Top 10 Bakflip MX4 Review 2019 – Reliable Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Top Bakflip MX4 Truck Bed Cover

So, you are on the market for a truck bed cover and are looking for the ultimate BAKFlip MX4 review. You have come to the right place. Here we take a close at these top products. We have sourced the best of the best, and together we will find the optimal tonneau cover to suit your specific needs.

Are you looking for something resilient? Proven? Reliable? In this article, we delve into details, and inspect specifics, in order to find the product that is right for your truck. Join us and discover the product nuances of these optimal tonneau covers.

Comparison Table of Bakflip MX4 

Ford F150
Dodge Ram
GM Colorado
Toyota Tundra
Nissan Titan
Nissan Frontier
Silverado & Sierra

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10 Bakflip MX4 Review & Buying Guide

01. Hard Folding Tonneau Cover- The Foremost for Ford F150 Fans



Highlighted Features
  • The black color with a smooth exterior
  • 71 pounds in weight
  • Aluminum used in paneling
  • On the market for 3 years
  • Fits the 5’6” bed

This model is designed for the Ford F150 in mind. Ford fans glean the most benefit since the fit best suits the exact shape of the truck bed. The cover seen here does not require drilling, instead, it clamps on to the truck bed without leaving a mark.

Sturdy structure and modern adhering technology facilitate a stronghold to the truck bed. It is clear from the design that these products are made to travel at speeds over and above 60 miles per hour with ease.

The material used prevents damage by protecting against UV radiation, as well as wind and other weather damage. This works to keep the material in prime condition for optimal aesthetics. A smooth exterior gives a sleek look to the truck once the accessory is in place.

The black color integrates seamlessly into any vehicle appearance, regardless of color.

02. Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover – Prime Selections for Sierras


Highlighted Features
  • Weighs 71 pounds
  • Fits the 5’8” truck bed
  • Allows constant visibility of brake lights
  • Matte finish for a smooth appearance
  • Tensile strength rated at 400 pounds

Truck owners who favor the GM Silverado and Sierra see the most benefit from this chic design. The model fits the 5’8” truck bed. Aluminum makes up the material for the panels. As an element, aluminum provides a high-temperature resistance and unmatched durability for this purpose.

The features of this metal are clear from the heat resistant properties of ‘tin-foil’, a common misnomer since the tool is made of aluminum. One of the keys draws the tailgate operation allowable by the manufacturing technology employed here. Often, when covers are held in their compact form, it will block the view of the taillight from fellow motorists.

This model keeps safety in mind and allows the driver to be visible on the road, no matter what time of day or state of the truck’s tonneau cover.  Integrating into the vehicle seamlessly, the cover allows full use of the electrical features, while itself being relatively low tech.

03. Folding Tonneau Cover- Top for Toyotas


Highlighted Features
  • Fits the Toyota Tacoma 5’ truck bed
  • Uses aluminum material for a sturdy build
  • Measured at 69.5”x 23.2”x7.5”
  • Weather and ultraviolet radiation resistant

Toyota trucks have gained in popularity over the years, piggybacking on the company’s known reliability and long shelf-life. This model in specific fits the Toyota Tacoma truck bed flawlessly. A scratch-resistant material composes the cover itself, which prevents damage and mitigates any need for product replacement.

When driving down the road, especially at freeway speeds, wind and debris are constantly bombarding the truck. This cover works to prevent damage both to the contents it protects as well as to itself.

A great feature is the sheer strength of the cover itself. Often, the bed is placed over sensitive materials that the owner wants to keep safe and secure. Covers provide a shield against rain, wind, and snow. They add extra storage to the truck in a sealed space.

However, when the time comes to place an item atop the bed itself, it is important for the truck bed to be able to carry its own weight. This model can comfortably hold up to 400 pounds. The truck makes and models update constantly. This tonneau cover embraces the 2016-2019 truck bed perfectly.

04. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover – Right Option for Dodge Rams



Highlighted Features
  • Works on the 2002-2019 Dodge Ram
  • Fits the 6’4” bed
  • Provides consistent tailgate operation
  • Sturdy material for scratch resistance
  • No drilling required for installment

Fans of the strong and powerful Dodge Ram truck see a great benefit to the operation of this tonneau cover. One of the best features of the Dodge is its ability to stand the test of time. The benefits of a long-lasting truck are clear, but drawbacks are seen when parts and accessories become difficult to source.

This model of truck bed cover is ideal because it is applicable for eighteen years’ worth of Ram trucks. While a lot may have changed for vehicular specifics in this time, the basics of the need for a sturdy and usable cover have not altered whatsoever.

Sturdy aluminum wrapped in weather-proofed material gives promise for durability to match the Dodge. The cover itself is rigid in form, adding a factor of strength to the build of the cover. The ability to withstand solar waves is significant.

Not only do these rays add heat (which will degrade materials), but they also bombard the surface with ultraviolet radiation. We are keen to prevent the wear and tear caused by these waves and this cover does just that.

05. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Supreme Choice for Ford Super Duty



Highlighted Features
  • Fits the 6’9” Truck Bed
  • Clamp-on installment
  • Weatherproofed material
  • Weighs 71 pounds

Super duty trucks need a super duty tonneau cover. Ford Super duty trucks glean the most benefit from this product since it is designed to fit flawlessly onto this make and model of vehicle. Whenever you source an accessory for your truck, it is always best to stick to those parts manufactured with your make and model in mind.

For these reasons, we favor this make for the Ford Super Duty truck. These vehicles tend to see a lot of demand, from hauling to driving. Especially in areas that see a lot of precipitation, the functionality of the tonneau cover is more than a pleasantry, it is a necessity.

Black in color, this rigid design is made of aluminum for strength and functionality. The dark hue provides a sleek and smooth appearance for the truck. Whether in its full or compact form, the high-tech integration methods allow for optimal safe driving conditions.

Security is the focus in keeping the taillights visible to traffic at all times (and all positions of the cover). With the design of the MX4, this is achieved with ease.  Reduce the likelihood of being pulled over for pesky issues like taillights by ensuring your tonneau cover meets this specific demand.

06. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed – Great Match for GM Colorado


Highlighted Features
  • Suited to the 5’ truck bed
  • Works on the 2015-2019 GM Colorado and Canyon
  • Measures 69.5”x23.2”x7.5”
  • Sturdy aluminum material

Great manufacturing is required for any product outfitted to the GM Colorado and Canyon trucks. This product lives up to the hype splendidly. Of the heavier models, this tonneau cover weighs in at 91 pounds. The model seen here is viable for four years of truck model generation.

There is an art to keeping a truck on the road and running smoothly. The goal is to have your truck at peak condition for as long as possible, so this option is ideal if you are trying to update your truck’s look, without updating your truck itself.

Weatherproofing prevents damage to the cover by mitigating the damage caused by both UVA and UVB radiation. These harmful rays can cause material degradation, so it is of great benefit to product longevity for the material used to avoid this potential pitfall.

Aluminum makes up the panels themselves, allowing for a rigid and firm build to stand the test of time. This is one of the lightest metals on the periodic table and has its value in low reactivity and relative inertness.

07. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Total Fit for Toyota Tundra


Highlighted Features
  • On the market for 2 years
  • Fits the 5’ 6” truck bed
  • Works on 18 years’ worth of truck models
  • Black color for sleek appearance

The nature of the Toyota Tundra is that it sees a lot of roads; and, therefore, a plethora of road conditions. Specific needs to this vehicle are accessories that are as tough as the truck itself. Aluminum material composes the paneling material, providing unparalleled capabilities for strength and temperature resistance.

Even when the element is correct, its quality can differ. The material used for these panels is of airplane grade, meaning it can withstand travel of far faster than the 60 miles per hour standard.

This tonneau cover uses strong clamping techniques to prevent the need for drilling during installation. The specific fit is for the 2007-2019 Toyota Tundra, allowing this product to be viable for a significant amount of Toyota trucks.

The durability of the truck cover is key to a lasting product, something that is only determinable after having stood the test of the open market (and the open road). This product is a proven success, having been on the market for two years.

08. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover – Nicest for Nissan Titan


Highlighted Features
  • Works on the Nissan Titan 5’6” truck bed
  • Measures at 10’x10”x10”
  • On the market for two years
  • Matte finish for a sleek look
  • Black in color

The niceness of this product is in its design to fit the Nissan Titan. As a proud Nissan truck owner, you will see the most benefit of this tonneau cover if you have the 2017/2018 model specifically. It fits the 5’6” bed flawlessly, using tight clamping technology.

We love this model, especially for newer truck owners since the last thing we want to do, is drill a hole into our automobile amigos. By using grip instead of a more invasive install, the value of the vehicle is kept as high as possible.

A consideration before getting locked-in to a truck bed cover is the weight. As truck owners, we are familiar with the impact of carried weight on the fuel mileage of the vehicle. Any added weight will, naturally, reduce fuel efficiency. This reduction of fuel efficiency directly impacts the pocketbook, especially with gas prices on the rise.

In keeping with this knowledge, aluminum makes up the panels. This allows the truck to tow this lightweight and the highly manageable accessory without draining the gas tank at an accelerated rate.

09. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover – Best Option for Nissan Frontier


Highlighted Features
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum material
  • On the market for 2 years (proven success)
  • Sized at 68”x8’x23”
  • Weatherproofing technology for solar protection

We have found another great option for Nissan fans. In this instance, the tonneau cover fits Nissan Frontier 5’ truck bed. It is incredibly important to check the specs of the vehicle double to ensure that this product will be a good fit for the vehicle (as it most often is for Nissan Frontier trucks).

The black, demure appearance integrates well into the general look of the car, making it a perfect accessory for functional purposes. Constant taillight capacity adds increased utility to this feature by making this component constantly accessible.

These rear lights are what allow the truck to stand out to traffic approaching from behind. Blinkers denote intention to turn or to brake the vehicle, making their utilitarian purpose evident. It is always important to safety that these lights be seeable, a notion allowed by this tonneau cover design.

We adore this option because of its distinct focus on utility. Nissan users can maximize the use of their truck by adopting this accessory.

10. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover – Suited Best for Silverado’s and Sierra’s


Highlighted Features
  • Weighs in at 71 pounds (relatively light)
  • Measures at 81”x9’x23”
  • Fits the 6’6” truck bed of the Silverado/Sierra
  • Works on 25 years of truck models
  • Weather resistant features to protect against elements

This hard folding tonneau cover was designed specifically for the GM Silverado. It, by far, is the option viable for the most amount of years for this truck’s models. Spanning from 1988- 2013, this truck bed cover is capable of fitting twenty-five years of truck beds (provided they are GM Silverado’s or Sierra’s).

Though drilling is a fine method for trucks that have lost a significant amount of value, for newer models, the clamping feature is ideal. Aluminum panels (of aircraft grade) provide significant tensile strength for a long-lasting accessory. The balancing act between sturdiness and heaviness is clear in the manufacturing of this product.

Especially considering the fact that we use these covers to seal in loads being hauled, extra weight works to drain the tank, particularly on long drives. This tonneau cover mitigates these effects. It minimizes unnecessary weight by keeping itself light, without sacrificing strength or usefulness.

Buying Consideration of Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover

Before buying a truck bed cover you must consider a few important factors. These handy items protect valuables and add a sleek appearance to the truck, provided they are the right tool for the job. Ensure a positive experience by keeping an eye out for these details:

Material Used

Truck bed covers are a shield against the elements. That means that these tools absorb the brunt of that exposure. Understand what conditions the cover will be facing and find a material that suits those exact needs.

Will the weather be hot and dry? Or cold and humid? Most places are susceptible to extreme weather conditions, be they tornadoes or floods. To minimize wear and tear, find a material that can handle the elements.

Vehicle Make and Model

When buying anything for your vehicle, we always recommend checking the specs in the owner’s manual. Accessories and parts are all designed differently. Finding the right part is contingent on knowing the size parameters it must meet. Keep a close eye on the measurements of the part before purchasing.

Even if the size is the same, we like to stick to the model designed for our truck’s make. It is easier than ever for us to check a product against a digital database of vehicular makes and models. We always follow this step and it sure has prevented us some buyer’s remorse in the past.

Type of Attachment

Most truck owners prefer to leave their vehicle as unmarred as possible and prefer clamp-on methods when possible. Other, more ‘old-school’ truck fans like to keep to older ways and rather drill-in options. We like the clamp options since they are usable even if the truck is rental or subject to a leasing agreement.

A Final Word on BAKFlip MX4 Truck Bed Covers

Adding a truck bed cover as an accessory is an easy way to make the vehicle sleek without any mechanical tinkering. It is one of the most functional and utilitarian options for truck outfitting. These truck bed covers provide vehicle security for almost every make and model on the market.