10 Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 & 2500HD | Noise Free, Low Dust & Bold on Upgrade

10 Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500

If you own and drive a Silverado 1500 or 2500hd, there is a need to get the best brake pads for silverado 1500 or 2500.

It is all smooth and fun while driving a Silverado, especially if you are driving this model of the vehicle on flat roads across your city.

In a case whereby the road is rough, the story could be entirely different.

Silverado 1500 & 2500hd are known to have massive tires and as well as a taller stance. These two attributes make it a bit difficult to balance the vehicle.

Knowing this, you must install the best brake pads on these two models if you drive them.

The brake pads of a vehicle are known as essential parts of your car.

These parts mainly apply friction and pressure on the brakes to stop the tires from moving. A result of this action is what brings a vehicle to a halt.


A List of Top 10 Best Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 (Updated November 2020)

Power Stop K2009
Bosch BC1363
Power Stop K6560
EBC S5KF1470
Detroit Axle
ACDelco 14D785CH
ACDelco 18A925A
Detroit Axle
ACDelco 18A1705
Power Stop K6560
ACDelco 17D1367CH
Wagner QuickStop

What is The Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500?

Power Stop K2009 is the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 truck. It comes with a complete kit package, so you need not worry about the rotor, brake pads.

Why Power Stop K2009 is Best Choice Silverado 1500 Brake Pads?

Power Stop K2009 comes with the rotor, brake pads, and all the necessary kits included in the package, if you buy separately it will cost more than this model.

Power Stop is an undefeatable brand in the brake pads sector.

How soon should I replace my brake pads?

The factors that are associated with the replacement of brake pads are not fixed.

How fast your brake pads wear out or need to be replaced depends on vehicle usage and as well as your adopted style of driving.

But on average, it is expected that a top-quality brake pad should last between 35,000 miles to about 60,000 miles.

What are the attributes of top quality brake pads?

There are several types of brake pads on the market. When it comes to picking the best brake pads, it all drives down to performance.

So, the best brake pads are considered as those that can perform optimally under any driving conditions.

Also, they are long-lasting and do not make so much noise.

Also, when picking a brake pad, make sure you choose a design that lowers the accumulation of dust.

When there is an accumulation of dust around your braking pads, it lowers the performance of the pads and as well results in regular cleaning.

The brake pads are located on the brake discs and are designed/manufactured using various top quality materials.

If you notice below-par performances in your vehicle’s brake, there is a high possibility that your brake pads are up for replacement.

At this point, it is crucial to pick from the available designs from the list of our top brake pads.

Some of the top brake pads on the market include POWERSTOP, BOSCH, ACDelco, Wagner, Detroit Axle, and EBC.

Moving forward, let’s go through 10 of the best brake pads for Silverado 1500 & 2500HD. These designs were comprehensively picked after considering a series of factors.

Top 10 Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 & 2500HD

01. Power Stop K2009 Front Z23 Evolution Ceramic Brake Pads – Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500 (Editor’s Pick)


Highlighted Features

  • Double-layer rubberized shim
  • Brake rotors and pads for the front wheels
  • Made from top quality Ceramic
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • All the components work collectively
  • Reduction in noise and dust

This design of brake pads is regarded as one of the most reliable and high performing products on the market. This product ensures a smooth and safe braking application, and it comes in a kit.

Inside the kit are the brake rotors (Cross-drilled and slotted), and brake pads. These components are made of ceramic.

Power Stop K2009brake pads are for the front wheels, and they are regarded as active, simple, fast, and pocket-friendly options for smooth and secure braking.

If you are an individual who desires to get the best out of your vehicle without forfeiting the fun that comes with easy and smooth driving, then you have to consider going for this brake pads on your next purchase.

As reliable as this product is, if you are an individual who drives aggressively or tow regularly, this may not be the right product for you”

These brake pads come with double-layered rubberized shims. The function of these shims is to bring about a reduction in noise.

In addition to the shims, it also comes with a powder-coated backing plate. The coating on the backing plate protects the brake pads from rust and corrosion.

Also, the surface of the brake pad is designed to encourage a quick break-in. Also, this product doesn’t give room to the noise and dust that are associated with brake pads that are made of metal.


  • Adequate stopping power
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Not suitable for aggressive driving

02. Bosch BC1363 Quiet Cast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set- A product with an awesome stopping power


Highlighted Features

  • Designed for durability and strength
  • Comes with synthetic lubricant
  • Low noise or sound
  • Resistance to rust
  • Made from top quality ceramic
  • Amazing braking power
  • Comes in a set

This amazing product from Bosch is designed with top quality and innovative components to guarantee great stopping power, braking without an annoying sound or noise, and as well ensure a remarkable life span after installation.

This design is made from top quality ceramic, and it is made for front wheels.

If you are looking at replacing your bad brake pads anytime soon, this exceptional product from Bosch is precisely what you need. It is long-lasting and doesn’t allow accumulation of dust.

”While installing these brake pads, you have to be very careful to ensure you get it right. If you install it wrongly, it could be noisy”

Bosh BC1363 comes with premium rubberized shims. These shims allow proper integration of the rubber and steel to ensure the noise produced is as low as possible.

In addition to the noise it controls, other associated benefits include enhanced or improved strength and the resistance against rust.

This particular design of shim is exclusive to Bosch, and it is one of the best offerings on the market.

To ensure easy installation, it comes with a synthetic lubricant.

In terms of compatibility, it is a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles. This includes 2007 Mazda 3 2.3L, Chevrolet, F 150, Avalanche, Silverado, Camry, Honda, and Suburban.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Very stable
  • A perfect fit for a wide range of vehicle


  • Could be noisy if not installed properly

03. Power Stop K6560 Front & Rear Brake Kit- The best upgrade for your vehicle

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with brake oil/lubricant
  • Carbon infused brake pads
  • Comes with brake pads for the 4 wheels
  • Cross-drilled and slotted rotors
  • Made of high-quality ceramic
  • Built for strength and optimum performance

This model can be your Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500.

These brake pads come in a kit. Present in the kit is one set of Cross-drilled and slotted rotors and as well as Z23 brake pads, which are made from high-quality ceramic.

When you carefully study the rotors, they are specially built to ensure water and dust do not store around them. Also, they allow the flow of fresh air around the braking surface.

With the presence of both slots and holes, the rotor’s surface stays cool and clean, which enhances the performance of your vehicle brake.

”Although this design is known for its top performance, it is considered to be very expensive”

Power Stop K6560 eliminates any form of noise, and it doesn’t wear off easily.

It is durable and well-known for top performance. Also, the installation is smooth and easy.

This product is considered as a perfect fit for vehicles such as the 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup, 2015 to 2018 Cadillac Escalade, 2015 to 2018 Chevrolet Suburban, 2014 to 2018 GMC Sierra Pickup, and 2015 to 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe.


  • The stopping power is great
  • Installation is easy
  • Resistance to rust and dust


  • Expensive

04. ACDelco 14D785CH- Performance at its peak. A value that can’t be beaten


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with hardware
  • Made of high-quality ceramic
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Brake pads for rear wheels

This unique design of brake pads is the right fit for vehicles such as GMC, Hummer, Cadillac, and Chevrolet. They are known for their great performance, and the cost of purchase is very affordable.

They are durable and do not wear off comfortably. It is an excellent upgrade on several available brands on the market in terms of stopping power and for the prevention or eradication of dust on your vehicle’s wheels.

This product is made of high-quality ceramic, and it is the perfect answer to the rear wheel of your vehicle.

One notable downside is that they only fit a limited number of cars. Before purchase, make sure you check its compatibility with your vehicle”

Have you been disappointed in the past? Or are you doubting the quality of ceramic brakes as a result of the experience you had in the past?

This design will ensure you leave those disappointments behind you.

Also, it fits properly after installation. So, you do not need any form of filing or grinding.

These pads can be installed without any stress, and they are delivered in high-quality packaging material to protect the pads.

Overall, considering the price and the functionality of this product, this is the best offer you can get on the market.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • No filing or grinding
  • Long-lasting


  • They are compatible with a few numbers of vehicles

05. Detroit Axle – S-55097BK Front Brake Kit- Quality Replacements for your Silverado


Highlighted Features

  • 4 top-quality brake pads
  • 2 impressive rotors
  • Lowers dust generation
  • Very quiet
  • Top braking performance/ stopping power

This brand of brake pads and rotors are carefully designed to meet the international standards in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

It ensures smooth and remarkable braking. In other words, the stopping power is impressive.

In the kit, there are four brake pads and two top-quality brake rotors

The way this product is packaged, if you have never used it before, or seen its good reviews, you would take it for one of those average brake pads. There is a need for improvement in the packaging”

Made of high-quality ceramic and copper fibers, these attributes ensure these pads can cope with the resulting temperature increase.

Also, these identified attributes (high-quality ceramic and copper fibers) lead to a quick recovery from high temperature and also limits the level of dust that is generated.

In terms of noise generated, when compared with semi-metallic pads, Detroit Axle-S-55097BK is considered as less noisy.

Also, the stopping power is impressive and it is very easy to install.


  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable
  • Top replacement for your vehicle


  • Needs to be packaged properly

06. Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit – The best set of brakes and rotors for your vehicles


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with rotors and pads for both the front and rear wheels
  • Built from high-quality Ceramic
  • Drilled and slotted rotors
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Improved stopping power
  • Comes with an installation guide

This product from the power stop is designed for the Z36 truck. It delivers an improved stopping power your vehicle needs.

It doesn’t matter if you drive a towing vehicle, using your vehicle for the movement of loads from one point to another, or even if you are driving for fun, this brake pad design is for you.

The brakes and rotors are designed for both the front and rear wheels of your vehicle, and they are made of high-quality Ceramic.

In some cases, you may require filing on the ears of the brake pads to ensure it fits appropriately”

Remember, the above-listed activities increase the weight of your vehicle. It adds weight to the tires and the wheels. Whenever pressure is added to the car, this affects the braking system of your vehicle.

Thus, there is a need for top-quality brake pads. This is what Power Stop K6560-36 Z36 offers.

Also, the rotors are built to handle the production of heat. So, you can depend on this design from Power Stop when it comes to effective and dependable performance in stopping power.


  • Ease of installation
  • Handles stress well
  • Known for high performance


  • A bit expensive

07. ACDelco 17D1367CH Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set- Excellent replacement and easy to install


Highlighted Features

  • Designed for the front wheel
  • Made of top-quality ceramic
  • High-quality shim
  • Reduced noise and vibration

In terms of performance and durability, this design of brake pads is considered as a huge upgrade over its semi-metallic counterpart.

This product is designed to provide the needed solutions/answers to what you desire in a braking pad.

ACDelco is a trusted name, and they have been around for a very long time. In terms of quality, the company does not give rooms for processes that are below recommended standards.

That is why their team of professionals ensures their products conform to international standards at all times.

If not correctly installed, you will experience noise when you hit on the brake pedal”

The kit is fully equipped, and the installation process is straightforward and straight forward. Also, it delivers on smooth braking at every attempt.

With the aid of its high-quality shims, noise and vibration are well reduced. Also, it is very affordable.


  • Smooth braking experience
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Great fit for your Silverado


  • Noisy when not properly installed

08. Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 Ceramic Disc Pad- Drive with full confidence


Highlighted Features

  • Brake system for two wheels
  • No dust on the wheels
  • Top-quality shims
  • Made from top quality ceramic
  • Conforms with international standards
  • Great fit for your vehicle

This design is known as one of the top brake pads on the market. When you purchase this product, you are guaranteed amazing stopping power that you can depend on at all times.

There is no better way to boost your confidence while on the wheel than having these brake pads installed in your vehicle.

These brake pads are configured in a way that they ensure your vehicle attains braking performance that conforms to OE standards or specifications.

In some cases, the pads might be too long, which could result in a need for a little bit of grinding”

Wagner QuickStop ZD1363 brake pads are made of top quality ceramic, and they do not wear off comfortably.

In a set of this product, there are brake pads that comfortably fit the two front wheels of your vehicle.

Also, the shims are well equipped to lower the noise and vibration that may result from the application of brake while on the motion.


  • Long-lasting and resistance to wears
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to install


  • Might not fit in quite well

09. Detroit Axle – 12″ (305mm) 6-Lug Front Brake Rotors & Ceramic Pads- Quality at an affordable rate


Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality ceramic pads
  • Comes with pad clips
  • Smooth stopping power
  • 2 rotors and brake pads each
  • Perfect fit for various vehicles

This product is made from standard ceramic. The brake pads have a longer life span, and the braking is smooth and quiet.

When compared to brake pads that are made of metals, this design is better in so many ways.

Together with the kit are pad clips. These brake pads are designed to be ahead of other brakes on the market. For amazing stopping power, this amazing product is one of the few you can trust.

Although it is known for top quality, some people still believe it is a bit expensive”

If you are looking into changing your vehicle’s worn out brake pads anytime soon, try out this amazing product.

In terms of performance, it is one of the most dependable products you can find on the market.

We won’t want to say it is perfect, but it is near perfect. We have gone through various reviews from verified users of this design, we haven’t gotten or seen any negative reviews yet.


  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting


  • A bit expensive but still affordable

10. EBC S5KF1470 Stage-5 Superstreet Brake Kit- Drive on mountains with ease


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with brake pads and rotors
  • Made for front wheels
  • The rotors are coated
  • Fits properly in the wheels of your vehicle
  • Dimpled and slotted rotors

This design of the brake pad is popularly known or referred to as Stage 5. It comes with a kit.

The kit comes with all the needed components your vehicle’s wheels need to achieve smooth and comfortable braking.

This product from EBC is known as a perfect fit for Trucks and SUVs. It is built for strength, an attribute that makes it a perfect option for your tow vehicle.

The installation process of the components is a bit complex. It is advised you seek the help of a professional”

If you have always been on the watch for a brake kit that supports smooth braking at all times, then this is the perfect fit for you.

When you have this installed in the front wheels of your vehicle, you are assured of always hitting your brake pedal with full confidence.

Also, after installation, these brake pads fit properly. To prevent rust, the rotors are properly coated.


  • Very efficient in terms of performance
  • Excellent braking power
  • Reliable and dependable


  • Very expensive

Buying Consideration of Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500

For every vehicle owner, it is important to consider the safety of your car at all times.

One of the significant ways you can safeguard your vehicle is by ensuring you install the best brake pads on it.

When you look at the brake pads market today, you will find out that there are several options to pick from.

Thus, you should do a bit of research to know the perfect design for your vehicle.

The following are point or factors to consider

Have a budget

Firstly, come up with a budget. You should have a certain amount that you are willing to spend on brake pads. While coming up with a budget, make sure it is not too low.

Although there are several affordable and top quality designs on the market, some of these designs only work and function optimally in a short time.

You don’t have to break the bank, and you also don’t have to settle for those designs that are incredibly cheap. Find a balance.

Look at the friction material

The friction material of brake pads comes in two forms. We have bonded or riveted. In a few cases, some brake pads make use of the two options by combining both.

Brake Pads Silverado 1500

Ensure the stopping power is impressive

How effective and smooth your vehicle stops upon hitting on the brake pedal is essential. An instant response to such a command is key.

How fast your vehicle responds to the command is dependent on either the velocity or the weight of the vehicle itself.

For example, if you are driving a lightweight vehicle, the braking force such a vehicle needs is low when compared to what a towing vehicle needs.

So, go for braking pads that match the coefficient of friction that your vehicle requires. The higher the braking power, the better the stopping power.

The noise and dust

Different brakes come with different linings in terms of quality. You should never generalize. For every brake pads with top quality linings, such pads are prevented from noise.

Also, the dust they produce is reduced. In addition to the control, these brake pads have on the noise and dust; they are as well known for their smooth and impressive stopping power.

The material used in production

Brake pads can either be ceramic or semi-metallic. Ceramic brake pads, as the name implies, are manufactured by combining copper, ceramic, and some metallic fibers.

This type of brake pads ensures easy and smooth braking. You do not need much effort while hitting on the brake pedal before you get the desired result.

In the case of semi-metallic brake pads, they are manufactured from the combination of some metals and fibers (This can be organic or synthetic).

This type of brake pads is harder in terms of the application when compared to ceramic brake pads.

While trying to hit on the brake pedal, the effort required is higher than what is necessary with ceramic brake pads.

The FAQ’s of Best Brake Pads for Silverado 1500

Should I grease the back of my brake pads?

For desirable results on every use, you must grease the back of your pads.

When you grease the back of your pads regularly, it ensures the pad’s backing and the piston do not crash.

Is it possible to reuse my brake rotors?

Detecting if your rotors are still in great shape can be a difficult task.

Generally, good or bad, rotors have this unusual appearance that makes it challenging to identify the good ones and the bad ones. So, it is advised never to attempt the reuse of rotors.

In case you are trying to be economical, make sure you carry out the necessary checks.

You can make use of a micrometer to ascertain the condition of your rotors.

Also, make sure the parallelism, the thickness, and the groove depth of rotors you want to reuse are adequately tested.

After all the necessary tests have been carried out, you would know if you can reuse or not.

Are there early warning signs or warnings to watch out for?

There are some early signs you can watch out for in your vehicle when it comes to the replacement of your brake pads.

Although there are several warnings, the prevalent signs to watch out for include increased dust on the wheel, the heat that is generated both at the rim and the rotor increases.


You can as well notice some bruised spots on the rotors, and also, you can see a pullback whenever you hit on the brake pedal.

Once you notice any of these signs, it could mean that your pads are ready for a replacement.

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