10 Best Bike Rack For Prius 2023 – Top Rated Toyota Prius Bike Rack Reviews

Best Bike Rack For Prius

If you are someone who admires bike riding, then you need to check out the best bike rack for Prius. Bike riding is a fun activity that has excellent health benefits; it will not only provide you with quality time but will also ensure your fitness.

Now, why do you need a bike rack to carry your bike? The answer is that it allows you to explore new places and trails and you can go on adventures.

You can drive your Prius to your favorite place, and then you can go bike riding. It will be more fun, and you will get to experience a lot more than would on the road nearby.


Comparison Table of Best Bike Rack For Prius

Allen Sports Deluxe
Thule T2 Pro XT
Tyger Auto
Saris Bones 801
Allen Sports
Hollywood Racks
Yakima Fullback
Retrospec Lenox
Allen Sports
SeaSucker Talon

What is the Best Bike Rack For Prius on The Market?

In our research, Allen sports Deluxe is one of the best bike racks for the bike rider and has Toyota Prius. Because the bike rack is fully assembled, no hassle of installing and multiple features ensure both bikes’ ultimate security and protection of the car.

Buying Considerations of Best Bike Rack For Prius

01. Price

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind while looking for a bike rack is that it must have a suitable price according to your budget.

Firstly, you need to calculate your budget, and then you can jump on to the different styles, designs, and other features of the bike rack.

Once you know your budget, the decision will become very easy.

02. Assembly

Some of the bike racks are already assembled, and they don’t require assembly.

However, there are some which require tool-free assembly; there might be one or two which might require tools to assemble. But generally, most of them are collected.

So, to make your life easy, get the already assembled bike rack so that you don’t have to go through the struggle of assembly.

You can also go for tool-free assembly, but since the assembled ones are readily available so you can opt for them.

03. Installation

Then comes the installation of the bike racks; the larger and heavier ones might be difficult to mount or install, but the ones which are compact and lightweight are quite easy.

You can easily install them on the back of the car, and then you can accommodate bikes, whether one, two, or more.

04. Safety and security

Another important thing that you need to consider while buying a bike rack is that it must ensure the safety and security of the bike.

Firstly, it should be secure enough to prevent theft, and secondly, it should be confident sufficient to avoid damage or scratches on the paint of the car.

Sometimes, the bikes are not adequately secure on the racks so that they sway while on the road.

The frame must be mounted properly, and the bike should be appropriately accommodated as well.

05. Padded frame

There are quite a few changes that are carrying a bike on the back of your car that can ruin its finish.

The paint and finish of the car along with the color and finish of the bike can be equally damaged during the whole installation and mounting process, it is also possible while the vehicle is moving.

Padded frames prevent such things from happening; it makes sure that the smooth finish of the paint remains intact.

06. Compatibility

Different bike racks have different compatibility. Some of them are universally compatible while there are some which are compatible with only a few specific vehicles.

Make sure that you get the right bike rack with the proper compatibility, or else it will end up being useless for you.

However, if you are buying a universally compatible bike rack, then it is excellent.

07. Capacity

Lastly, we will talk about the size of the bike racks. Some of them can accommodate only one bike, while others can accommodate two or three, the maximum capacity of a bike rack is four bikes.

Different bike racks have various capacities in terms of the weight of the bike.

Here we have the list of the best bike racks for Prius. We will be having a look at a variety of different brands such as Allen sports, Saris Bones, Thule, and others.

Do you have a comfortable bike for riding? If you need one, our review of top electric bikes under 1000 may help you to find out the perfect one.

10 Best Bike Rack For Prius Reviews

01. Allen Sports Deluxe – Best Overall Bike Rack For Prius


Highlighted Features

  • Fully assembled and set up in seconds
  • Patented individual tie-down design
  • Padded lower frame
  • Side straps for maximum security
  • 70 pounds capacity

The Allen sports deluxe trunk bike rack is a perfect combination of safety and versatility.

It is fully assembled and sets up within seconds, unlike other bike racks. You will not have to spend hours assembling the parts of the rack.

It is manufactured while focusing on the security and protection of bicycles.

However, the straps may fail for some people, but it is not necessary for all.”

It has multiples features that make sure that your bike is secure and protected.

The narrow set carries arms that can accommodate bicycles of all designs, shapes, and sizes.

Even the women’s and kid’s bicycles can be easily installed on to the rack.


  • High-quality manufacturing
  • A rugged body that increases durability
  • Carries almost all sizes of bicycles
  • Ensures safety and protection


  • It may not be very secure on bumpy roads

02. Saris Bones 801 3-Bike – Best Bike Rack For Toyota Prius


Highlighted Features

  • Carries up to three bikes weighing 35 pounds
  • Arc design that separates bikes
  • Spring buckle straps
  • Rubber feet for protection

The Saris Bones is one of the best bike rack for Prius comes in a few different colors which you can choose from according to your choice.

It has a simple arc design that is appreciated by a lot of people because it is easy to carry and install.

For some people, it might be difficult to accommodate three bikes even though it has the capacity.”

The thing that is admired the most about this Saris Bones bike rack is that it has molded arms, and its legs are sturdy.

Due to the sturdy legs, your bikes are safe and secure. If you have been in search of a more straightforward design of a bike rack, then this is the one for you.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Accommodates up to 3 bikes
  • Available in different colors
  • Protects the car paint


  • Some bikes may not fit properly

03. Thule T2 Pro XT – Best Quality Bike Rack For Prius


Highlighted Features

  • Provides tool-free attachment
  • HitchSwitch lever which tilts up to the rack
  • Capacity to carry 4 bikes
  • Ratcheting arm
  • Load capacity is 120 pounds

The Thule bike rack is known for its efficiency. It has a higher ability to accommodate up to 4 bikes simultaneously.

It is great for fat and heavy-duty bikes because they can bear the heavyweight of heavy-duty bikes.

It is highly recommended for people who are in search of a heavy-duty bike rack and carry more than one bikes at a time.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to store
  • Ensures the safety of the bikes
  • Larger capacity than most racks


  • Not compatible with recumbent bikes

04. Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks


Highlighted Features

  • Quickly fold carry arms
  • Locking loop
  • Spine shield
  • Dual compound tie-down
  • Accommodates 2 bikes, 70 pounds each max

This Allen Sports bike rack has a unique design and one of the best bike rack for Prius as compared to other models of bike racks.

It comes with a quick set of carrying arms that fix the bike into place, and you can drive around quickly without the fear of losing the bike.

The only thing that you may not like about this rack is that it is compatible with only certain bikes.”

It also comes with a dual-compound tie-down just like other Allen Sports bike racks.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Allows easy assembly


  • It might sway back and forth

05. Hollywood Racks Express


Highlighted Features

  • Soft rubber cradles
  • Carries up to 3 bikes
  • Attachment straps for safety
  • Pre-assembled

This Hollywood Racks Express bike rack has two of the most features. One is it is easily adjustable without making your frustrated, and the second one is that it protects the finish of your bike and car both.

One thing that is not very cool about this bike rack is that its capacity per bike is around 10 pounds, which is quite less as compared to others.”

Some bike racks can ruin the finish and the paint of the car and the bike. It also folds entirely so you can easily store it in the car trunk when it is not in use.

It is highly recommended for people who are always in search of things which are easy to handle.


  • Prevents frustration while installing
  • Ensures extra safety and security
  • Easy to adjust


  • Lesser capacity as compared to other bike racks

06. Tyger Auto TG-RK2B202B


Highlighted Features

  • Padded lower frame
  • The capacity of accommodating 2 bikes
  • Soft cradles to keep the finish intact
  • Foldable arms
  • E-coating to ensure rust resistance

The Tyger auto bike rack comes in two models; one has the capacity of two bikes while the other has the ability of 3 bikes so you can choose between them according to your need.

The best thing about this Tyger bike rack is that it comes with instructions that you can follow to know the installation process.

Make sure that it is not installed on trailers, campers, or RVs.”

It comes with soft cradles that protect the finish of your bike at all times. This sturdy bike rack will keep your bike or bikes safe, and it will also make sure that you have a worry-free car ride and bike ride.

If you are in search of a back rack to carry to your and your partner’s bike, then you should certainly get your hands on this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Slip-proof
  • Prevents the car from scratches or damage
  • Sturdy


  • It might not be secure enough for some people

07. Allen Sports Ultra Compact


Highlighted Features

  • Dual compound cradles
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Padded spine

Some of the best bike rack for Prius is heavy and large in size; some of them are not even foldable, which gets very frustrating. It is difficult to store them and also carry them easily.

However, the Allen sports ultra-compact bike rack can be easily stored and carried because of its compact design and lightweight.

The best thing about this bike rack is that it can even be stored in a backpack.

It comes with three padded legs that are resting against the back of your car, and it also has security straps that keep your bike secure at all times.

Since it is fully assembled, it is straightforward to install. You can install it within a few minutes, and then you are ready to go on an adventure.


  • Easy to mount
  • Keeps the bike in place
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Fits into a backpack


  • It might allow scratching on the car but it is not necessary

08. Retrospec Lenox


Highlighted Features

  • Carry arm spacing
  • Tie-down cradles
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Safety straps

This retrospect Lenox mount bike rack is known for its sturdiness. It comes in two models; you can get the one which accommodates two bikes, and then there is another which provides three bikes.

Depending upon the number of people you are going to go bike riding with, you can choose the capacity of the rack.

However, it is not compatible with all vehicles” It is compatible with specific vehicles.”

Also, it has a variety of features that you will praise, including its sturdiness, compactness, and high-quality construction.

The high-quality construction also ensures durability so that this bike rack will last you a long time.

It can also be stored pretty quickly because it was foldable so you can throw it in the trunk of the car when it is not in use.

Lastly, its design aims at accommodating different styles and sizes of bikes.

It is highly recommended for you because of its amazing features and construction.


  • Ensures the safety of the bike
  • Prevents the vehicle from getting damaged
  • It has maximum strength to secure the bike


  • It might not be able to create proper spacing between the bikes

09. SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack


Highlighted Features

  • Universally compatible with all vehicles
  • Accommodates only one car
  • Fork-mount-style rack

As compared to other bike racks, this SeaSucker Talon bike rack has a unique design.

It is effortless to install and carry since it is smaller in size as compared to other bike racks.

The best thing about this rack is that it is compatible with every single vehicle out there.

You don’t have to look at the compatibility before buying it because it is universally compatible.

Another great thing about this bike rack is that it is compatible with all the mountain bikes, road bikes, and other bikes.

The only drawback of this SeaSucker Talon bike rack is that it can only accommodate one bike at a time.”

If you are someone who goes bike riding with friends or family, then this bike rack is not suitable for you.

It is highly recommended for people who are lone riders and love to be on the trails on their own.


  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Easy to mount


  • Only carries one bike

10. Yakima Fullback


Highlighted Features

  • Zip strip cradles
  • The locking package locks the bike in place
  • Padded external frame
  • Four strap design

Lastly, on our list of the best bike racks for Prius, we have the Yakima Fullback trunk bike rack, which is robust, sturdy, and rugged.

It is more of a modern design compared to other different models of bike racks.

It has a four-strap design that ensures easy installation and prevents yours from getting frustrated while installing the rack. Also, it makes sure that the bikes remain secure at all times.

Some bike racks are unable to keep the bikes in place on bumpy roads, which unfortunately damages the paint of the car and causes scratches.

The Yakima bike rack keeps the bike in place and prevents all sorts of damage.

It is highly recommended for you because of its unique design and because of the fantastic features.


  • Easy installation
  • Keeps the bike safe and secure
  • Prevents theft
  • Prevents the vehicle from scratches


  • It has a lower capacity as compared to other bike racks

We are confident that after looking at the different brands, models, styles, and designs of bike racks, you have a clear idea of which bike rack you should get for your Prius.

To provide you further information, we have prepared a list of buying considerations, which will make sure that you make a rational decision while looking for a bike rack.

Types of Bike Racks

Regardless of the type of car you use, the best bike rack for Prius comes in quite several different shapes and sizes. The reason for the diversity in forms and dimensions of the racks are so that you can find one that fits and suits your car perfectly.

So, we are sure you are here for one reason, to find out about how to mount the bike rack to your vehicle, and not just any car but the Toyota Prius.

Depending on your interest and preference, we would be discussing the three main types of bike racks and how to install them. This way, you will be able to choose for yourself what kind of rack you want to use for your car.

If you drive a Toyota Prius and you are a bike lover at the same time, you might be caught up with the decision of how to carry your bike with you to have your sport and fun.

But we want you to take your time to read through this article for you to see the types of racks we have and how to install them. After this review, we hope you will be able to find a rack that suits your taste and lifestyle.

Without further ado, the following racks are the basic types of racks we have, and that is ideal for your Prius.

  • Trunk-mounted – the trunk-mounted rack can be attached to the hatch or the trunk of your car.
  • Hitch-Mounted – from the name, you can tell that these racks can be attached to the hitch of your car.
  • Roof-Mounted – if your Prius has a roof rack system with crossbars, then you can try the roof-mounted rack.


We are starting with the most economical kind of rack. This is for people who have cars without a crossbar or a hitch or even you have and want your rack to be in a different position on your car.

The trunk-mounted racks are usually fastened to your car trunk utilizing straps, hooks, and also buckles. They are designed with pads to help avoid scratches to your car paint.

Regardless, it is imperative that to protect the finish of your car, you keep the point where you install the rack clean so that you avoid scratches and damages that may result from little movements in the area they are installed.

However, one detail you must be very much aware of is the fact that with this kind of rack, you will be unable to have access to your trunk or car boot. This is because of the design of the rack. So, you need to be sure you will not need the rear of your car before you install this rack.

Pros of the Trunk-mounted rack

  • This rack is by far the most affordable rack option for your car.
  • It can be reused on different types of vehicles
  • You will not need any hitch or crossbars

Cons of the Trunk-mounted rack

  • Well, it might be the cheapest but not the easiest to install
  • The rack denies you access to your trunk once it is installed
  • It can also cause damage to your car paint if not done correctly.


Instead of fasteners, hooks, and straps to hold the rack to your car, the hitch-mounted rack gives you a more flexible option. You can place these racks on your hitch and keep them in place with a lock or a pin.

And the best part about this rack is that they are straightforward to install and uninstall. Some designs also come with a slider just in case you need to quickly pick an item or place an item into your boot.

Unlike the trunk-mounted rack, you have nothing to fear with regards to damaging your car finish. The only time the racks would be touching your car is when they are placed on the hitch.

And, although they are easy to install and remove, if you need to pick or place an item into your trunk frequently, you can look into buying the foldable racks, or even the swing-away models so you don’t have to keep removing the entire rack.

Please note that if your car doesn’t come with a hitch, you can help yourself by buying and installing one. This might come at an extra cost for you, but if your car about the condition of your car finish, then you should consider investing in a hitch.

The beautiful part is that they are also straightforward to install, you can even follow a DIY instruction and you will have them installed in no time.

Pros of the Hitch-mounted rack

  • You are guaranteed that your car finish will not be damaged
  • They are quite simple to install or remove
  • They provide you with the luxury of taking over three bikes
  • Holds your bikes firmly in place

Cons of the Hitch-mounted rack

  • If your car has no hitch, you will need to get one.
  • Blocks the access of hitch towing cars.


For this rack, you need to make sure you have crossbars on the roof of your car. Think of the roof rack as the alternative to the hitch and trunk rack.

They provide you freeway and access to your boot and trunk without you worrying about whether to remove the rack or not. If you are someone that likes to carry your bike frequently and needs a more stable rack in place, then this rack is your best option.

You might not be able to have as many bikes held in place as the hitch rack but you are sure you will be able to firmly have them placed on your roof without fear of falling off. The amount of bikes that your bike can hold is dependent on the circumference of your car.

To hold more than one bike, you will need more than one roof-mounted rack-mounted carefully on your roof.

You will carefully place the rack at the center of the roof, it might be away from your comfortable reach, but this would be the best way to put it on the roof and have more than one bike sitting comfortably.

Pros of the Roof-mounted rack

They cause the least amount of damage to your car

You have nothing to worry about when you need to access your boot

Relatively easy to install and also remove

Cons of the Roof-mounted rack

You need a crossbar

You need individual racks for each bike

The bike might not look beautiful.


Please find below the simple ways to install all three types of bike racks.

Trunk-mounted racks

Step 1

Start by searching for the best bike rack for Prius. There are lots of brands, but you can research the brands that are suited to your car model. You should note that these types of racks are made to hold about two bikes in place.

Step 2

Try to search for a compact-sized rack that would help you save a lot of space. With the compact trunk rack, you can install and remove them quite easily.

Step 3

The next thing you want to make sure you do is to head over to the website of the manufacturer to look for the particular type of rack suited for your car. Once you find the best fit, you can then buy it.

Step 4

After purchasing the rack, you should get the instruction manual for the rack and read it carefully. Follow the car-specific rack you have bought and this will lead you on how to install the rack to avoid damage properly.

Step 5

The next thing is to fasten your rack with the hooks, or straps provided. You can find these straps at different positions depending on the model you purchase.

Once you are sure of where the straps are, you can install them, and slide the rack to the center of your trunk and fasten them so they don’t slide easily anymore.

Step 6

Ideally, the trunk racks are designed to hold a maximum amount of 2 bikes. So, to place your bikes firmly, lift them off the ground and place them on the hooks provided.

Be sure not to place more than two bikes or the number stated from the manual. Overloading might break the rack.


Step 1

The first step is to make sure you get the ideal size for your car. Get what was meant for your car, and fit it into the opening created for the hitch. If you feel insecure about the hitch, you can install a sleeve adaptor, or even use a hitch bolt for extra firmness.

Step 2

The bike support trays should be adjusted to your taste. You are allowed to determine how much you want them extended. And once you are done, you can lock them with pins. Make sure you have the fasteners in place too.

Step 3

The next thing you want to do is to place your bikes firmly on your hitch rack and fasten them with the straps provided.

Ensure the best security measure as you can use rubber tie-downs, wheel ties, and any other action to keep the bikes in place. Do the same thing for all the bikes you place.

Step 4

If you know you are going to have a very long road trip, it will make sense for you to double-check your rack along the way.

You should have stopovers at intervals and check your rack to see if the pins and fasteners are firm in place so that nothing happens.


Step 1

First things first, make sure your car has crossbars, once this is in place, you can then proceed to kit inspection. Here you see if all the components you need are in the kit.

You will find a skewer that should be placed in a hole and tightened with a nut. That skewer is where you will place your wheel.

Step 2

The next thing for you to do is to make sure you fix the rack in position on your crossbar. You will also be needing anti-skid plates to protect the bike from swaying off the rooftop doing very wobbly movements.

You will also have screws to be used to lock your rack to the crossbars. There will be four or more sliding screws and you will need to secure the bike firmly on them. Once the screws are tightly placed, then the knobs can come on.

Step 3

This is where you have to remove the front tire and fit the bike unto the skewer before fixing the tire bag to the bike. Then you fasten the tires to the car.


So, you need to know the weight of each bike that you will carry with the help of the bike rack.

Secondly, you need to know the maximum weight that the bike rack can carry.

At this point, with all the information given above, we are sure that you will be able to find the most suitable bike rack for Prius.

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