10 Best CB Antenna For Truckers DEC 2020 – Expert Reviews

Best CB Antenna For Truck Reviews

Their structure and performance ability distinguish the best CB antenna for truckers. CB, or citizen’s band radio, generally refers to the bandwidth over which the communications can be made via two-way radio.

For this type of radio contact, a license is not required. That said, different countries have different governing ordinances which concern radio use. To ensure compliance, it is diligent in observing local regulation and legislation.

Communication needs have given way for several innovative products that ensure proper transmission and receipt of communications. Truckers, of course, have exacting requirements in terms of mobile contact.


Comparison Table of Best CB Antenna For Truckers 

Wilson 305-492
4ft Black Firefly
K40 K-30 Automotive
Wilson 305-495
RoadPro RP-711
Wilson 305-38
Cobra HG A1000
Midland 18-2442
FireStik FL3-B

These antennas are top of the line products. With sturdy structures, these models are designed to survive the heavy demands of best CB radio truckers.

Top 3 Editor’s Choice

01. Wilson 305-495- Best Large-Sized CB Antenna

Suited best to long-range communication, this large antenna is high quality and high performance.

02. RoadPro RP-711- Best CB Antenna for Battery-Free Operation

When corded options are the right choice, this antenna is an ideal pick. Free of batteries, the power supply is as reliable as the vehicle’s power source.

03. FireStik FL3-B- Best Low-Cost Antenna for Experienced Users

Though the price is always a consideration, it does not require the sacrifice of quality. This antenna keeps quality high without taking a toll on the pocketbook.

10 Best CB Antenna For Truckers Reviews

01. Wilson 305-492 T2000 Series – Best High-Quality Antenna for Experienced Truckers


Highlighted Features

  • Rust prevention technology
  • High performance
  • Long-range
  • Full black color design
  • User guide included
  • Standard, manual mount

Depending on the needs of the individual trucker, the requirements for antennas are variable. Additional considerations include general climate, time of year, type of vehicle, and reason for use.

For experienced truckers who are after a very usable product designed to last, the Wilson 305-492 is a reliable option.

Lightweight and high functioning, this model is ideal for those who spend many hours on the road.

This product has a heavy-set mount, which places it firmly upon the truck. The user guide will help set up the product initially.

Once the product is set up, though, the high performance is of significant benefit.

Of the larger models, the reach is over four feet. With a focus on sturdiness and longevity of the device, the model ranks on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

The black color allows for a sharp contrast on lighter colored vehicles; and, though composed largely of metal, is made to prevent rust damage.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong mount
  • User-friendly
  • Long Reach
  • Uniform Color


  • Length must be considered for overhead access
  • Higher cost

02. 4ft Black Firefly – Best Low-Cost Antenna for Beginners


Highlighted Features

  • Heavyweight
  • Suited to larger vehicles
  • Low-cost option
  • Battery operated
  • Covers standard bandwidth

As with all technology, there is a learning curve for proper use. Citizens’ band radio is no different, so for early users who are looking to learn, this product is an ideal solution.

User-friendly by design, this model is ideal for those beginning their journey with citizens’ band radio, being easy to set up and maneuver.

These antennas keep to a reasonable price range, and for the lower cost antennas, this design has the most extended physical reach.

A more massive model, this product is suited to larger vehicles. Lighter weight designs are more suitable for recreational vehicles.

Suited to shorter trips, this battery-operated device is reportedly good at receiving transmissions.

Covering 26 MHz to 30 MHz, the Firefly antenna meets industry standards for the range of frequency.

Since the device is battery operated, it is best practice to keep extra batteries handy. As with all battery-run tech, the diminishment of power is relatively unpredictable and varies with use.


  • Covers standard CB wavelengths
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Suited for larger vehicles
  • Powerful receiver


  • Ideal for shorter trips
  • Battery operated

03. K40 K-30 Automotive Accessories – Best Medium Sized Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Medium-sized antenna
  • Prevents vehicle clearance issues
  • Shock absorbing design
  • User guide included

The K40 antenna, manufactured in the United States of America, is designed to be heavy set with a wide base.

Since the aerodynamics dictate a broad base to be the most beneficial at high speeds, this model is ideal for highway and freeway driving.

Suited to large trucks, this model has a black base that rises two inches to meet the silver antenna.

At 35 inches, this design is mid-range in terms of length. A user guide is included, which will facilitate ease when setting up the product.

Once established, the K-30 is an easy-to-use design. Due to the smaller size, this CB antenna does not pose an issue in terms of overhead reach, regardless of the vehicle’s size. When used on a suitably sized car, the antenna is ideal.

Given its heavyweight, the sturdiness is fortified against conditions of extreme wind or precipitation. The road can be unpredictable, and this antenna is free of unpleasant surprises.


  • Ideal for small to mid-sized vehicles
  • Heavyweight
  • Medium length antenna


  • Longer set-up time

04. Wilson 305-495 – Best Large Sized CB Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Medium weight
  • Great power capacity
  • Ideal for highways/freeways
  • Long-range

One of the best features of this antenna is its large size, matched only by its remarkable electrical capacity. Able to deal with 3500 Watts of power, this antenna is designed with durability as a focus.

Due to the length of the antenna feature, clearance levels relative to the vehicle ought to be investigated.

For those who intend to glean a great deal of use from their CB antennas, the sturdiness of the Wilson 35-495 sets it apart from other products.

The medium-weight is divided such that the bulk is at the base, lending a sturdiness to the design.

Shock protection features prevent wind damage at high speeds, which is useful for those dealing with freeways and highways.

High-speed travel causes the antenna to shake which, as with any moving piece, causes product fatigue. The design featured in this product facilitates the prevention of damage as a result of vibration.


  • Able to handle up to 3500 Watts of power
  • Sturdy structure
  • Ideal for long-term use


  • Length must be considered relative to the vehicle for accurate clearance levels

05. RoadPro RP-711 – Best CB Antenna for Battery – Free Operation


Highlighted Features

  • Compact size
  • Medium weight
  • Corded power supply
  • Ideal for recreational vehicles

The capacity to be plugged into the vehicle makes this design ideal, given the truck is a constant source of power while the vehicle is running (when the radio sees its use).

Though this does add to the set-up time of the antenna, the difference is seen during the long term use its design promises.

The spring at the base of the RoadPro absorbs the vibrations of both wind and travel, saving potential damage to the smaller scale electrical components within the casing.

As with any product exposed to the elements, there is exposure to wear and tear, though a thoughtful design will deter the issue.

This product, though of medium weight, is on the shorter end of the spectrum at only two feet. Bearing this in mind, the design lends itself to usefulness with vehicles on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Even with the compact sizing, this antenna performs the necessary CB antenna tasks, including sending and receiving within a reasonable range.


  • Compact size
  • Designed to prevent wear and tear
  • Does not require batteries


  • Reduced communication range

06. Wilson 305-38 – Best Heavy-Weight CB Antenna for Serious Truckers


Highlighted Features

  • Long-range
  • Heat/Cold protection
  • High quality

Capable of handling large amounts of power (up to 3000 Watts) this design is focused on sturdiness over the long-term. The black base, designed with a heavy magnet, adheres well to any vehicle.

This requires no adjustments, such as drilled holes. On the more costly end of the product spectrum, this model weighs in at almost three pounds.

For those intending to get significant use from their CB antenna, this product boasts durability in all conditions.

Able to last longer due to the thermal protection of smaller components, this model can be used in situations of extreme heat as well as extreme cold. All travelers, truckers especially, experience drastic weather conditions.

Metals, such as those used in radios and their accessories, are subject to characteristic changes at different heats.

The protective coating used in this antenna assists in mitigating these effects.

At 45 inches, the product is at the more sizable end of the spectrum. For efficiency and functionality in all meteorological conditions, this model is a well-suited option.


  • Thermal protection
  • Magnetic attachment to a vehicle
  • Long-lasting


  • Higher cost

07. TRAM 703-HC Center Load CB Antenna Kit – Best Starter-Kit for CB Antennas


Highlighted Features

  • Rust prevention
  • Sturdy design
  • Long-lasting build

The affordability of the TRAM model makes it a great introduction to the product. Using magnetic adherence, this lightweight product lends itself to smaller vehicles. This product is on the smaller end, with the antenna measuring 24 inches.

Still, the low-cost product covers all CB bandwidth and is highly usable. This model is ideal as a starter kit or for shorter-term use.

Considering the product does not require batteries, it is fairly-user friendly, allowing for easy placement on the car and a quick set-up.

Compared to other products on the market, the TRAM has a weak base. However, for small-scale use, the base proves sufficient.

Stable design features are a benefit of the design. Stainless steel works to prevent rust due to weather and exposure.

Though rust was more typical when more ferrous materials were employed in manufacturing, it remains a concern due to the stripping of products during periods of precipitation.

The TRAM model works to prevent this with the material used making this an option as a long-term vehicle accessory.


  • Material prevents rusting
  • Does not require batteries
  • Complete kit making it suitable for beginners


  • Relatively weak base
  • Short antenna

08. Cobra HG A1000 – Best Long Cord CB Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Magnetic mount
  • Corded power supply
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Shock absorbing features

At a mid-range price, this option serves as a great balance between quality and cost. One of the most useful features for CB antennas (acting in their receiving capacity) is the access to weather alerts.

When on the road, truckers have limited access to phone and internet with numerous ‘dead-zones’ scattered around the most significant streets.

This adds extreme value to the weather alert feature, given its safety implications.

Since even small differences in wind impact miles per gallon usage in vehicles, more significant weather has all the more drastic impacts.

The ability to be aware of these fluctuations is a massive draw of this antenna.

Function within all citizens’ band radio frequency, this model is highly operational for both sending and receiving.

This Cobra HG model adds usability and reaches with a lengthy cord.

Though the range extends only 10 feet, this model works to both send and receive.  Using magnets to adhere to the vehicle, the device leaves no marks and is easy to move, if needed.

Though the design is sturdy, the build of the antenna is subject to wear and tear in extreme weather due to a broader spring being used to absorb shock.


  • Magnetic vehicle attachment
  • Highly functional for both sending and receiving


  • Relatively weak shock-absorbing system

09. Midland 18-2442 Mobile CB Antenna – Best Primarily Receiving CB Antenna


Highlighted Features

  • Receives NOAA weather broadcast
  • Magnetic mount
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for off-roading

Keeping with the trend towards magnetic attachment, this design is of the shorter lengths of the antenna.

At less than two feet, this low-cost option is best when intended for use focused on receiving transmissions.

The model does work for transmitting, though with other Midland radios. The compact nature of its design lends sturdiness to its build through the adjusted center of gravity and limited potential for impact (due to the smaller size).

Suited most to recreational vehicles, this model is small in size and lightweight, making it an ideal companion for off-roading adventures.

CB radios are a tool used by truckers every day, though their applications are much broader in scale.

Mainly as a safety tool for outdoor endeavors, communication is a high priority when dealing with vehicles off-road.

The isolation lends all the more critical to the need to communicate clearly, so outfitting those involved with citizens’ band capability is diligent.

This model is ideally suited for this, somewhat more social, purpose. The CB antenna for trucks will fully meet the needs of the user.

Even with a limited range, the benefits of this capacity make this model stand out.


  • Low-cost option
  • Great for casual use
  • Lightweight and easy to remove and replace
  • Sturdy design


  • Shorter antenna
  • Works with other Midland radios
  • More functional for receiving than transmitting

10. FireStik FL3-B – Best Low-Cost Antenna For Experienced Users


Highlighted Features

  • Product longevity
  • Magnetic mount
  • User-friendly
  • High-quality audio function

The mid-size FireStik model is one of the models suitable for all types of vehicles. Whether a large truck or a small car, this design is sturdy and user-friendly.

The fiberglass design lends itself to durability, using modern textile development to facilitate product survival.

At the low end of the range of CB antenna costs, this high performing product has an optimal capacity for both sending and receiving radio transmissions.

Due to the material used, the internal parts are held in firm tact, even at high speeds for long periods.

As with anything with electrical components, where the connection to be jarred, the functional capacity would be diminished (similar to how phone chargers worsen over time).

The design used with this product works to prevent this from happening, giving the product longevity.

Being lightweight adds value to this model, making it easy to use and equally simple to move from vehicle to vehicle.

Especially if knowing that the vehicle is not permanent, the benefit of easy maneuvering is significant.


  • Suitable for all types of vehicle
  • Works in extreme weather conditions
  • Durable design and materials
  • Low-cost option without forgoing quality


  • Lengthy antenna making vehicle clearance a consideration

Buying Considerations Best CB Antenna For Truckers

When purchasing accessories for a vehicle, a number of considerations must be taken. The best CB antennas need to meet the following criteria:

01. Size

Compact instruments have the benefit of reduced wear and tear due to weather, simply because of reduced surface area that is exposed. Due to the smaller size, the components have less opportunity to see damage due to agitation.

Larger antennas are generally more readily apparent and can have an impact on the clearance of the vehicle.

Generally, there are a few issues in this regard. Still, the vehicle’s overall height, including the antenna, ought to be considered, especially for lifted vehicles.

The size does, however, directly impact the range of transmission. Smaller options can shave as much as 3 miles off of the expected range.

Depending on the purpose of the antenna, range issues must be considered before purchase.

02. Power Source

Battery-powered antennas tend to be very mobile and is desirable if needing to move the antenna from one vehicle to another.

Typically, batteries are easy to access and can be stored over long periods.

The corded devices which piggy-back off of the vehicle’s power supply have the benefit of a more consistent power source.

Depending on the trucker’s proficiency with wiring, the corded options add a tier of difficulty.

Most products, once initialized, are reasonably user-friendly. Consider the amount of time able to be devoted to setting up the product.

If time is in short supply, a battery-operated option may be preferable only due to the ease of use.

As with all battery-operated technology, ensuring easy access to the batteries themselves is diligent.

03. Technical Quality

The antenna itself must be functional. Preferred options have a focus on both the sending and receiving.

Depending on the reason for use, the requirements for sending messages is reduced.

Primarily if the tool is only being used for weather-related information, the antenna needs to be reliable in its receiving of transmissions.

Audio quality must also be considered. When traveling at high speeds, due to the potential for jarring of connections, a sturdy build has a direct correlation to the quality of the sound both received and transmitted.

The market standard is to cover all wavelengths between 26 MHz and 30 MHz.

While most products on the market meet these requirements, ensuring that all wavelengths are covered provides additional reassurance when making the purchase.

04. Price

The cost associated with CB antennas varies based mostly on the quality of the device. Depending on the needs of the users, however, the lower-cost tools are equally as useful.

Long term or meaningful use will benefit from an antenna that focusses on sturdiness and structure in addition to the functional aspects.

This variable pricing based on quality and expected duration to use. Fluctuating within a range of 200%, there is a drastic pricing difference between the low and high-cost models.

Considering first, the amount of money able to be allocated to the project will narrow down the purchasing options.

Though the price is a noteworthy consideration, the importance of the antenna means that quality is a priority.

Various low-cost options retain quality; though, in general, options that see more up-front costs tend to have a more extended projected use, thus saving in replacement costs.

CB Antenna For Truck

05. Shipping Time

As with all items that are made to be used in transportation, the need for expedient delivery of the product is evident.

Though the initialization of the antenna should take no longer than a couple of hours, shipping time is variable depending on the source and their stock.

If the antenna is required for a trip in two weeks, and delivery will only occur in three, then a different option ought to be considered.

The best option is to know travel plans and needs well in advance, such that the antenna and radio can be received and outfitted before the trek.

06. Materials

Material quality and is a significant determinant in product purchasing. If the antenna is exposed to extreme temperatures, insulated materials have substantial benefits.

Heat causes the material to expand, and cold causes it to contract.

Particularly in situations with variable temperatures, internal components must be sufficiently insulated from the elements.

As with all components exposed to precipitation, over time, rust can be a concern.

Ensuring that the product takes measures to reduce oxidation indicates the projected longevity of the product.

07. Structure and Design

Though the product is small, it will be required to withstand wind forces over 100 km/hour.

This is due to wind added to the movement of the vehicle at high speeds. The spring at the base is set to absorb the shock of vibrations due to change.

Specific designs can absorb varying degrees of agitation before degrading over time.

Though wear and tear are a natural phenomenon, having a sturdily bound spring at the base of the antenna will work to prevent damage due to vibrations.

08. Attachment

The CB antennas have an amenable attachment. Some antennas require a drilled hole into the vehicle’s exterior. Consider before buying whether this is amenable in terms of ease and potential damage to the truck.

While this option is suitable for those looking for a permanent fixture on an owned vehicle, it is less amenable to those renting or leasing their trucks.

Due to this, magnets have become popular methods of attachment.

Magnetic mounts can attach to the vehicle without a trace. Models on the market that are affixed with magnetism use powerful magnets that can, with ease, withstand the high speeds of freeway travel.

With fascinating features, the antenna can be easier moved from vehicle to vehicle. This mode of adherence prevents damage to the car without sacrificing the quality of the product.

That said, should theft be a potential concern, the ability to maneuver the antenna manually ought to be weighed against the risk of loss.

09. General Appearance

Since this feature is on the exterior of the vehicle, aesthetics is an added consideration. Typically, these products are silver, black, or both. Bases vary as to the heights of the items.

Higher quality models tend to be the more attractive models since the design is the key to the product’s aesthetics.

If appearance is a concern, checking color and design against other products on the market is diligent. Though a functional feature, factoring optically pleasing traits is a consideration for many.

Truck Antenna CB

FAQ About CB Antenna For Trucker

What do I need a CB antenna for, exactly?

Communication is the main benefit of the CB antenna. The truck CB antenna will generally have long-range, durability, and reasonable price.

Being able to send and receive messages in the event of a power failure or extreme weather makes this tool invaluable to those on the road.

Since the onset of laws to prevent distracted driving, having a usable, safe, and legal mode of communication while on the road is more than prudent, it is critical.

How long do these products last?

As with any vehicular accessory, the antenna’s life span will be primarily dictated by the amount of use gleaned.

If the truck to which they are attached spends 12 hours a day (or more), on the road, the amount of wear and tear will increase as compared to more sporadic usage. Generally, if well cared for, these tools will last years.

Caring for the item and following the user manuals during initialization and use will positively impact the product longevity.

When setting up the product, take note of the updated clearance of the vehicle, if any.

Knowing this measurement will work to prevent impact damage as a result of overhead influence.

What kind of range can I expect?

Naturally, the longer the antenna, the longer the range. Industry-standard is between 7 and 10 miles, depending on the length of the product.

For those on the more sizeable end of the spectrum, the 10-mile reach will be easily achieved.

This is generally seen on products with 4 or more feet of the antenna. Shorter antennas will usually have reduced capacity and be on the lower end of the scale in terms of the range of communication.

While still highly useful, when purchasing the product, it is helpful to consider the range required.

Freeway communication benefits the most from long-range use, while off-roading and other recreational purposes can gain an equal amount of use with a shorter range.

Will the plug-in options drain my truck’s battery?

The antenna itself is only a component of the CB radio setup. It requires the function of the radio to which it is attached.

Given that the radio is only active while the truck is running, vehicular battery life is not of concern.

However, if the vehicle battery is already weak, a battery-powered option may be suitable.

With which systems are CB antennas compatible?

The best CB antennas for truckers are compatible with almost all vehicular radios. Unless the vehicle is vintage, most antennas can be outfitted with any truck radio.

If the truck’s radio is very outdated, special considerations may be required.

For this, check product specifications to ensure compatibility before purchase.

What Makes CB Antennas Great?

CB antennas represent a fascinating part of science and technology. Less than 150 years old, technologically speaking, this form of electromagnetic radiation first came into use in the late 1800s.

A fascinating feat of engineering, these modern marvels opened up large scale communications and changed the face of the world.

Electrical impulses induce vibrations in the CB radio system. These manifest as radio frequencies and are vital to transmitting.

Receiving involves the chiral opposite of this phenomenon, wherein radio waves are manifested as electrical impulses.

These impulses are then interpreted and heard over the radio (in the form of sound waves). In the modern world, terrestrial radio frequencies (those that bounce off of the earth) are giving way to satellite radio technologies.

These impulses instead triangulate off of satellites themselves, removing the need for the ground to impact signal.

Radio communication was critical to the development of the modern world. That said, the need for contact (especially when on the road) remains the same.

Having the ability to be heard and understood when traveling at high speeds has significant safety impacts.

When traveling in a convoy, the best way to remain safe is to ensure that all information is clear and cohesive.

CB antennas are a great way to ensure that those involved in travel can be heard and understood. Proper use of this technology helps every one to get home safely.

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