nyracord is the most durable type of rubber that Can use for this purpose, and it can be molded easily as well.

The installation is the easiest, as you need to buy the product and place it on your bed truck floor.

”One downside would be that this mat won’t cover the sides of your bed truck as well, leaving it prone to scratching and other types of damage. Take that into account when you make the purchase.”

Because it is a custom-molded fit, you have the guarantee that the mat will fit as long as your vehicle is the one mentioned in the product’s specifications.

In this case, the product is suitable for F150 trucks, launched anywhere between 2015 and 2019.

A nice feature of the mat would be the knobby underside added to the mat to let air circulate below the mat and prevent rust or mildew.

It has an abrasive surface to keep your load from moving around as you drive.


  • Easy installation process – just buy it and place it on your vehicle
  • No risk of mildew or rust
  • Custom mold for perfect fitting
  • Knobby underside for air circulation


  • It doesn’t cover the sides
  • It doesn’t come with a tailgate protector

06. Raptor Bedliner Kit from U-Pol


Highlighted Features 

  • Black finish
  • UV resistant
  • 1 gallon of product for recoating
  • Hard instead of the rubberized finish
  • Can apply it with a brush

This product from Raptor will exceed your expectations for sure. Those who prefer bedliner kits that can apply with a brush should put this product somewhere on their list.

U-Pol products are considered some of the best ones on the market. The product doesn’t come with a brush or a roller included, so it is suitable for those who used this sort of bedliner kit before and know what they need to apply it.

The most significant benefit of this product is its durability. It is meant to protect your truck from scratches, stains, and fading caused by UV rays.

The formula lets you apply the product with a spray gun, which means that the product is quite flexible in terms of application.

If you choose to apply it with a spray gun, note that it will require 2 coats to get that professional bedliner look.

One downside would be that the hard surface doesn’t have a sound-reducing effect, as in the case of other formulas that have a rubberized finish. Again, this depends on what you are buying the bedliner for.”

One kit is enough for one, maybe two coats, depending on your truck’s size. For a medium-sized vehicle, it should be enough for two coats.

When dried, this formula is tough instead of rubberized. It benefits those who want to protect the car from scratches, stains, or rust.


  • Flexible application method
  • A strong formula that protects your truck against scratches and UV light
  • Enough product for a coat and a potential recoat
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions


  • It requires time to be applied carefully
  • Requires tool cleaning before each application to maintain the texture

07. 5.5’ Bedrug Bedliner for F150 Vehicles


Highlighted Features 

  • Anti-skidding feature
  • Waterproof
  • Resists against chemical stains
  • Rugged construction, perfect for carrying all sorts of cargo
  • Molded to fit F150 models

Created for F150 models, this bed rug is just right for those who want everything combined in a bedliner – comfort, good looks, durability.

Yes – this bed rug is ideal for carrying cargo without having it slipping left and right while driving.

It is perfect for chilling in the sun if you want to use your truck for traveling, and it’s also suitable for carrying heavy loads during challenging weather.

Even though it’s a rug, you can use it in rough weather conditions, as it doesn’t absorb any water and can easily clean with a hose or a vacuum cleaner. It is strong enough to keep your truck safe.

You can say goodbye to scratches due to cargo impact or rust. You may think that a rug-like bedliner will encourage mold or mildew formation.

Not this one! This product is built specially to prevent your truck from getting rusty. It absorbs no water at all, which means no liquid will stick to it.

The durable fabric is also resistant to chemical substances, including battery acid or bleach.

As for mounting this on your car, it shouldn’t take longer than applying a liquid bedliner product.

The bed rug is made to fit the vehicle perfectly without leaving any voids behind. Keep in mind your vehicle’s model, style, and trim to ensure that the rug is made for it.

Also, pay attention to details like rails or rail caps which may influence the mounting process.


  • Protects your vehicle from scratches or rusting
  • It’s not prone to developing mold
  • It fits perfectly and is easy to mount
  • It comes with a tailgate rug as well


  • It takes longer to mount compared to other bedliners
  • The padding is thinner on the sides

08. Truck Bed Coating Kit in Black from Rust-Oleum


Highlighted Features 

  • Black coating, textured finish
  • Anti-rust and scratch-resistant
  • Can apply with rollers, brushes, or spray guns
  • You can recoat it
  • The US-manufactured

This product from Rust-Oleum comes with clear application instructions. Besides the fact that you won’t encounter any problems putting this product on your truck, you also get a rust-stopping formula.

Not only that, water won’t be able to reach the surface of your bed truck, but this formula will also keep it treated and protected against rust from other sources.

The package doesn’t contain all the utensils you need for its application, so you’ll have to purchase those tools separately.

You’ll need a scuff pad, a roller frame, a brush, and a roller pan in the kit.

Of course, you can use your own spray gun for a more straightforward application. Make sure that you clean the surface before applying this product.

Your bed truck surface must be free of any dirt, oil, or chemical substances why you should use a degreaser instead of water and soap.

Use a scuff pad or soft sandpaper for the cleanest result. Don’t apply the product unless the surface is dehydrated. Otherwise, the result might not be satisfactory.

Also, consider covering all areas of your truck’s rear to avoid spraying other parts of the car accident.

Not absolutely needed if you are using a high-precision brush or rollers.


  • The formula protects your truck against rust
  • It is waterproof, UV resistant and scratch-resistant
  • It improves the look of your truck
  • Can apply it in coats for better looks and better durability


  • It requires surface prepping
  • It needs at least 24 hours to dry

09. Bed Armor Truck Bedliner from Dupli-Color


Highlighted Features 

  • Low odor because of the water-based polyurethane formula
  • Easy to apply
  • It comes in three different nuances
  • No primer needed
  • Durable result

Tired of the classic black for your truck? Well, this product gives you a chance to choose between other nuances as well. You can opt for olive, clear, or sandstorms to fit your preferences.

Dupli-Color knows how to make their clients happy, and this product is proof. You can apply this truck bedliner on all sorts of surfaces, which makes it multipurpose.

Got some product left from coating your vehicle? Spray it on a fiberglass surface that you want to protect from weather or scratches, and it’s done! You don’t even need to prime the surface.

The formula is made of polyurethane, but it is water-based. It is essential as it gives the product a low odor.

It’s still noticeable but not as stingy as the odor that other bedliner products have. It comes as an aerosol, so you can just shake it and start applying it on the surface.

Once it’s dried, it offers high durability, scratch resistance, UV resistance, skid resistance, and other benefits.

For a touch-up look, don’t hesitate to add another coat of product to your bed truck. Even though it will eat up more of your product, it’s definitely worth it. You’ll basically double all the benefits listed above.


  • You’ll just have to use the scuff pad to clean the surface
  • You can apply multiple coats
  • It brushes out smoothly, without wrinkles or other defects
  • Skid-resistant


  • Rubbery finish
  • Clumpy texture

10. Spray-On Polyurethane Bedliner Kit from AI’s


Highlighted Features 

  • Solid coating made of polyurethane
  • Multiple color choice
  • Works on fender wells and rocker panels as well
  • Can be sprayed or brushed
  • Includes mixing paddle and adhesion promoter

Spray-On Polyurethane Bedliner Kit from AI’s

is a product that it’s not as similar to the ones presented in this article.

If the other bedliner kits presented above come with a pre-made formula, this one lets you decide what finish you want to obtain and combine various ingredients to use that specific consistency on your own.

It can be both a benefit and a downside. It is a benefit because you can use how much product you want, even for a minimal surface, without degrading the quality of the product.

Also, it’s a benefit because you can obtain a texture that other products cannot offer due to mixing the ingredients in certain quantities.

It is a downside because you will have to document yourself about the quantities of ingredients needed to obtain the wanted texture and finish.

It can be a bit tricky for those who want an easy application.”

The base formula is the same – it’s still polyurethane-based, and it works on the same principle.

According to your needs, the only difference is to mix the rest of the ingredients yourself. The kit contains all the containers you will need for mixing and applying the product.

What’s even greater about it is that you can add different tints to color the bedliner according to your preferences.

You are mostly limited to black and a few other nuances that only some brands offer with pre-made products.


  • You can mix the amount of product you need, saving the remaining product for a later project.
  • It is durable and UV resistant
  • You can tint it however you want
  • You can obtain whatever texture or hardness you desire


  • You need to know what quantities to mix
  • It’s more difficult to prepare and apply

Choosing The Best DIY Spray in Bedliner Buying Considerations

You’re not sure what type of bedliner you should choose for your truck? Worry not. This short guide will let you know about all the intricacies of this topic.

Whether your truck is smaller or bigger, some products can suit all your needs. Considering how many types of bedliners exist, it’s essential to list the basic ones:

01. Spray-on bedliners

Spray-on bedliner products are the ones that come in a spray formula that you can apply using a spray gun after shaking the tubes a bit.

Spray-on bedliner products can also be used as roller bedliners if you want to obtain a different texture, but they are appreciated for the easy application process. They have similar properties when compared to roller bedliners.

02. Roller bedliners

There’s not a vast difference between spray-on bedliners and roller ones in terms of formula. The latter one can be thicker in consistency and may not require a hardener, as in the former.

Roller bedliners involve much more effort in terms of application than spray-on bedliners. They will require other tools – a brush for finishing touches and multiple rollers for a smooth application.

03. One-piece bedliners

Finally, you can choose one-piece bedliners, just pre-made products that you add to your car without much surface preparation.

You just need to clean the surface of your bed truck, purchase the product, and you’re all set.

No trouble involved! The only downside of this type of bedliner would be its looks – it’s not as aesthetic as the other types of bedliners listed here.

Now that you know the differences between the most popular types of bedliners, it’s time to learn some things about the features that make the products the best:

04. UV resistance

Your vehicle will be exposed to direct sunlight most of the time. UV rays affect most materials and make them fade away.

It’s essential to choose a bedliner formula that UV rays won’t damage. Luckily, all types of bedliners usually are UV resistant.

You just have to be careful about the specifications of the product when you buy them. Some companies use higher quality materials than others.

05. Waterproofing

Just as it happens with the sun, your vehicle will most likely be exposed to harsh weather conditions, among which you will encounter rain.

If water gets to your bed truck, the chances are that it will rust sooner. If you cover your bed truck with a bedliner of any sort, you reduce the risk of rust by 50% or more, depending on the type of liner you opt for.

Regular bed mats may still allow water to enter beneath them, but spray-on bedliners are safer from this point of view.

06. Reducing sounds and vibrations

In case you are annoyed by the sounds your cargo makes when you take a turn or when you push the brake abruptly, then you might want to opt for a bedliner product that reduces noise and vibration.

Some formulas are specially purposed to dampen the annoying sounds that cargo makes during a road trip.

If that’s an essential option for you, make sure that you take into account this feature.

07. Protecting your bed truck from scratches

Probably the essential aspect of them all. Besides protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion by buying a product that leaves no room for water to protrude or that is aired enough to prevent mildew, you also need to keep your bed truck protected from scratches.

When cargo moves around, or you take it on and off your vehicle, there is a high risk of getting the bed truck scratched.

By applying a bedliner, you will make sure that your cargo won’t scratch the surface of your vehicle.

If your bedliner gets scratched, you can simply apply a new coat or buy a new mat. On the other hand, if your bed truck gets scratched, you have no other option than to fix it into an authorized service.

08. Good looks

Last but not least, you need to choose a Bedliner that looks good on your vehicle. Depending on what you expect from your bedliner, you should go for the aspect that fits your car best.

For instance, if you plan on sitting inside your bed truck while traveling, you might want to opt for a comfortable, easy to clean bed rug.

If you use your vehicle for carrying cargo here and there, then a spray-on bedliner or a bed mat might be more suitable for the deed. It’s up to you!

The FAQ’s of Best DIY Spray-in Bedliner

How long does the process take?

It depends on the type of product that you are buying. A product compatible with a spray gun will be applied easier than one that only supports rollers and brushes.

Bedliners that require application should take around 2-3 hours of your spare time, while ready-made rugs or mats need less time.

Do I need to prep my bed truck?

Yes. In most cases, you will only need to clean your bed truck and have it dirt- and rust-free.

In other cases, you might have to apply a primer coat before ensuring that the product will use as supposed and have the anti-rust effect usually desired from a bedliner.

How much material do I need for a truck?

That depends on the size of your truck and how many coats you want to apply. Around 4-5 gallons of the product should be enough for a regular-sized vehicle and using a double layer.

That applies in the case of spraying the bedliner with a spray gun. With paint or spray-on application, you might need as little as 1 gallon. It highly depends on the size and product type.

Polyurethane vs. polyurea?

The best formula contains a little bit of both, but most bedliner products on the market are polyurethane-based.

Other materials and blends are used to obtain a good bedliner, so it mostly depends on the producer.

The safest way to see if the product is appropriate for you is to look up the features of the blend you want to select.

Is it UV resistant? Does it have a low odor? Does it reduce vibrations and noise? Choose the product that fits your needs best.

Is it reparable once it gets damaged?

Yes. You can simply apply another coat of the same product on top of your old one, and it’s done.

Even though it is doubtful that polyurethane-based bedliners suffer any damage from carrying cargo, it’s good to know that it is reparable.

In the case of bed rugs or mats, there might be fewer chances to get the product repaired once it suffered damage.

That’s why spraying or painting your bed truck is better in some cases. It depends on what you expect from your bedliner and what you are using your bed truck for.

Typically, people choose bed rugs when using their vehicles to travel and sit in the back of their trucks.

Of course, in this situation, comfort is the most critical factor, and a rug is the only one that can offer it, but – at the same time – the chances for it to suffer damage are lower. As in the case of the other questions listed in this article, it’s a matter of preference and purpose.

Are they dangerous for your health?

Some bed liner products contain chemical substances that are associated with health issues.

It is so important to apply the products in the proper conditions, as specified in the instructions of each product.

Inhaling individual chemical components can lead to lung diseases or even cancer in some cases.

Staying protected and following the instructions keep the users safe, though.

As long as you keep the instructions beside you and respect them religiously, nothing will happen. In the case of rugs and mats, there is no health risk at all.

Do bed liners plug drain holes?

No, because most bedliner products that are sprayable are drying quite fast. The product won’t have the chance to plug up with the product.

If you still have your doubts, you can cover the drain holes until after application and remove the cover after you’ve applied the product. It’s the safest and easiest method, indeed.

Will it fade?

All bed linens fade, regardless of their type, because of the harmful UV rays. The more the vehicle is exposed to UV rays, the faster it will disappear.

Even though most bedliners are UV resistant, there is a probability of them turning chalky as time passes by.


These are the essential aspects you need to pay attention to when purchasing Best DIY Spray-in Bedliner.

Of course, your needs and requirements may be specific, so you will have to document yourself about the available options on the market.

This article contains the most typical and appreciated types of truck bedliner products that are meant to inspire you to make a wise choice.

Being as informed as possible is the only way to spend your money astutely. You won’t regret your decision as long as you know what you are buying!

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